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  1. 7.8m x 6m- one bedroom cottage on concrete floor. IDEAL BUILDINGS   This business located in New Zealand has a very nicely designed product line which includes small cabins/cottages, backyard home office or spare bedroom, utility sheds & garage type buildings. I think what they do is make their buildings using structural timber frame and trusses with a metal cladding (metal roofing & siding). Picture on the right is of their 7.8X6 meter one bedroom cottage on concrete floor, full verandah for weather protection.

    ►We take pride in your building so you can too! At Ideal we're passionate about the craftsmanship that goes into our buildings; carports, garages and sheds, sleepouts (backyard bedrooms), and cottages. And, because we're builders, we can custom design just for you. We've been in the business for 47 years and we're 100% reliable. We'll be there when we say, and we'll do what we promise. Ideal specializes in affordable quality cottages and homes, we offer one, two and three bedroom plans that are suitable for all budgets. First homes, holiday homes, minor units and granny flats, they are all possible with Ideal. Personalize your Ideal building with our large range of optional extras, we have something to suit your needs.◄
  2. Duramax Insulated Cabin DURAMAX MODEL 30411 INSULATED CABIN   If you might be interested in buying a USED ready made small cabin for a low price, this might be for you. The link here takes you to the listing page where this cabin is for sale with a price of $1500 plus $654.49 shipping. Actually, i think there are more brand new units available for sale on Amazon if you do a search for them. It is interesting to me that these type of prefab buildings are becoming more available on Amazon - something i never used to see.

    ►This is an insulated building with attractive color and design includes a foundation kit to ensure square building and a window kit. Durable insulated composite wall and corrugated roof panels ideal for all weather that will not rust, rot or mildew and is impervious to termites. Tall walk-in building is 86-inches, the wide door is 43-inches and comes with a keyed lock, gutter system in back of building to collect rain water. Smooth interior walls for a pleasant, usable finished space that easily can accommodate shelving for organization and storage up off of the floor. Assembles in three to four hours with two people, all parts are pre-cut, drilled and numbered; measures 13-feet by 10-feet. Shipping Weight: 1,300 pounds. Shipping: This item can only be shipped to the 48 contiguous states. We regret it cannot be shipped to APO/FPO, Hawaii, Alaska, or Puerto Rico.

    About new models of Duramax buildings: DuraMax Model 30411 13ft x 10" Insulated Vinyl Building is a uniquely modular insulated building that incorporates insulated composite walls and roof panels. These buildings are ideal for all weather conditions and can be use for various purposes such as additional living space, hobby room or secure storage space. It is manufactured with durable GRP and sandwiched in fire retardant CFC free Poly-Urethane insulation. Their most consumer friendly feature all starts with their state of the art engineering - each shed is modularly designed with purchase decision, shipping, and building it already in mind. Sheds are available in many sizes to fit many needs; they ship compactly in own box; all parts are pre-cut, pre-drilled, and labeled for easy sorting and assembly. US Polymers Inc. is the largest plastic extruder in the world, every product is backed with warranty and full customer support.◄
  3. A Sample Of A Livable Metal Shed NATIONAL SHEDS   At last i discovered someone (in Australia) who is using an idea i have had for a long time, that idea being using a metal shed for long term living. Right now, i do not know of any other place that has developed this concept. Unfortunately, the picture on the right is the best example of one of their products that i can use from their website. Hopefully, in the future i can get from them a picture showing an actual livable metal shed that they have designed and sold or is for sale.

    ►Livable sheds have really taken off over the last few years with lots of people considering using them for temporary to permanent accommodation. ADULT DIAPERS They are an economical alternative offering a modern design supplied at a fraction of the cost. The price effectiveness across the board makes them an ideal choice for people considering a living or working environment utilizing what is essentially an incredibly versatile structure. The range and scope for livable shed designs is as endless as their ultimate useful purpose, therefore a high degree of care and attention is required when it comes to planning and building them, with many important factors to be taken into account. We offer Class 1 and Cyclonic designed buildings to ensure that you get the safest steel structure possible. Our livable sheds contain extra reinforcing and are engineered to the highest levels compared to other sheds due to the importance of safety to the people residing in them. The most popular design to convert to a Class 1 dwelling is the American Barn. These barns are modern looking and can have the maximum space inside without compromising the overall look. The American Barn is a great design to use if you require a mezzanine floor, allowing you to make use of a second level. From a great room out in the backyard for use by a teenager to an affordable beach retreat, there are countless options available to you in how you choose to design your structure. Just send us a sketch and we'll design it to your needs!◄
  4. Unfinished two-story stick house TEMPORARY STICK FRAME CABIN   Actually, this project has been going on for some time and it is probably complete by now, but unfortunately i do not have any pictures of the completed home. I like this type of building a lot because it is a good use of space.

