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  1. Light Steel Villa HEGE MODULAR HOUSING COMPANY   Every once in a while i get i guess what could be called "Spam" from manufactures in China. I always check it out because quite often it contains offers from companies with some really cool products - this listing here is an example of that. This Chinese company here has some really nice small home designs. Very unique. Most of the website is in the english language. Picture on the right is of their: Light Steel Villa.

    ►Foshan Hege Steel Modular Housing Co.,Ltd. locates in Lishui Town, Nanhai District, Foshan City. Our company specializes in developing and manufacturing all sorts of prefab house and relative materials since it is established. We have made a well-known brand in the market depend on "Hege Modular House" and have a high speed developing guaranteed by our high quality. Our company possesses of integrated manufacturing equipments and experienced technical worker team. We got well repute from society basing on sincere selling way, professional after sales service and rich manufacturing & installing experience. The main products of Hege include: Prefab villa, prefab house, container house, movable toilet, sentry box etc. Our products are not only sold well in domestic market, but also sold to foreign countries in recent years, such as North America, Europe, Australia, Middle East, Southeast Asia, Africa and so on. Our production standard has achieved ISO9001 International System Certification. Moreover, we have strengthened cooperation with authoritative research & science agencies, in order to design new products and develop in a higher speed to realize the principle of "actualizing eligibility stratagem, creating Hege products". We have successfully finished various projects for clients all over the world, such as prefab villa project, prefab house project, container house project, projects in Cote d'lvoire, Philippines, Niger etc. . . Each of our projects is finished with high quality as well as speed guaranteed. As one of the member of the world's biggest building material b2b platform, we devoted all provide the leading B2b marketplace to connecting buyers and suppliers worldwide. Our professional services guaranteed to satisfy your needs. We are looking forward to make mutual win and cooperate with our clients.◄
  2. UNIT2GO   I think these guys do a pretty good business here in New Zealand. This is something that should be allowed in the United States, allowing for some nice low cost quality shelter. These small livable units are built in different sizes and floor plans. These factory made transportable units are suitable for Sleepout rooms, Granny Flats, Beach Bach, Livable Cottage, Extra Bedroom, Guest Rooms, Home Office, & Rumpus Room. Picture on the right is of their "Small Sleepout" unit (4.2m x 3m).

    ►As of 1st September 2011 all units are built to building code with independent engineers producer statement All units are built inside their warehouse type facility. Architecturally designed, your design or ours. Professionally registered trades staff. Fully project managed to deliver on time and cost. We provide a broad spectrum of designs, from Residential dwellings to Office Studios. Full batts insulation to residential standards warm in winter, cool in summer. Aluminium joinery. All units have an electrical Code of Compliance. Smoke alarms fitted. Unit is electrically RCD protected. Water connects to hose tap. Normal house toilet, no messy chemical toilets. Delivery cost is not included. Minimum delivery charge is $500. Saniflo Toilet Systems are not included in the above prices. Any ground works required by the client will only be undertaken by agreement and at the clients expense. All units have an electrical compliance certificate and come with a 15 metre caravan electrical lead for connection to your power source. Site is to be level and stable for installation of the unit. This is the clients responsibility. We deliver the units NZ wide (delivery charges apply). The unit is then placed by us at your requested site.◄

    Purchase Options:
    1. Lease/Rent to buy with no deposit over a 3-6 year term for as little as $70.00 per week.
    2. The unit remains the property of Unit2go ltd until full and final payment is received.
    3. Outright purchase.
    4. Rent.
  3. Tiny House Listings TINY HOUSE LISTINGS   This website linked to here is brilliant in my opinion. What a unique idea and it appears to be very popular. It specializes in the presentation of small homes for sale. Also included are categories called: Browse Tiny Houses, Tiny House Parking, Tiny House Plans, Tiny House Builders, & Workshops. This is a very useful website and could be the source for a low cost home or living situation for many people. 360container logo Sample picture on the right is of the listing "Teeny Tiny House With Land", located near Saint Ignace, Michigan USA.

