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  1. Allwood Cabin Kit Timberline Model ALLWOOD KIT CABIN TIMBERLINE   They call this a log home but i doubt that it is a log home in the traditional sense; probably no round logs involved with it's construction. The inside Floor Area: 354 SF + Loft 129 SF. Wall thickness: 2-3/4in (70mm) - dual T&G pattern. Ridge height: 14ft-9in. Floor, Roof/Ceiling boards thickness: 23/32in. Multiple options available. 1 new from $34,900.00.

    ►Timberline is one of the the largest models in the Allwood kit cabin line for North America. This log home kit comes with multiple options. It can be easily customized to function as primary residence. 2-3/4in thick walls with dual T&G wind block and the optional insulation kits (please inquire) keep the utility costs affordable. 129 SF loft and 354 SF floor area provide ample space for added amenities like kitchen, bathroom and storage. You can also add windows and extended roof. For other items and options please see the attached spec sheet. Installation of Timberline takes aprox. 3 days for two adults. We can also install the cabin for you. Please contact us for Free Estimate. Included in the kit: Durable, dense grain and slow grown Nordic Spruce wall planks, roof and floor boards. Pre-hung and glazed doors and windows. Pre-assembled gables. All nails, screws, fixings, handles and door locks. Easy to follow instructions. What is not included: Roofing materials. Foundation materials under timbers such as cinder blocks, for example. Estimated cost for those is aprox. $650 - $1,200 depending on the type of roof and the type of site. * This cabin is not a stock model since most customers want optional parts. Allow 45 - 60 days after order for delivery date. Payment schedule 10% down + balance prior delivery is available. Details available upon request.*◄
  2. Wood Clad Bungalow NINGBO DEEPBLUE SMARTHOUSE   Sometimes when i run across a listing which i think contains some good principles to either live by or work by, i like to include them on my website as a kind of storage place for future reference for myself & other people who might be interested. This company here located in China builds many different kinds of homes from very tiny to larger sizes. Just think - These homes are prefabricated in their factory and shipped all over the world. Quite an operation i would say. Picture on the right is of their Model #DP-W-1, Wood clad sound-proof bungalow based on a light gauge steel frame system.

    ►Since David Chen first opened our doors in 2009, we have been proud to provide affordable manufactured modular homes,
    Click Above
    apartments, commercial buildings, military barracks, & college dormitories to people all across the World. From humble beginnings, we have since built more than 5000 homes and won multiple awards for both design and construction. Today we build, sell, finance, lease, and insure our buildings from China to the World. We have over 10 years in the prefab housing business. We have exported prefab homes to over 60 countries and NGOs, such as the USA, Australia, France, Africa, South America, & the United Nations. We own over 30 patents. We are a unique folding design patents holder. We supply both luxury house and social housing. We are good at real estate developer consulting. We are also good at social housing solutions for government.

    Our Vision: To provide opportunities for the material and intellectual growth of all our employees, and through our joint efforts, contribute to the advancement of society and humankind.
    Our Mission: Building Smart house for the world!
    Our Value: We work every day to uphold the following tenets: "Customer first, employee second and shareholder third." Our six core values that guide our operations and are fundamental to our corporate culture and an integral component of our DNA are:
    Customer First: The interests of our community of users and paying members must be our first priority.
    Teamwork: We expect our employees to collaborate as a team in pursuit of our shared mission. We believe teamwork enables ordinary people to achieve extraordinary things.
    Embrace Change: We operate in a fast-evolving industry. We ask our employees to maintain flexibility, continue to innovate and adapt to new business conditions and practices.
    Integrity: Integrity is at the heart of our business. We expect our employees to uphold the highest standards of integrity and to deliver on their commitments.
    Passion: Our employees are encouraged to maintain a positive attitude towards their work and never give up doing what they believe is right.
    Commitment: We expect our employees to demonstrate professionalism and continuously strive for excellence.◄
  3. Sweat Pea model PORTLAND ALTERNATIVE DWELLINGS   Here is another one of those tiny house on wheels businesses. They offer tiny house workshops, books & plans. Be sure and visit their "Preferred Partners" link which contains some service and product providers for building your own tiny home on wheels.