    ►We are building in (Central East Alabama) a temp stick frame very loosely following Mother Earth news "build this cozy cabin" plan. We have added a 1/2 story to this plan and now it is tall and narrow . . . It just evolved into this. People have told us it will blow over or fall over in high winds. The dimensions are 14ft x 24ft it is built on 12in Sonotube piers below the frost line on southern hard "red clay" with a 6X6 "Timber rim foundation" around the perimeter sunk threaded rod and bolted down. It will have a 5/12 pitch roof with ~6in overhangs. It is platform framed. Has a height of 21ft from the roof to the ground. The regional winds in Alabama here are 5-6 miles/hr. But the local winds seems windy and stormy a lot. My husband is about ready to take off the top floor. There are no codes out here, so we just built it. We are building with 2x6 walls and plan to use plenty of hurricane straps and OSB. My husband has some framing experience and using lots of reference books. So my question is is this thing going to fall over or blow over? Just trying to get debt free fast . . . Or slow . . . Any advice is appreciated. Thanks, Joy◄
  5. Key West Model FREEDOM STEEL HOMES   I like the Key West model & the A-frame model best. As they say: "Freedom Steel Homes, the industry leader in light gauge steel homes, currently manufactures shelters, garages, sheds and equestrian buildings. All your Steel Building needs are met with the best Quality and Service. With over 20 models to choose from, Freedom Steel Homes has the perfect layout for your new residence."

    ►Hot rolled I-beam framing with bolted cee and zee channels. These are absolutely the strongest steel frame homes in the world. Since 1994 we've made thousands of homes and have never had a structural failure. We are your safest choice. No wall sheathing or roof decking needed. No wood roof decking or wall sheathing board is necessary for your shear value. Your Freedom Steel Homes structure are completely non-combustible, there is no wood for termites and it's practically maintenance free. Bolt together red iron and galvanized steel stud framing throughout means there is nothing organic to support mold growth and nothing to rot. Your framing system will be structurally sound even after prolonged submersion due to flooding. Easy to read erection drawings stamped and sealed by state licensed engineer. Step by step instructions, free telephone support.◄
  6. Sample Project DESIGN BUILD BLUFF   This site contains much information on simple building using readily available materials. Tons of stuff. Good resource for ideas. Check out their blog. Picture on the right is one of their projects entitled "benally house".

    ►Design Build Bluff is a program for students of the University of Utah to realize architecture that nurtures the spirit and improves the lives of all who experience it. When possible and practical, it will employ natural building methods and non-traditional materials to create unique structures that combine a sense of doing good with designs appropriate for the task at hand. Ultimately, DesignBuildBLUFF will not construct buildings as much as it will create unbounded joy.◄
  7.  Mad Housers THE MAD HOUSERS   This link takes you to complete construction plans and information on building your own personal hut to live in. The organization responsible for this information provides housing for homeless people around Atlanta Georgia. The Mad Housers provide shelter to the homeless by building huts. Check out their very interesting website. You could get some ideas for building your own little hut from this site.

    "MAD HOUSERS Inc. is an Atlanta-based non-profit corporation engaged in charitable work, research and education. Our charter outlines our goals and purposes: To provide shelter for homeless individuals and families regardless of race, creed, national origin, gender, religion, or age. To develop low income housing for people in need of housing. To help people develop the skills and knowledge for constructing and rehabilitating housing and shelter. To increase the quantity and to improve the quality of housing in the world. To act, if necessary as an advocate for the homeless, to ensure that their moral and civil rights are protected. The Mad Housers believe that if a person has a secure space from which to operate, they are much more capable of finding the resources to help themselves."
  8. The Clancy Cardboard House THE CLANCY CARDBOARD HOUSE   This is another Mother Earth News article featuring a man named Dan and his family who built a low cost cabin using recycled boxes and other paper products.

    "One day While feeding my rabbits some lettuce that I'd scrounged from the back door of a supermarket, says Dan, I noticed that the box given to me by the produce man didn't fall apart in the rain like ordinary cardboard does. So I thought to myself, Why not build a cabin out of this stuff right here on our little homestead? Once the call went out for contributions for the cabin, used windows, an old glass-paned door, a large pile of 2 X 6's, used plywood foundation forms, a carpet made from carpet scraps, nails, a brass doorknob, old packing crates, and other "junk" came in. Almost everything was recycled, says Joann K. Johnson, one of Dan's student teachers at the time, and we let the used materials we gathered determine the size of the cabin we built."
  9. RTA Buildings RTA BUILDINGS   This appears to be a very well organized building system. RTA means: "Ready-To-Assemble". Very simple website, just one building displayed. This website is not available at this time (9-16-10).