    ► is the web's central place to buy, sell and rent small house properties that are 500 SF or smaller. Tiny House owners and agents can list their properties on the site by completing an online application which asks a series of questions about their property. Owners can post photos of the property, edit listings, remove listings and manage their agent profile. Potential buyers and renters can browse properties on the site and contact tiny house owners and builders directly through the site. The Tiny House Listings Team (Steven): I am a tiny house enthusiast and live in Wilmington, NC and work from my backyard office, a 13ft camper that I also take on camping trips. It is my hope that this site will bring folks together that truly recognize the benefits of living in a small home. If you have questions about posting your tiny house to the site please use the form below. If you would like to share your tiny house story and have photos please email them to: If you would like to learn more about the owner/operator of Tiny House Listings you can do so by visiting: I am also accepting guest posts about topics relating to tiny houses. Your approved post will link to your blog or website for recognition. Thank you, Steven◄
  4. Mojave Desert Rental Cabin VACATION RENTALS BY OWNER   If you would like to check out a source of many different types of small homes then visit this popular website. The picture on the right is one of their listings, a small rental cabin located in the California Mojave Desert near the small town of 29 Palms.

    ►VRBO® is Vacation Rentals by Owner® with more than 42 million visits per year. Specializing in BY OWNER vacation rentals, homes, condos, cabins, villas and apartments. ALSO privately owned properties offered thru rental agencies and management companies. Here are some of the great features you'll get when you join VRBO: A member dashboard: Easy to set up, edit and monitor your listing online at any time, from anywhere in the world. Reservation management tools to help simplify your booking process. Property description space to describe the unique benefits of your vacation rental. Reviews add credibility to the listing and give travelers confidence when selecting a vacation rental. Availability calendar: Maintain one calendar for all your advertising. Travelers contact you directly from your listing inquiry form. Show travelers a virtual tour of your property by adding a video to your listing. The traveler map gives travelers a bird's eye view of your property location without displaying your address. Ability to personalize your listing with information about the story of your home and its unique attributes.◄
  5. M Finity Minicabins MFINITY   Well designed very small buildings (8ft x 12ft) which can be used as storage sheds or efficiency housing.

    "Allow us to introduce ourselves: We are MFINITY; and we are dedicated to creating high-quality modern products that reflect your modern lifestyle. We invite you to browse through our collection of architectural products and furnishings designed with the highest standards in mind. Enjoy!"

  6. TUMBLE WEED TINY HOUSES   This is a very good site. Check out the links page. Maybe Frank Mckinney should take note.

    ►These homes range from 65 to 140 square feet. Because they are on wheels, they are considered travel trailers,
    and do not require a building permit. You can pretty much put one anywhere you can place an RV. Buy it ready made, or build it. My name is Jay Shafer and since 1997 I have been living in a house smaller than some people's closets. I call the first of my little hand built houses Tumbleweed. My decision to inhabit just 89 square feet arose from some concerns I had about the impact a larger house would have on the environment, and because I do not want to maintain a lot of unused or unusable space. My houses have met all of my domestic needs without demanding much in return. The simple, slower lifestyle my homes have afforded is a luxury for which I am continually grateful. Since completing Tumbleweed, I have continued to make little buildings. How each house gets used depends on the occupant's particular needs. What one person would enjoy as a quiet studio in their backyard, another couple might choose to inhabit as a full-time residence. What some people see as the perfect weekend hideaway in the country, others will use as a beautiful free-standing addition to their existing home for accommodating an elderly parent, an adult child, guests, or as office space.◄
  7. Micro Compact HomeM-CH   Interesting page about an award winning cube designed by this lady as a small home.

    "The micro compact home is a lightweight, modular and mobile minimal dwelling for one or two people. It's compact dimensions of 2.6m cube adapt it to a variety of sites and circumstances, and its functioning spaces of sleeping, working - dining, cooking, and hygiene make it suitable for everyday use. Informed by aviation and automotive design and manufactured at the micro compact home production center in Austria, the m-ch can be delivered throughout Europe with project individual graphics and interior finishes. The product was first launched in Munich in November 2005 with the development of a case study village sponsored by O2 Germany, which is currently occupied by students of TU Munich."
  8. Panel ConceptsPANEL CONCEPTS   Calls itself "The small cottage company". They are based in Michigan and also have a dealer in Montana. There is a picture gallery on the website showing most of their models available.