    ►Portland Alternative Dwellings (PAD) is a tiny house education, resource and consulting company based in Portland, Oregon. We are dedicated to making tiny house living a reality for those who have a dream to build tiny. Dee Williams has lived in her little house since 2004. She founded PAD to help others find a way to make their housing serve their life, instead of the other way around. Her memoir, The Big Tiny, is now available. Dee has been featured in The New York Times, Los Angeles Times,, National Public Radio, CBS This Morning, and more.◄
  4. Small House MICRO HOUSES & CREATIVE HOUSING   This link takes you to a Pinterest page maintained by "Lynette Johnson Schuetze". It is filled with pictures of all kinds of small cabins, cottages & bungalows. Plus included are links to the source of the picture. She has a pretty good inventory of "Tree House" type homes. There are lots of good ideas available here for someone desiring to build their own small cabin. Lynette has a lot of different subjects she pins about, this is just one of them.
  5. Morrow MobilesMORROW MOBILES   They specialize in the creation of durable, attractive, fast-installed, inexpensive, pre-manufactured housing solutions for a global market.

    ►Our Mm²® Expandable Rooms to Go technology allows both the vertical and horizontal expansion of these highly mobile, attractive units. Applications include RV usage, mobile office, vending kiosk, emergency health facilities & small homes. Our innovative World House designs offer a wide range of plans, which are rapidly manufactured and then quickly expanded and installed on site; at least total cost, vs. any comparable permanent housing solution.◄ Offices in San Diego California and Mexico.
  6. Flat RiverFLAT RIVER CORP   Take a look at this Nebraska based business.

    "Portable Cabins & Buildings *Not A Kit*. Check out our newest line of Portable and Economical Cabins!"

    "12x32 portable building with T-1-11 siding and 29ga. steel roof & trim. Steel sub-frame makes the building strong & portable!FLOOR - 3in of insulation sandwiched between two floor boards. Tow Hooks make it easy to move. Standard unfinished interior. Can be easily wired, insulated & finished like a home. Porch available."

    ►Flat River Corp is a leader in the portable building & structural steel fabrication industries. We are a turn-key design and build company that works with our customers on all project types & sizes. At Flat River Corp we continually strive to keep safety, quality & customer satisfaction our #1 goals. Thank you for visiting our website and it would be our pleasure to have your business.◄
  7. SolargonSOLARGON   This is quite a nice octogon design. Based in Colorado. You can visit their blog here. Many uses for this type of structure from residential, commercial, recreational & prefab small cabin.

    "Solargons are octagonal buildings featuring passive solar design principles. The shape is inspired by design elements from Native American and Asian nomadic tribes, while the materials represent the latest in green building technologies. We have created structures that work with and within the environment for outstanding performance, comfort and functionality."

    What is Green Building?
    "Green building is the practice of increasing the efficiency with which buildings use resources - energy, water, and materials - while reducing building impacts on human health and the environment. This is achieved through better design, better siting, faster and tighter construction, optimized operation, reduced maintenance, and simplified removal. We have designed the Solargon to optimize every aspect of the building's life cycle, thus maximizing cost efficiency and minimizing the environmental footprint."
  8. 24x24 Retirement HouseHENNIN POST & BEAM   This is a neat little deal some of you may be interested in. This company offers classes and help with building your own small high quality cabin. Some cabins as small as 12ftx16ft using the timber frame method.

    ►For the House of a Lifetime...
    Consider a super-insulated timberframe that reflects your lifestyle and goals. Shelter Institute is the ideal place to start planning your new timber frame - choose from three unique services that will jump start your timber frame plans:
    Timber Framing Class: Treat yourself to an experience you will never forget. This Hands-On Timber Framing Class prepares you to design a basic structure, sharpen your chisels, and fashion and raise your own timber frame... in just 5 days!
    Pre-Designed Timber Frame: Purchase a pre-designed, finely crafted timber frame. Adapt one of our open plan packages to your design and save a bundle. 20ftx30ft/40ft/50ft or 24ftx24ft/36ft/48ft packages with saltbox additions.
    Custom-Designed Timber Frame: Bring us your masterpiece plan and we will engineer the frame to suit. Each of our clients enjoys full access to our in-house engineering services. We will guide you through structural options, costs, and timeframes so you can choose solutions that make sense. Schedule an appointment today to begin designing your new structurally-engineered timber frame which we will cut, deliver, erect, enclose with super-insulated SIP/stress-skin panels and metal roof.◄
  9. BreezepodBREEZEPOD™   Breezepod™ is the new housing revolution from New Zealand. It is durable, cost-effective and weather proof. NZ Building and Housing Department has approved our homes for use anywhere in New Zealand. Our buildings have been earthquake tested to meet current NZ standards (1.2 of g-force) and will withstand g-forces significantly stronger than this. Our designs are intended to protect the occupants from the world's worst earthquakes (9.6 on the Richter scale). At the same time our homes are cyclone and hurricane safe having been tested up to 290 km/hr winds. You can sleep easy within a Breezepod™ knowing your family and assets are safe. Maintenance will no longer be an issue as Breezepod™ homes do not require any painting, plasterboard or roof cladding. These structures are made from Medium Density Polyethylene (MDPD). Click here to view their model number 2.