    ►We are a group of academic and building professionals dedicated to bringing innovation to wood construction. We offer several pre-engineered building packages for sale to corporations, private organizations and government agencies. Our primary focus is housing designed for groups of people with a minimum order of 100 units. The building components of the RTA system are fabricated by pressing the RTA metal connector between two pieces of lumber. The building components are attached to each other by bolting the RTA connectors together. The RTA system is designed so that small crews of unskilled laborers equipped with a hammer, wrench and ladder can quickly assemble the RTA frame. The frame of a 16 x 24 foot building can be assembled by two people in less than one day. Our objective is to provide a building technology that enables small groups of unskilled laborers with the ability to build their own structures. Our vision is domestic (United States) and global. In the future we will provide products that are geared to the "do-it-yourselfers" who want to build garages, workshops, utility sheds or home offices in their backyards.◄
  10. Permanent Camping 2007 CASEY BROWN   I love this cabin. It is a two-story 10ft x 10ft structure designed for use by one or two people. It has a small kitchen, a sleeping loft and wood stove. It is named "Permanent Camping 2007".

    ►The building was prefabricated by the builder in Sydney then transported to the site and erected. This structure is a copper clad tower. It has movable veranda roofs operated by a winch which allow the owner to lower or raise along the sides offering protection from wild fires.◄
  11. Tiny Free House TINY FREE HOUSE   This is an interesting project. Visit here to follow the progress of this man's free house building experiment using free wood pallets.

    "I've embarked on a little experiment. I'm building a tiny house that's a cross between Henry David Thoreau's cabin at Walden Pond and a Tumbleweed-like Tiny House on wheels; the only difference is that it will cost nothing. Any money I spend on building materials will be recouped by selling discarded things I find and most of the wood will come from old shipping pallets. Why Pallets? It just seems like poetic justice for a house that questions consumerism to be made from the very things that carried so many products to market."•
  12. Afrisand Cabin AFRASAND   Very interesting commercial website from the country of Ghana Africa with pictures showing the different aspects of building with the Hydraform block system. Using this system a person could build themselves a very low cost home, i think. Picture on the right displays a small cabin built using the blocks made by this system.

    ►Your affordable building material center for your home. AGL is the authorized agent for Hydraform Africa Pty Ltd. who are manufacturers of Hydraform block making machines for on site production of interlocking dry stacking soil-cement blocks. Pride and expertise are two of the primary reasons you can expect high quality when you purchase machinery from us. We are gaining very good acceptance among those looking for innovative appropriate building technologies. Our products are now a widely accepted alternative to the traditionally-fired red clay brick - mortar or concrete masonry used for mass construction.◄
  13. SIPS Green Modern Home GREEN MODERN KITS   Picture on the right is of their "casa ti". A sip or "structural insulated panel" prefab built home.

    ►Why Green Modern Kits? Modern house plans taken a step further with SIPs prefab kits. Each of our prefab green homes is a modern house kit / green building house that provides you with a modern house kit / modern home solutions, energy efficient cabin, planned with green net zero and off-the-grid possible through passive solar design. Green Modern Kits also offers eco-furniture kits: green multi-use furniture, built-ins, and other energy-efficient solutions. We are green architects, house kit fabricators, industrial designers, furniture craftsmen, solar, rainwater solutions and. . . idea people who create modern, eco friendly affordable green housing and furniture plans for all of us. Green Modern Kits: Green Building For The Rest Of Us!™◄
  14. 400SF Studio Home BAMBOO LIVING   From their Bamboo Commons Collection section is this very small but basic studio home 20ftX20ft (400SF) with kitchen, bath, closet & storage loft. They ship these prefab home kits to any port in the world. They are produced to meet or exceed USA building code requirements. They have different sizes available, a couple up to 1000 SF.