    Fire Tablets ►No heavy equipment or cranes are needed for assembly! All cabins and cottages come in panels, which eliminates pieces and the high cost of labor. Assembly is a simple and unique process. Each four foot panel is fastened to another panel with high-grade screws which have a special coating to prevent rust and corrosion. Each wall panel is numbered to correspond with a diagram in the instructions. Windows and doors can be placed in most panels giving you design flexibility. Special panels are available to accommodate sliding glass doors or French doors. The roof is also in panels for ease of construction, and are all the same to prevent confusion during assembly. The roof panels give the charm and elegant appearance of the open beam ceiling with select knotty pine decking. Cabins & Cottages are structurally engineered to meet building code requirements for your location. Due to ease of assembly and functional structure, our cabin kits and cottage kits can serve a multitude of uses. Our log cabin and cottage kits come in standard shell sizes. You can add to a standard shell size to make an L, T, X, H or U shape to accomplish your needs and desires. We believe in our customer's ability to use their imagination to design the interior floor plans and decorate their cabins and cottages to fit their personal needs and enjoyment. You alone, or together with your building contractor, should make the decisions to insure the best design for your comfort. Panel Concepts will work with you or your contractor to assist with the construction of your cottage. Foundation and floor systems are not included in our cabin or cottage kits; any type of floor system may be used.◄
  9. The Swamp Hut THE SWAMP HUT   This project is located in their "residential" section. "The Swamp Hut" is a creation of Moskow Linn Architects, Inc. Boston, Massachusetts.

    "Moskow Linn Architects is always on the lookout for talented designers. Please mail an example of your design work and resume. Hard copy preferred."

    "The Swamp Hut is designed to sit lightly upon the land. Four huts surround a central deck creating a protective enclosure. Each building component has distinct characteristics appropriate to its use. The project won a Boston Society of Architects Honor Award for design."

    Moskow Linn Architects, Inc. is a Boston-based firm offering professional services in architecture, urban design, landscape architecture and interior design. In practice since 1990, the firm has planned and designed a variety of buildings including office and retail facilities, institutional buildings, custom residences, as well as master plans for future growth and strategic development in urban areas. The firm is committed to sustainable, environmentally sensitive architecture.
  10. Small Cardboard Octagon Cabin CARDBOARD OCTAGON CABIN   This website is all in the Japanese language. I wish there was an english version. But the pictures tell some of the story. A very cool prefab octagon cardboard cabin here. Click on the links to see the different stages of assembly.

    Here is some Google translation:
    ►Octagon is to ensure the privacy of disaster, the rain is like using a makeshift tent in a strong cardboard. Durability six months. To resolve the uncertainty around the Octagon disaster can easily secure private space! Also offers a wide variety of applications from independent, but can be set up tents everywhere. Learn how to take advantage of each scene.◄ Scenes include: The relief required, municipalities, welfare shelters, home, mental health, animals.
  11. Adirondack Prefab Cabin ZOOK CABINS   Quite possibly this prefab cabin business makes a very good point: It is much better and more efficient to buy a factory ready-made cabin than build one from scratch or buy a "Cabin Kit" which can turn into quite a bit of work in itself despite the appearance of ease of set-up. They have on their website a video showing how quickly a factory made cabin can be set-up on your property. Picture on the right is of their "Adirondack Prefab Cabin".

    ►Fully Assembled Cabins offer a better, cheaper alternative to log home kits, they give you the freedom to customize your cabin, and are shipped to you after they are built in our shop saving you lots of time and money! Let's face it, today's world you're far to busy to take a couple of weeks to assemble a cabin kit, and why would you want to? Our fully assembled cabins are very competitively priced with the kit packages you can purchase, and often times priced even better. Many times you don't have the extra 3-4 sets of hands necessary to assemble portions of the kit. If your building site isn't precisely level, the precut lumber doesn't fit, or if you place one piece wrong you fight everything the rest of the way, and sometimes a piece will be cut wrong at the factory, a mistake that wasn't even yours. Couple that with the fact that very few people have ever assembled a kit, and have yet to face the frustrations of doing it themselves or finding someone to do it for them and one would continue to wonder "why would I put myself through this!" I'm sure you have assembled things with missing pieces, and had things that just would not go together, and the box always reads easy assembly, but really, is there anything more frustrating?◄
  12. Haida Cabin CEDARSHED INDUSTRIES   I especially like their small cabin model called "Haida", a 8ft. x 12ft. mini-cabin. Picture on the right is of their "Haida" model.