    ►Breezepod™ is a rotationally moulded Polyethylene housing module.Breezepods™ have the potential to provide a very cost effective alternative for a range of dwellings. They provide quickly produced, less expensive dwellings for anyone and everyone. The moulding oven and associated machinery can be transported to any site where the modules can be produced in mass numbers to the area of need. Breezepod™ is maintenance free, requires no painting, will not rust, rot or corrode, can be produced in a wide range of colors, is extremely versatile as a modular unit and can be made to blend into any environment. Breezepod™ also has a wide range of uses and could become one of the most versatile housing systems produced. These uses include: Prefab cabin, temporary housing, permanent housing, hospitals, temporary doctor's office, temporary military bases, public kiosks, public restrooms, gazebo, public shelters, farm buildings, animal shelters, garages, outhouses, implement sheds, to name just a few examples of where the Breezepod™ concept will work. Breezepod™ is a very quickly produced, very low cost product. It's light weight and modular design facilitates nestable stacking, easy transportation and easy assembly on site. The Breezepod™ construction is extremely tough and will handle almost any environment.◄
  10. Crews ShedsCREWS PORTABLE BUILDINGS  Based in Springfield Illinois take a look at their portable cabin. Cabin sizes range from 10x18 up to 16x32. They do offer a delivery service for their buildings. Their delivery and set-up techniques are quite clever. Sometimes by looking at these different models you can get ideas for building your own unit.

    ►Mennonite built quality by our owner and his family. We can professionally move your shed from one location to another location. Diamond Building Movers can even move our competitors buildings at or near the same cost. Please call my office for pricing and details. All of our Diamond Buildings and gazebos are delivered free within a 50 mile radius of Springfield, IL. There is a $3.00 per one way mile delivery charge added on to all orders outside our delivery radius. Delivering sheds and gazebos can be a challenge for some shed companies. A benefit of having a Crews Portable Building brought into your yard is our delivery method. When the need occurs, we will use our Mule to lift the shed off the ground and drive it like a lawnmower across the yard. Our Mule will eliminate the large tire and truck tracks that some companies leave behind.◄
  11. casa invitados AATA ARCHITECTS   This site is in spanish language only. That's because the company is located in South America, the country of chile. But there are a couple of noteworthy small home examples available. Click on the "residential" link then go to C. INVITADOS and also C. CUIDADOR. These two units are probably the most interesting for most viewers. The picture on the right is of the C. Invitados (Casa Invitados).

    Click on these two links for pictures of the C. Cuidador project. here and here.

  12. Sherpa CabinsSHERPA CABINS   This business is located in Thompson Falls, MT. They deliver their finished cabins out of state.

    "Quality custom framed cedar cabins delivered to your site. We build one cabin at a time, with an average construction time of 7 weeks from start to finish. Our goal continues to be to build and deliver the best small cabins in the industry. In a world that seems to continually lose its appreciation for quality and craftsmanship we strive to maintain our own in each Sherpa Cabin we build". Walls and ceilings are insulated. Plumbing and wiring included with each cabin.
  13. Zero Energy Casita ZERO ENERGY CASITA   This appears to be a pretty classy outfit. This link focuses on one special type home they are promoting - the "Zero Energy Casita". Casita means: A small House. This house has 1,015 SF of living space. Which includes: A Master Bedroom, Master Bath/Closet, Guest Bedroom, Guest Bath, Utility/Panty, Kitchen, Great Room, and a Front Porch.