    ►We believe the era of half measures has passed. Increasing the use of bamboo as a major building material is an essential step in the right direction-and it will require an important paradigm shift. How much of a shift? An over abundance of greenhouse gases have warmed our planet to dangerous levels. We need to reduce and sequester the carbon we are emitting as quickly as possible. Large scale bamboo projects, like homes, serve as carbon sinks. Sustainable bamboo plantations will provide the needed raw materials. Since the dawn of civilization, people have used bamboo to build their dwellings. In fact, over one billion people on Earth live in bamboo houses—but not in Western society—the largest consumer and emitter of carbon. Remember when yoga was thought to be a bohemian practice embraced only by barefoot people wearing saris? In the same way, bamboo homes have not yet been adapted to our society's mainstream lifestyle and living standards. We're here to change that. Our company's vision is to protect and restore our planet by pioneering with bamboo as a structural building material. Adopting the use of bamboo globally will help reduce global warming, restore the native forests of the world, protect our watersheds, reduce top soil erosion, and raise entire communities out of poverty. We dream big and we invite you to grow our vision with us.◄
  15. Prefab Cabin Model named Fraser NORPINE COTTAGES   This Canadian based business does have an inventory of at least 5 prefab small cabin sizes, i mean below 1000 SF. The picture on the right is of their 320 SF model called "The Fraser".

    ►NorPine is here to help you make your cottage dreams a reality! With 22 unique and exciting designs, NorPine's functional, easy-living cottage packages are sure to meet your family's lifestyle needs. Our prefab cabin packages include everything you need to get to lock-up and our construction-savvy Project Coordinators will work closely with you to schedule and manage the logistics of your cottage package delivery. Think of us as your "Go To" people for technical, building, and construction advice before, during and after your new prefab cottage is built. Contact us at 1-888-296-8059 where your NorPine representatives are readily available for pricing and information on any NorPine Products. NorPine . . . No more worries! This year NorPine has expanded and enhanced our panelized cottage program. In addition to our extremely successful log siding and metal roofing options, NorPine has now added finishing options to it's cottage and cabin line which includes: HardiePlank™ siding, Vinyl siding, 30 year architectural fiberglass composite shingles, & Casement window options. NorPine pre-fabricated cottages & cabins are only available through Winton Global Homes. Call 1-888-296-8059 for more information.◄
  16. Post & Beam Simple Camping Cabin GREENLEAF FORESTRY & WOOD PRODUCTS   Even after reading much of what this business is about, i am still not sure what it is they do, but maybe you the reader will be able to figure it out. From what i can tell they harvest the raw material (trees) and make different items from the wood such as nice little cabins and such. Picture on the right is of their "Beam Simple Camping Cabin".

    ►Nestled in the Wet Mountain Valley of the Colorado Rockies, you'll discover Greenleaf Forestry & Wood Products. Since 1994, we have been providing distinctive forestry services and wood products. Our mission is integrated: Carefully thinning overgrown forests, we greatly reduce the risks of fire and disease and restore natural conditions. We emphasize thoughtful and artistic tree removals, taking out the worst first. This balanced, environmentally sound approach often provides us with a wonderful array of natural wood. In a forest treatment, we may remove hearty red Douglas-fir, soft blue streaked Ponderosa pine, white patina Aspen, or aromatic gnarled Pinon. The sizes and shapes of these woods are intriguing. Our goal is to best utilize these excess renewable materials to help improve forestry economics. Greenleaf pays for removed wood at market value or allows credits to help offset service costs. Our forestry expertise is tailored to each operation and can greatly enhance and protect your landscape.◄
  17. Yonderosa Outpost Cabin COWBOY CABIN COMPANY   Even though some of the projects appear to be unfinished, i put this up here because there are lots of pictures that may help someone wishing to duplicate some of the ideas. I especially like the floor plan of the little cabin "Mo" was building called the Yonderosa "Outpost". If you click around his blogs you will view different building stages and interior furnishings, like cabinets etc. I have a hard time with blogs - i mean following there organization, but on Mo's blog the small cabin designs are great in my opinion even though i am not sure of which is which.

    ►This project has been very enjoyable and satisfying. The experience is greatly enriched by the partnership with my wife, the surrounding natural beauty, the challenges we've overcome and the achievement of a shared dream . . . Life is Great! I am a very blessed and lucky man.◄
  18. Cabin on Stilts CABIN ON STILTS   If the pictures tell the story accurately this looks like a very nice place to live in Missouri. The picture on the right is a very unique design in my opinion, notice that it is built on stilts designed to allow the flooded river to flow underneath. I have had this listing in storage for a long time. I like it, and want to mention that i have no connection whatsoever to the "Regions Land Company" and do not receive any form of remuneration from them. Also, i wished there were some other pictures of this particular cabin available, because it sure looks well suited for the type of environment it is located in. Nice cabin design in my opinion.