    ►FORGET YOUR SAW because the Cedarshed Haida cabin kit comes completely panelized in a do-it-yourself kit and requires no cutting. Simply attach the panels together with the screws provided and move in. The Haida will offer you a terrific and affordable way to experience outdoor living and will make a perfect starter cabin, small studio, private retreat, office, or poolside cabana. Since 1980, Cedarshed has grown to be one of the largest specialty cedar product manufacturers in the World. We offer top quality products — gazebo kits, sheds and, outdoor furniture, all made from high quality aromatic and environmentally friendly Western Red Cedar.◄

  13. Sleeping Cabin SIMPLE SHELTER TEXAS   This guy really does some beautiful projects, take a look.

    ►Beautifying the world - one backyard at a time - That is my motto and my mission! My name is Victor Summers and I build one-of-a-kind projects, mostly out of wood and some imagination. I have been recycling building materials for years, since before it was "in" to be "green". When designing I plan carefully to minimize waste and keep material costs down. I love to design and create, but I appreciate a well-designed and engineered product in kit form and am happy to provide expertise in siting and assembly if you have fallen in love with a prefabricated structure that you have seen online. Also, some of the backyard buildings seen online can be easily duplicated locally for a much more reasonable price. So if you have an idea and can't quite find what you want, or if you browse my portfolios and get inspired by something you see here, contact me and we'll talk about how to make it happen!◄
  14. Maybe 20K House RURAL STUDIO   These people have produced some very unique and cool looking small cabins plus they design some other items in the category of general design. Some pages lack the necessary pictures. But, browse the site and you will pick-up some good ideas for small dwellings. This is a site produced by a college architecture department. The $20K House is one of their projects.

    ►The Rural Studio is an undergraduate program of the School of Architecture at Auburn University. We have been in Hale County for 17 years. We are committed to the people and the place and we take long–term responsibility for the work we do, both good and bad. Every project you see on this website was designed and built by students 18-24 years old and was paid for by donations and grants from someone like you. We hope the Rural Studio offers a positive critique of how we teach, procure, and make architecture. Rural Studio is a registered trademark of Auburn University.◄
  15. Modular House TY UNNOS MODULAR   Billed as the "the sustainable housing solution". This business is located in the UK.

    ►Ty Unnos Modular is an innovative offsite constructed modular housing system, delivering sustainable performance at affordable cost. Building on the successes of Copod™, Solopod™, Strucpod™ and Roompod™, Elements Europe has continued it's ambitious product development programme and creating Ty Unnos Modular™ - literally translated into English as 'house overnight' — A factory manufactured, internally completed, sustainable modular housing system designed to exceed current housing sustainability standards Birthday Gift Cards while assisting the Governments delivery of affordable and social housing. Designed primarily for the low-rise residential market, Ty Unnos Modular™ is set to radically change established house construction methods, by maximising the use of indigenous UK timber components uniquely manufactured to form the building superstructure. The unique structure, and integrated supply-chain, epitomises "lean" construction principles by addressing waste in a number of ways, primarily by components manufactured from a single standard timber component dimension. Off-cut materials are fed back into the manufacturing process for re-work and integration into the next structural component. The use of 'home-grown' timber in the structure of the Ty Unnos Modular™ system ensures that the carbon footprint of the product is kept to a minimum. Timber is procured from local forests with Forestry Stewardship Council approval to maintain a locally sourced product, graded, machine cut, kiln dried then treated and fabricated into structural components for assembly into a volumetric housing solution. The unique configuration of structural components provides an internal wall cavity with the potential to be filled with a range of insulation materials - recycled paper is the environmentally preferred insulation — providing a wall U-value of 0.17 and exceptional thermal performance levels. Allied to the thermal performance is an exceptional air-tightness standard all assisting to reduce building carbon emissions. This combination of thermal performance and air-tightness provide a residential solution that is exceptionally cost-effective to run, with modules utilising a Mechanical Ventilation Heat Recovery Systems, to maintain a comfortable room temperature.◄
  16. Cardboard House CARDBOARD HOUSE   This house of the future sports a plastic coating on the roof to deflect rain.