    ►Looking for a home that consumes less energy, makes less of a footprint on the earth, takes your indoor living environment into consideration, all the while having a design that reflects your true character? Well this is just the type of home Ferrier Custom Homes prides itself on. In an effort to minimize the Casita's footprint on the earth, building components were chosen based on their ability to be durable and self-sufficient for years to come. The Zero Energy Casita meshes cutting edge technologies with turn of the century aesthetics. Unique to its core, this house is on a mission to reclaim, reduce and renew. In the face of rising energy costs, the Casita's homeowners wanted their second home's carrying costs to be minimized as much as possible. Paired with a rustic design that incorporates a variety of reclaimed materials, this zero energy casita is providing that sustainability and cost effectiveness are not mutually exclusive concepts.◄
  14. Small Shed Version DWELLE   This business is located in Manchester England i believe. This is a relatively new project they have started i guess. They have currently two beautiful models available so far - a large and a small livable shed. Their main website is located here: FKDA In addition to their livable shed section, they have designed some very beautiful other small dwellings worth your time to look at.

    "Welcome to the new "Shed" website!"
    "We've spent some time ensuring that not only are our sheds as space efficient as possible and have extremely high environmental criteria, but they are also designed to the highest standards."

  15. Emergency Response Studio EMERGENCY RESPONSE STUDIO   I like this unit a lot. It is well designed and interesting. Lots of pictures and good information about this unit on the website.

    Click Above
    "Emergency Response Studio, by Paul Villinski, is a solar-powered, mobile artist's studio, repurposed from a salvaged FEMA-style trailer. This sustainably re-built, off-the-grid living and work space is designed to enable artists to "embed" in post-disaster settings, and respond and contribute creatively. Villinski conceived the project in response to the devastation of post-Katrina New Orleans as "a symbol of transformation and possibility for the communities of the Gulf Coast". ERS will be exhibited in Prospect .1 New Orleans, the largest exhibition of international contemporary art ever organized in the United States, which opens throughout the Crescent City November first, 2008. Though designed as an artist's studio, the Emergency Response Studio also serves as a prototype for self-sufficient, solar-powered mobile housing, and explores the application of sustainable materials in the construction of trailers and other forms of temporary housing."
  16. Transportable Monolithic Cabin THE MONOLITHIC CABIN   This company i have noticed has improved and expanded their website over the months or years. To me, that would be a sign that they are doing OK. Check out this latest cool addition to their product line.

    "The Monolithic Cabin is a modified Monolithic Dome - like a tunnel with rounded ends. These domes all have a diameter (width) of 12 feet, but their total length and interior space depends on the model. Model 150 has a length of 14.3 feet and a living area of 150 square feet. Model 201 is 18.5 feet long and 201 square feet. Model 266 is 24 feet long and 266 square feet. All models are a nominal 10 feet high, from bottom of crossbeams to top of roof. David South, President of Monolithic, sees the Monolithic Cabin as "one of the most versatile, small domes we have ever designed. It's really an all-purpose unit!

    "We manufacture these cabins here, at our headquarters in Italy, Texas and load one or two of them on a truck for transport to the client's site," David says. "They weigh about 9 to 14 tons, are definitely shippable and require only a small amount of land."

    The Monolithic Cabin can be used as a rental unit, echo housing or granny flat, disaster shelter, workshop, office or studio, game room, vacation dome, exercise room, temporary housing for work crews or home builders, guest house or storage. They can be designed as single living units or combined with others. The list goes on and on!"
  17. Walt Barrett's Micro Home WALT BARRETT'S MICRO HOME   This is about Walt Barrett's Micro Home which is 8ft x 8ft. They say they want to mass produce these completed units and also sell kits for a reduced price which can be assembled by the buyer. They have a video on their website or blog which shows the steps taken to build this neat looking little house. Watch the video, it will show you some small home building techniques for those of us untutored in the trade. They are located in Lincoln, Rhode Island.

    "The home in the slide show is $9,995.00 plus shipping cost: Complete and ready to move in, with solar electric lights, shower, compost toilet and galley."