    ►Specializing in Ozark properties from 3 to 30 acres in size. We offer instant financing on all of the properties we sell with down payments as low as $500! Most of our parcels are financed on a 15 year schedule with annual interest of 9 1/2% and monthly payments starting at $195. If you've been searching for your dream property for recreation or retirement then we can help!◄

    • All of our parcels are guaranteed buildable.
    • Title is guaranteed on all properties.
    • Instant financing available on all properties.

    ►The Southern Missouri Ozarks have long been known for their crystal clear rivers and creeks. There is very little cropland in the Ozarks so there is virtually no pesticide-runoff, which in other areas of the country is a main cause of polluted groundwater and water tables. We feel there are two types of people in the world . . . Those who love the Ozarks and those who have not yet visited the Ozarks! You'll find amazing views, excellent hunting and fishing and limitless outdoor recreational activities including canoeing, horseback riding, camping, hiking, four-wheeling, birdwatching, spelunking and even scuba diving. Our excellent climate and friendly residents make the Missouri Ozarks the perfect choice for a vacation property or permanent residence.◄
  19. New Tiny House NORTHWESTERN TINY HOUSE PROJECT   This project has been going on for some time. It is far enough along that the website has enough material to publish here. Lots of good pictures to view. Nothing for sale, just some good information.

    ►This project is an ongoing student collaboration to bring sustainability awareness to the Northwestern community and beyond. What had started as an ambitious class project has now become a passionate mission to inspire future endeavors towards improving sustainable living. The Tiny House Movement is a response to the growing desire of smaller and simpler living spaces for those who feel concerned about the environment and the negative impact of excessive resource consumption. A leading advocate of this movement, Jay Schafer, founder of the Tumbleweed Tiny House Company, provides pre-made homes and building plans for small houses ranging from 65 to 837 total square feet. Building upon Jay's ideas, our team set out to design and construct a tiny house sized less than 130 square feet that will function as a completely independent system. It will generate its own inputs and outputs without the need to connect to any outside sources. After six months of researching and consulting with various experts, our team has produced plans for our Casita, a single-person home designed for providing its user all the necessary resources to live year-round. Please note: We are a student group. Our house is intended only for display and learning purposes and will not be for sale. We will not be selling plans or homes, but we welcome enthusiasts and will share any of our research and experiences.◄
  20. Pedal Powered Shanty Boat THIS TINY HOUSE   This blog linked here is very good in my opinion, especially if you like to look at pictures. I try to keep duplicate material down to a minimum on all my websites, but this blog linked here has a lot of unique material not listed on any of my websites. Picture on the right is a sample of what you will find here, it is called: "Pedal-Powered Shanty Boat". On this date (3-10-12) i could find 41 pages of material on this blog and you can click here if you want to go to page 41, which is the beginning or end of the blog depending on how you look at it.

    ►First of all, welcome! I'm humbled that you're on the doorstep of my little blogging playground. My name is Hillary and I've been downsizing and simplifying my life for about a decade. I think I'm finally starting to get the hang of it. Maybe your journey is not so different from mine. Maybe you gave up nearly everything and started from scratch. Maybe you, like me, have done this over and over again. From hippie communes to houseboats, each time my wild notions have led me to more tiny abodes, alternative lifestyles, and the dream of living with even less. I can't quite say why small spaces inspire me so much but I can say that the tiny house bug has caught on in America these days. This blog started 4 years ago when I purchased a 13ft travel trailer off Craigslist. Now . . . At times I am a nomadic traveler, a simple living enthusiast, and a debt-free small homeowner in San Diego soaking up a quiet afternoon with my sweetie pie. Currently we are preparing for three months of backpacking in Europe. I am not a coach, a sales person, or motivational speaker. My primary goal is very, very simple: To walk my talk. And in the process, maybe it will help other people lead healthier lives. Thank you for stopping by & keep in touch . . . You can get new blog posts delivered by email or RSS. You can also connect with me by way of Twitter, Facebook, or Google+. More questions? Email me.◄
  21. Residential Building 6 NEW POLE BARN   I have created this listing even though it is a little different than most i place on my website mainly because the link goes to a business that really specializes in beautiful post frame buildings used mostly for storage of equipment or whatever, however, many or most are capable of being converted or finished inside to make a nice little home for the buyer. Some of these buildings have already been used as a basis for a residential home. Not all are suitable, but many are suitable for conversion into livable post frame homes. Picture on the right is of their cool looking "Residential Building 6".