    ►Bringing a whole new meaning to living in a cardboard box, this lightweight and low-cost house is made of 85% recycled materials and can be completely recycled when demolished. The roof is made with HDPE plastic to protect the cardboard house from rain and moisture. We're sold on cardboard. We've seen it used to build sturdy cribs, an iPod boombox amplifier, and someone even made cardboard blocks that look like building materials for a castle. We just never envisioned a future where we'd all be living in glorified cardboard boxes. But no, we're not all turning into bag ladies. This design takes advantage of cardboard's light weight, low cost and easy recyclability. In fact, 85% of it is made of recycled paper, and 100% of it can be recycled again later. This sucker's strong, too, and waterproof. The kit can be built by two people in an afternoon, and its materials are light and small enough to be transported to the building site in a light truck. The kicker? You can get a it today for $32,204, build it this afternoon and live in it tomorrow. Just don't tell your mom you're living in a cardboard box.◄
  17. Bison Mini-Home BISON PORTABLE BUILDINGS   This is one of those "cross over" businesses that i mentioned above. Yes, they build sheds, but they also build livable small cabins or mini-homes as they call them. They are really nice and their website has pictures of the finished interiors which include cabinets, bathrooms and kitchen areas. Real nice. Go to their "Cabins & Mini Homes" tab.

    ►Thank you for your interest in our buildings! We specialize in high quality, well-constructed, custom, re-locatable or permanent storage sheds and outbuildings ~ BUILT ON YOUR SITE. Whether you are looking for an 8x8 storage shed or a large custom pole building, we come to your site and build to your specifications. We still offer our custom cabins as always, but, we now offer our "Mini Home Series". These are re-locatable custom mini Homes with a "Factory Built Building Permit". Starting from 240 SF and up, with many upgrades and options available to choose from. Our mini-homes meet all Montana Residential Building Code requirements and have a stamp of approval from the state building inspector. Why choose a Bison building? Our buildings are built without shortcuts. We take great pride in our work, and our top priority is to make sure that you are satisfied with your building and our service. We offer a 5 year limited warranty on our materials and craftsmanship. Our buildings come in many styles with virtually unlimited sizes and shapes with many options available. A Bison building will enhance the value and beauty of your home or property.◄
  18. Adirondack Log Cabin COZY CABINS, LLC   This business located in Pennsylvania seems to specialize in small cabins. Even though they refer to their cabins as "Log Cabins" they are not true log cabins in my opinion. But that's OK, they build some nice looking stuff anyway and we are not so much concerned with semantics, as with a quality built cabin for us to live in. They use "Log Siding" on most of their cabins, which might be better than using actual round logs. They have a very good selection of very nice models to choose from, all small cabins. Nut Pods Coffee Creamer Picture on the right is of their "Adirondack" model cabin available in 12ft, 14ft, & 16ft wide and up to 48ft long.

    ►Weekend outings can be a time to relax and unwind from the past week's stress and perplexities. A Cozy Log Cabin in a natural setting will provide the perfect place. Just choose one of our attractive cabin styles, then "making memories will begin!" Our Log Cabins make a pleasant place for anyone who wants to "Get Away" from today's fast-paced lifestyle, slow down, and take in a little bit of nature. Log Cabins make a great place for weekend suites, a spot by the lake for your boat accessories, or a quiet office or studio. These rustic Log Cabins are right at home in any natural setting. At Cozy Cabins, LLC we make it the way you want it! The size and the cabin features are for you to choose. But if you want it quick and easy just choose one of our well designed floor plans. Some of the features that make our Log Cabins cozy are the pine walls, yellow pine flooring finished in natural semi-gloss urethane, and the convenience of the kitchen and bathroom. "It's sure to make cozy memories!" All of our Log Cabin styles are prebuilt and delivered to your prepared site. Contact us for information about site preparation and job access, or to let us help you relax this summer in your own Cozy Log Cabin.◄
  19. Aegean 640 LOGICAL HOMES   This is a pretty popular supplier of very beautiful and efficient homes. Picture on the right is of their 640 SF Aegean small home.