  18. Versatube VERSATUBE BUILDING SYSTEMS   Generally speaking i try not to include in my website building ideas or systems which are of the commercial or farm type buildings - large structures for which the average person has no need. This business here tends to display very large buildings, but a person can use their system to build reasonable size structures: Like for example they say you can use their product to build a workshop, a home office, studio space and probably a small cabin or cottage. From what i can glean from their website, a person can buy a prefabricated building as small as 12ft wide by 8ft high by 20ft long - minimum size, smallest they sell. You can buy 4ft or 5ft incremental additions for bigger structures depending on the width. This might make a cheap home for someone. Click on "Garages & Buildings".

    ►Get a new metal garage in no time. Our "Slip-Fit" frame construction makes building a steel garage a perfect weekend project for you and a couple of buddies. Ideal for protecting your car, housing that dream workshop, or storing all of your outdoor gear.◄
  19. Aero 11 Design AERO11DESIGN   This business builds something similar to a mobile home but uses what looks like a welded steel frame (airframe) to which siding, paneling, flooring, roofing, windows and finishing material are applied. Three categories of buildings are available. "Customized prefab spaces: Home, Office or Retreat."

    The basic building block here is called the "airframe" a steel frame on which the roof system, floor system and wall system are attached. The picture on the right is of their Home version.

  20. Quonset Hut Pic from QUONSET HUTS   This type of building is still available from some metal building suppliers. Maybe not very attractive, but one of the few building designs which can withstand severe weather and earthquakes.

    ►Quonset Hut: Metal Living For A Modern Age tells the story of this unique architectural phenomena, from its birth during WWII as a mass-production shelter to its new status as an icon of American pragmatism, ingenuity, perseverance, and individuality.◄

  21. Portable Beach House HDG PREFAB   This company based in Italy has created a very beautiful what looks like a portable beach house or mountain cabin called "Joshua Tree". Designing Prefab cabins is just one aspect of their services offered. They have completed projects all over the world - that is my impression. Clicking on the picture at the right will take you to their "Holiday Home Design" website which has good pics of the 4 different size cabins they sell.

    ►For the most difficult of the mountain locations. In the green highlands of alpine or resting on bare rock, returns as a result, with its' metal coating colors of the environment that surrounds it. Large openings show a view of the profiles of the surrounding peaks. Coverings, natural wood, projecting out the flavor of interior heat. Reinterpreted Space Mountain, continuous and homogeneous metal casing, a mountain lodge with a soul of living wood, suitable to accommodate young families or couples. In Hangar Design Group people learn and share creativity. Ideas run through the team and brand vision gets stronger. We design brands, cabins, bottles, lighting objects, contract solutions, shops and advertising campaigns. HDG Prefab is the inner office of the design department handling prefabricated architecture. Flexibility, materials research, environmental compatibility, absolute design are the features that distinguish the work of the Hangar team. It's a vision linked to variable geometries and unfinished dimension. In the name of a design within everybody's reach and a new modern lifestyle.◄
  22. Metro-Ship at night METROSHIP   Look, this is a situation which makes an exception with the housing foundation. The foundation used for these prefab cabins is H20 (water). I think that's about the only difference between this type of cabin and a land cabin.

    Children's Books ►Meet the MetroShip . . . Inspired by open plan NY loft spaces. 48ft x 12ft modern houseboat. 7 years of design & development. Conceived in London. Hand-made in the US using: Transulent aluminum grid panels. Aluminum, fiberglass or steel hull. Premium windows & doors. One piece fiberglass roof system. Viking & Gaggenau kitchen. Italian vanity & Kohler Shower. Danish sound system & HD tv's. Liveaboard dock space available in NY, CT, DC, MD, FL, CA, TX, GA, NC and more. MetroShip is owned by GDM Ltd. that was created in 1995 by David Ballinger, the UK's ex-brand / marketing director for reality TV leader, Endemol Entertainment (creators of Changing Rooms, Trading Spaces, Extreme Home MakeOver, Big Brother, Ground Force and Fear Factor). GDM opened US operations in Pennsylvania in 1999 and in New Jersey in 2000 to service clients such as Western Union, BMW, PepsiCo, as well as Daimler-Chrysler, Nestle, Mini, Rolls-Royce, Kia Motors and Chevrolet. GDM has launched several ground-breaking products such as the MetroShed, MetroCabin, MetroPlay and MetroSofa. GDM continues to be at the forefront of modern design with the MetroShip, representing style, modern simplicity and value.◄
  23. A-Frame Cabin Rental BOUTIQUE-HOMES   Even though this website linked here does not sell prefab small homes, it still is a source of fresh inspiration if you are interested in design ideas. They actually feature many different homes and cabins for rent around the world. A lot of the small hotels or motels offered for rent are very unique to say the least. This site may even expand your idea of what the word "hotel" really means . . .