    ►First of all, let us begin by thanking you for taking the time to visit our site, hopefully this is a small step that will lead to a great relationship for years to come. At Tam Lapp Construction, LLC we are committed to providing quality Pole Buildings and Pole Barns delivered with outstanding service. We understand that purchasing a Pole Building or Post Frame Building is an important School Supplies decision, and therefore we take your patronage as a customer very seriously. We want to help you make the right choice by listening to your needs and then presenting to you the options that best meet those needs. All of the materials used in our Pole Buildings and Pole Barns are quality grade backed by manufacturers guarantees and all of our work is satisfaction guaranteed, we build each Pole Building as if we were building our own. In addition to construction of new buildings we also do repairs, additions, re-modeling, and re-roofing. No job is too small!. We currently service PA Pole Buildings, NJ Pole Buildings, MD Pole Buildings, DE Pole Buildings, VA Pole Buildings, WV Pole Buildings, NY Pole Buildings, CT Pole Buildings & OH Pole Buildings. As owner I will even make sure that any other proposals you receive from any other company conforms to our highest standards of quality and satisfaction, if it does, I will do everything I can to match or beat there proposal! Please feel free to browse our website and see what Tam Lapp Construction, LLC has to offer you! We would be glad to assist you in your New Pole Barn experience.◄
  22. A-Frame by Chad Randl A-FRAME BY CHAD RANDL   I love A-Frame style cabins. It is an old design, and was somewhat a popular item years ago when it was first developed, i think it is a "Popular Mechanics" type of creation, not sure. Please click on the picture at the right to buy this well liked book from as your purchase helps to support this site at no extra cost to you. Thanks, ~gg

    ►"A" was the architectural letter form of leisure building in postwar America. Eager to stake out mountain and lakeside retreats, an entire generation of high-end home builders and weekend handymen found the A-frame an easy and affordable home to construct; its steeply sloping triangular roof distinctive and easy to maintain (almost no exterior walls to paint!). Fueled by A-frame plans and kits, the style became something of a national craze, with tens of thousands of houses built. Indeed, the A-frame was an icon for recreation, and acceptable form of modernism (although its origins go back thousands of years), and a convenient tool for marketing a wide range of products, including gas-powered toilets, motorcycles, and canned vegetables; Fisher-Price even made one for children. So popular on the domestic front, the A-frame was eventually adapted to other building types, from roadside restaurants to churches. In a fascinating look at this architectural phenomenon, Chad Randl tells the story of the "triangle" house from prehistoric Japan to its lifestyle-changing heyday in the 1960s. Part architectural history and part cultural exploration, A-Frame documents every aspect of A-frame living using cartoons, ads, high-style and do-it-yourself examples, family snapshots, and even an appendix with a complete set of blueprints in case you want to build your own! To illustrate the wide influence of the architectural genre, Randl even includes a photograph of Fisher-Price's toy A-frame house. It's such careful research that earns this title an A. 150 color & 75 b/w illustrations. About the Author: Chad Randl is an architectural historian working at the National Park Service. He resides in Takoma Park, Maryland.◄
  23. The Q Cabin THE Q CABIN   Featuring "earth-friendly, low maintenance vacation homes". Nice looking unique designs for placement on your land. This is a true prefab cabin that can be delivered to your property by truck.