    ►At Logical Homes our mission is to make progressive residential architecture more accessible. We achieve this goal by the use of unconventional materials in our home designs; including recycled and re-purposed industrial materials; efficient prefabrication and assembly processes & structured project management and client service processes. The end result is innovative architecture that is value-priced and delivered in a predictable time frame. Logical Homes comprises a passionate team dedicated to delivering innovative design while redefining the traditional architect-client paradigm.◄
  20. Foldaway House FOLDAWAY HOUSE   This is an interesting solution to low cost prefab housing in South Africa. I suppose this idea could be used anywhere for that matter. This picture you see on the right is actually their "second generation" design. Much nicer than the original design.

    ►24 November 2006. When a fire in an informal settlement at KwaMbonambi in KwaZulu-Natal left scores of shack dwellers without a home, entrepreneur Rajan Harinarain came up with a solution, in the form of a foldaway house - complete with door, two windows and electrical fittings - that can be erected in five minutes.◄
  21. Wee House WEE HOUSES   More flash website mess. If you can get through the flash presentation they make some very nice stuff. Interesting site by Alchemy Architects.

    "Architecture in a box! House. Cabin. Office. Addition. Rooftops. Developments. weeHouses are sturdy enough to withstand the extremes of desert or tundra, and they may be placed anywhere that is accessible by truck. The weeHouse prefab system is based on a modern aesthetic, efficient use of space, and intelligent adaptation of building technology. From small retreats like the original weeHouse in Wisconsin, and the Marfa weeHouse to larger residential and commercial weeHouses currently in progress around the country, the system is adaptable to a wide range of needs. weeHouses feature streamlined design that celebrates the modular nature of their construction and allows for both playful and poetic potential. System design and prefabrication significantly reduces building costs and makes modern design accessible to the broadest possible audience. Available in single-unit Solitaires, or special use Companions, weeHouse modules are combined and customized to fit your needs. Add modules, stairs, move windows, change siding as you like. We work with you to plan and document your weeHouse from the initial stages right through delivery and installation. weeHouses arrive on site ready to live in. The only things left up to you and your contractor are the foundation, fitting & seaming of the modules, utility hookups, and in some cases cabinetry. And the basic design fees are included in the price."
  22. Cabin called:  EGOTIST NATIVE HOUSES   I don't know how to explain this design business. I think they are based in the country of Latvia. They offer a very unique product, but hard to categorize. The structure which i like the best is the one shown on the right, which combines a canvas wall tent roof with wood frame cabin walls and floor. They have pictures of some of their other design concepts, even a skiing bungalow. Their "Port Residences" are a great idea for people who would like to live in a boat harbor. Good ideas here. If you decide to visit this website, click on the upper right hand far corner large "X" to remove the cover page and go to their main website. Picture on the right is of their: "EGOIST - is the smallest spatial unit of NATIVE HOUSES series. It is designed to provide 1+1 dweller with exclusive minimum of comfort."

    ►We as architects appreciate large concrete city buildings. Because of them World isn't build up completely and there are still untouched natural places of inspiration. What we are concerned about is the harsh, stressful and unhealthy environment that often appears in dense urban areas. It often forces people to occupy new natural grounds and expand city borders. By urbanizing NATIVE HOUSES concept we want to show that it is possible to unite the benefits of vibrant city life with intimate, healthy and independent individual living environment. Developers of NATIVE HOUSES concept are closely engaged with academic research of the field and new theories are soon to be implemented in practical projects.◄
  23. Portable House GREEN HORIZON   This appears to be a very lovely set-up and basically consists of a home using an aluminum framework with walls and ceilings made using (SIP) Structural Insulated Panels. These homes are not made using shipping containers. They are made to fit inside an 8x40 foot shipping container.

    ►Highly-configurable Green Horizon structures are designed for a wide range of emergency and temporary housing applications - from single-family emergency relief homes, to mobile medical units and central community hubs. Manufactured from 100% recyclable or recycled materials, each Green Horizon structure is environmentally-responsible, and energy-efficient. In the absence of available utility connections, Green Horizon units are capable of supporting a family, employees or emergency response team for up to one week without an existing infrastructure. Each Green Horizon structure is equipped with an integrated fresh water supply and waste water treatment system, tri-fuel power supply, heating and cooling system, and all the essential supplies and equipment. Individual units also include standard utility connections, and may be networked as part of a central hub to share resources for long-term deployment. All of the components and panels used in the construction of Green Horizon structures are designed for refurbishment or replacement - if a bathroom or wall panel is damaged, for example, it can be completely removed for refurbishment or replacement. Configurable for a multitude of housing, commercial and utility applications, Green Horizon structures offer value, design and engineering innovation unmatched by any other emergency housing or temporary building solutions. With manufacturing facilities located at the Port of Stockton, California, Green Horizon structures can be transported with an integrated trailering system, or retracted to fit into a worldwide standard, 40ft high-cube, marine container for shipment by truck, rail or sea. A network of planned domestic and international distribution facilities will enable rapid deployment of Green Horizon structures to areas of need.◄
  24. SIPS Green Cabin GREEN CABIN KITS   Picture on the right is of their "Urban Green House". A sip or "structural insulated panel" prefab built cabin.

    ►Copeland Casati founded Green Modern Kits in 2006, Green Cottage Kits in 2008, and now, Green Cabin Kits. Although a modern enthusiast, she grew up (and her parents still reside) in a home built in 1801. A Virginia native, she appreciates old farmhouses, cabins, Victorian brownstones, high modern design and . . . Little cabins in the woods (saw a rabbit hoppin' by, knockin' at my door . . .). Because energy efficient great design IS timeless. Here, cabins can be modern! Or traditional! A passion for environmentally-friendly, affordable housing and concern over our earth propelled her to gather green building architects to help other people achieve home ownership with green building beautiful design; to invest in homes they can not just afford, but of which to be passionate, for all their life stages.◄
  25. Small A-Frame Cabin TINY HOUSE TALK   This website linked to here seems to be up-to-date and has lots of useful information on small/tiny homes and other related items as well. It is not really a "Prefab" site, most structures are owner or contractor built, but still good ideas for those of you looking for a lower cost way to live. Billed as "Small Spaces, More Freedom". He has links to Tiny Houses, Small Houses, Workshops, Newsletter, Pins, Videos, & Links. Picture on the right is called "Small A-Frame House", a renovation project by: "dmvA architecture".

    ►Hi, I'm Alex Pino. In 2007 I started to simplify because I wanted freedom in my life. So by 2009 I went from working as a computer technician and living in a 1400 square foot home. To writing about tiny houses and simple living while building my own publishing business out of a 500-square-foot apartment. Then I lived in a 600-square-foot apartment near the beach for a year or so. Today I’m living in a 450-square-foot apartment.◄
  26. A Portable House HOUSEME   These kind of units seem to be quite popular in New Zealand. Meaning a number of people build these portable small cabins for rent or for sale as a business. This website i have linked to here is very nice and has lots of pictures of their products.