    ►The housing industry has lost its taste for bigger, cheaper, resource wasteful housing. The new trend is toward environmentally friendly, low impact, low maintenance properties. Q Cabins are the new concept in sustainable micro housing. Every material or system choice used to build the Q is based in a green technology. We use SIPs panels, low VOC water based finishes, natural fibers, high tech insulation methods, low-E insulated glass, reclaimed wood, passive and active solar systems, automatic ventilation systems and sustainable sized footprints. The end result is an architecturally pleasing, resource efficient, and environmentally friendly cabin. No sheet rock. No paint. The Q Cabins are built with quality in mind. Low cost equals low quality and high maintenance. The Q Cabins are low maintenance. You will never spend your vacation time maintaining your Q. The finishes are intended to last a lifetime adding permanence to your experience. This cabin will age gracefully instead of needing constant updating and remodeling. A cabin built to play hard and last a lifetime. The Q is designed to be at home in the mountains, the desert, the beach, or even a modern metropolitan environment. The sweeping curves evoke a modern shape that harmonizes with nature. The finishes evoke a vernacular aesthetic that convey the relaxed feeling of home. Q's are spacious and versatile. The design allows for modular spaces that can change with season, site orientation, number of vacationers and whim. The soaring ceilings are unparalleled in the cabin market. The volumes created by the high curving ceilings add prestige to the modest sized footprints. The optional loft unit allows for additional guest spaces, play spaces, office spaces, and Zen spaces. The Q's design focuses on view. Your vacation property is beautiful. Q cabins are designed to bring the natural beauty of your site into your living environment. A 17ft view wall in both the Mini and the Nautilus XP insure that the view is the dominant feature of the interior. The Mountaineer has as many square feet of glass as it does living space. The Q Cabins offer a low cost and a fast construction duration for a completely site built structure using environmentally sound materials and systems of the highest quality. Q Cabins are now available as kits for contractors and homeowners. Kits come delivered by shipping container (including 30 day rental) with all your Q components fabricated and sequenced, ready for installation. Kits include all components for the full erection of your Q from the slab up. For the contractor this means, no estimating, no material sourcing, and fast completion. A full set of detailed construction documents are included as well as standard slab and footing details. Standard Package Kit pricing available online. Custom packages available. Contact Vern Sneed with Design Horizons to specify and price your Q Cabin Kit at (415) 533-7094.◄
  24. Cabin in the woods CABIN PORN   Billed as "Inspiration for your quiet place somewhere" this delightful website contains no advertising and is just plain small cabin eye candy for the soul. As you scroll through the pages you will be taken to a different world of peace and solitude, away from the corporate offices you all work in and wished you could escape from. There is a link for you to click if you would like to submit your favorite cabin you might have saved somewhere on your computer. Anyway, i have put this up for your viewing pleasure, actually - there are probably none or very few prefab cabins on the site, but i think you will enjoy it anyway. ~gg

    ►CABIN PORN: Inspiration for your quiet place somewhere. Edited by the folks at Beaver Brook.◄
  25. ModCell House MODCELL   This business located in the United Kingdom does prefab differently in that they incorporate straw bales in their construction system along with some other green type material. Picture on the right is of their ModCell home made using straw bales as insulation.

    ►ModCell® is one of the first products to make large-scale, carbon-negative building a commercial reality. The ModCell® system utilizes the excellent thermal insulation qualities of straw bale and hemp construction to form prefabricated panels, made in a local Flying Factory™. ModCell® allows super-insulated, high-performance, low energy "passive" buildings to be built using renewable, locally sourced, carbon sequestering that offers sustainable building materials. ModCell® is designed for use in offices, schools, housing and commercial buildings. This innovative, off site-manufactured wall and roof cladding system can be quickly and efficiently installed, creating buildings with thermal performance up to three times higher than the current building regulations require. This super-insulated system, combined with our airtight details, means that buildings constructed using ModCell® panels meet the demanding PassivHaus specification. As a result, ModCell® buildings can have zero heat requirements, saving money and CO2 emissions.◄

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  26. Picture of economical model home FOSHAN MODERN PREFAB HOUSE COMPANY   For those of you with the means to do so; here is a company located in China that ships prefab metal frame homes all over the world. Their website is in the English language, plus they have a lot of fairly good pictures of their products. I could not see any square footage figures for any of the houses, but the picture on the right appears to be one of their smaller lower cost models which is a "NEW light steel frame house" model number: EU-03. Some of their designs are very likable.

    ►Foshan Modern Prefab House Company is a leading company specialized in designing, manufacturing, construction and marketing of prefabricated homes. As for our prefabricated homes, they are fresh, environmental, economical, and made out of light steel which is the best material in producing a prefabricated house, and made according to standard modular specifications and joined together by bolts. As a result, they are very safe. Our homes can withstand strong winds below grade 12 and earthquakes below grade 8, which is very important for a house nowadays. You are welcome to contact us for more information about our houses; if you are interested in our product. Hope to have good cooperation with you in this housing line on the basis of mutual benefit in the coming future.◄
  27. SOUTHERN STRUCTURES   This is a prefab home builder you all might like . . . A modular housing business creating award winning designs, located in Florida. Plus, they do have small house designs under 1000 SF. Video on the right features their latest design called "The Sanibel" — a 1708 SF, 3 Bedroom/2 Bath, 28ftX37ft ~ 28ftX24ft small home.