    ►Rent a portable house today. From $160NZD Per Week. No Bond/Deposit Required. Get application form & terms here on our website. Or Call Russell Now On: 021 866 353. We Have 3 Models For Rent And They Will All Blow You Away. Check Them Out at: Surprisingly roomy, 1 bedroom design with kitchen, separate bedroom and full bathroom with shower and toilet (connected to an existing sewerage, where available). As our units are delivered with an experienced operator, we can maneuver them into position easily, so if you think we can fit one in – we probably can! Do you need accommodation for: An addition to an existing house (back yard for instance). Accommodation – teenagers, elderly, guests, sleepouts, site office, holiday bach, home office/small business, & guest accommodation. All units are fully insulated and water tight with full carpet and paint interiors for your living comforts. Standard open plan units 7.2 meters X 3 Meters from $160.00 per week - fully self contained. To see all the available models click here. Delivered to your site from $450.00 plus GST within the greater Auckland area, quotes for all other areas. When we deliver the unit we will do all the waste water setup, all you need to do is plug in electrical lead (supplied) and run the hose to the unit and your away. Electrical lead supplied is 15 meters, and needs a 16 amp electrical outlet supply.◄
  27. AbleNook Housing ABLENOOK   This really neat looking small housing unit is designed i guess to be "disaster housing" but i am sure it is usable in many other domestic situations. The starting cost is approximately $16,000 for an 8ft x 20ft unit. They have a nice website which gives you plenty of pictures and other pertinent information. ►AbleNook is the only rapidly deployable portable structure comprised of interlocking components which can be assembled by unskilled laborers in a short period of time (without tools!). These components are shipped flat-packed in order to maximize the number of families who are helped in disaster areas, while reducing transportation costs. Researchers Sean Verdecia and Jason Ross at the University of South Florida have developed a technology that relates to a prefabricated living module that snaps together and is easily assembled and transported. In disaster areas or in situations where more space is needed, shelters, such as trailers, are often expensive, deployed slowly, and require technical knowledge in order to be assembled. Furthermore, they often need large clearings with flat terrain and come in "one size fits all" packages. What is needed is a prefabricated living module that snaps together and is easily assembled, transported, and adaptable to diverse terrain. Our researchers have invented a rapidly deployable portable structure, comprised of interlocking components. The main structural members of the module are "universal". This means that the floor joists are the same as the wall columns. The structural members can be made from extruded aluminum parts, with electrical bus duct conduits in each one, so that the wiring is simply connected as you clip together the parts, providing outlets wherever needed inside. Weather seals are included between the structural members.  Internationally Patent Pending.◄
  28. Kwickset Bungalow KWICKSET KONSTRUCTION KITS   This is an Australian based Company established in 1992 and they do dome building projects in other countries as well. Billed as "Energy Efficient Homes - Designed For De-Construction". The picture on the right is of the "Bungalow" which was originally designed to be attached to the dome home, but actually became a very neat little stand alone cabin. On his website he has an animated sequence showing the easy erection of this cabin or design.

    ►These type of bungalow kits were originally conceived as extension kits for the geodesic dome kits when I discovered the enormous prices builders charged for constructing those extensions from plans and I could supply these extension kits at a substantially lower price than what builders were charging. Subsequently, I decided to develop these extension kits into a fully fledged, but smallish, type of DIY of kit home.◄
  29. Alpine Portable Building ALPINE PORTABLE BUILDINGS   This Texas business does both sheds and small portable cabins. This link here features their line of cabins, actually, these are cabin "Shell Models", they are unfinished on the inside. They advertise cabins for under $10,000.
    As far as i can tell, they build the model you want on your property. And you do not have to pay them until the job is completed, according to their website.

    ►Thank you for your interest in our Top Quality products! We are a Houston based company with 30 years of experience and thousands of satisfied customers. Alpine Portable Buildings sets the standards for prompt and quality constructions. No payment Until the Job is Complete! Check out our showroom, you will be pleased to see our selection of barns, storages, gables and cabins. Click on "Directions" to find out how to get to our store from anywhere you are, and stop by as soon as you can to catch our specials! For more information please call us during normal business hours.◄
  30. Exterior Two COTTAGE IN A DAY   Very beautiful inventory of prefab quick-to-assemble small cabins - not a lot, but enough.

    ►Cottage in a Day® is the next generation of factory-built, energy-efficient, green homes. The process incorporates exceptional design, use of sustainable materials, and a structural insulated panel (SIP) envelope for strength, sound reduction, and comfort. The prefab modules are designed and constructed in a facility to meet or exceed Energy Star requirements, the National Home Builder's Association measure for green construction, and residential LEED standards. Good design and a sophisticated selection of fixtures, finishes, and textures combine to make Cottage in a Day® a wise and visually pleasing choice for a vacation retreat or a year-round residence. Material selections for long-term durability and energy efficiency enhance a philosophy for responsible living as well as a return on investment. Cottage in a Day® is the solution to construction problems.◄
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