    ►Southern Structures, Inc. is a specialized contracting firm, operating primarily in Florida, from its office in Ocala, Florida. Founded in 1961, the company specializes in design and contracting for sectional (or modular) commercial and residential buildings. We offer "concept to completion" services, along with counsel to potential buyers as to the most economical and practical means of accomplishing their building goals. Included here is specific information about selected building types and designs with which we have worked. We invite inquiries about any potential use of sectional or modular buildings. We'll be happy to provide information and suggestions. Most of our buildings are wood-frame structures, but increasing amounts of steel and aluminum are being brought into the designs as more of the buildings are put into very long-term plans, or as fire-protection becomes more important. A number of complete steel-frame home and concrete structures have been built, at economic costs, for varying purposes. The design of the buildings is usually dictated by desired costs ~ low, high, or medium. Almost all of our buildings are intended for full-time use by people in a living or working environment of some kind ~ offices, labs, clinics, classrooms, studies, or similar functions, and homes. Floor plans are extremely flexible; module size is limited mainly by transportation regulations for movements from factory to site. Almost any number of modules can be assembled to make up a complete building. However, the larger the number of modules, the more complex become the roof and air handling systems. Locally, we can usually offer a complete turn-key project ~ from design to completion. If you have an application in mind for a building from 700 SF and up, you should talk with us. Call today for a preliminary discussion on feasibility . . . We won't waste your time or ours!◄
  28. Portable Deluxe Cabin PROBUILT PORTABLE BUILDINGS   If their website is any indication, these people build some really nice little portable cabins. They do not look like real expensive types, but simple and nice. They also have a dealer network around the 3 state area of Mississippi, Alabama, & Tennessee. Picture on the right is of one of their "Portable Deluxe Cabins".

    ►Welcome to Probuilt Portable Buildings! We specialize in affordable and high quality portable storage buildings custom built for your needs.
    Please browse our sites to see some samples of our storage units built in a wide range of styles and sizes. Whether you are looking for a new storage unit, shed, garage, workshop, mini-barns, workshop, cabins on the lake, hunting lodge, or just extra added space. Feel free to contact us for a custom quote or if you have any questions. We service Mississippi, Alabama, and Areas of Tennessee. Offering delivery and setup, we hope that you choose ProBuilt Buildings for your storage or other needs. Please check our Authorized Dealer list on the Locations page to find portable buildings and storage shed dealers in your area. We pride ourselves on the very best craftsmanship of portable buildings. Whether we are building on-site, stationary, or portable. Located in Macon, Mississippi. ProBuilt, LLC provides hands on service and the best customer service you will find. Choosing the best and most reputable dealer is easy and only a click or phone call away! Probuilt Portable and Stationary Buildings customers can rest assured their purchase is "100% Satisfaction Guaranteed".◄
  29. 14X16 Guest Cottage HISTORIC SHED   This Florida business i think kind of specializes in building sheds and other small livable structures which match the customers exterior style of buildings already on their property. Picture on the right is of their "14X16 Guest Cottage". Very nice website, with lots of good pictures of their craftsmanship.

    ►There are many potential uses for a tiny house or cottage including a guest house, spare bedroom, vacation home, rental unit, or even as a full-time residence for people looking to downsize. This design can be modified in a variety of ways to complement your historic property or meet your individual needs. The 14ftx16ft Historic Shed™ Cottage starts at just $15,000 for the base building with finished interior (electrical, plumbing and kitchenette not included). Call to discuss pricing and other model options. We can also do custom designs.◄
  30. Compact 12X18 Cabin CABANA VILLAGE   This business located on the East Coast of the United States, prefabricates their own buildings and ships them most places in the lower 48 states. They have a very good inventory or beautiful designs in my opinion. Lots of pictures on their website give the visitor plenty to think about. Picture on the right is of their "Compact 12X18 Cabin".

    ►Cabana Village cabin kits and cottage bunkies are great as weekenders, lakeside cottages, starter cabins or backyard retreats. An 87" wall height is standard on our kit cabins and you have a choice of a 7 in 12 (30°) or an 10 in 12 (40°) roof pitch. These cabin kits are designed with a sleeping loft and come with either a ladder or 15° hardwood stairs (depending on the size of the unit). Our cabins, cottages and bunkies feature cedar doors, windows and trim and are available in cedar or maintenance-free Canexel siding. All our cabanas have 1/2" plywood roof sheathing and 2x4 SPF framing. With their sturdy construction and use of quality materials, extensive pre-fabrication, ease of assembly, and attractive design, their possible uses are only limited by your imagination. Click on any of the pictures in the filmstrip to see more pictures, details and pricing on the pictured cabins, or use the models listed in the design center as a starting point for your own cabin kit or bunkie kit design. About shipping: To-your-door shipping to most locations within the contiguous 48 United States is included in your structure's price. However, there are circumstances under which extra charges may apply. Please let your customer service rep know about any special circumstances that might exist with your delivery so that we can review all the details concerning your delivery and avoid any unanticipated charges.◄
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