    ►Tailor-made for people for who style is more obsession than after thought, promising a high-octane injection of visual verve, personality and inspiration into the world of travel. Say goodbye to underwhelming vacation rentals or routine "designer hotels". Upgrade to Boutique Homes and Small Hotels, brought to you by the folk who created Verana, a one-of-a-kind, truly handmade, boutique hotel in the jungle of Yelapa, Mexico. With the same dedication to original design, dramatic location and unique experience, Heinz Legler and Veronique Lievre have done the legwork for you, drawing together a thrilling cache of vacation properties from personal homes and private compounds to small hotels. The result is an exciting collection of architectural and design possibilities for a family vacation, romantic weekend tryst or business trip, guaranteed to please the most discriminating visual aesthete. We believe the photographs speak for themselves.◄
  24. Montana Prefab Home IRONTOWN HOMES   These people provide some strong arguments for buying a prefab home. In today's world it seems really the best way to go over having a site built home when taking in all the factors involved. Also, they have some floor plans under 1000 SF. Picture on the right is of their placement in Montana and they also have a similar design in Marfa, Texas. "Pre-designed home plans offer a shorter pre-construction phase and a price savings, starting at around $100,000 Netflix which includes delivery, set and onsite finish." This company has an active website and have delivered homes all over the US. If their website is any indication, they keep busy . . .

    ►Each Irontown built home goes through an arduous engineering process. Each home is individually engineered for your exact site. Many design factors go into the individualized engineering of each project. Each project is designed around your site's snow load, wind load, earthquake zone and soils report. Irontown will design your foundation and home so that all of these factors work together to give you the perfectly engineered home for your site. For example, a roof in Lake Tahoe needs to be stronger than roof in Los Angeles. A foundation on bedrock is designed different than one on sand. Let Irontown's expertise help build a home that is perfect for every design factor of your site. Irontown Homes prides itself on the quality of our workmanship. Because of our factory setting it allows us hands on quality control. With a site built home you may have your contractor on site every couple of days if you're lucky. Juggling other site projects and traveling between each project means that you don't always have someone watching over your project. It leaves your project vulnerable for details being missed, vandalism or materials being stolen. Subcontractors are left alone to intemperate the job as they see fit instead of your contractor making sure everyone of you specific details are met. At Irontown we have an unsurpassed advantage with everyone in one single location. Your project manager, design team and construction team are all under one roof. Things can happen quickly and precisely. It's like having your contractor on your job all day every day . . .◄
  25. Small Cabin In The Woods FRIESEN'S CUSTOM CABINS   This cabin building business located in Alaska, has built quite a few homes, it seems. Their website has a lot of pictures of their cabins they have built around the state of Alaska, i guess. I think i read somewhere that they will ship their cabin kits anywhere in the lower 48 states. But, i think most of their work is done in Alaska. They build a lot of small cabins by the look of the pictures on their site, which is a good sign to me.

    ►Thank you for your interest in "Friesen's Custom Cabins". It gives me great pleasure to serve you by making your dream cabin become a reality. Our cabin packages include a pressure treated piling foundation, framing shell, windows, doors, trim, and painted metal roof. We also offer concrete, block, or steel piling foundations at extra cost. Over the past twenty years we have been asked over and over if we produce kits. We always said that we only build on your lot. Well, now we are producing kits for those who want to do the work themselves and save some bucks. With our kits you can easily and quickly erect your cabin and enjoy it right away. You can use the money you save to finish the inside. Each kit comes with a complete inventory list, drawings, directions and an instructional video. We also offer support over the phone or through email. If you run into trouble and need assistance with the project, we have carpenters available to send out to your site at extra cost to lend a hand for a few hours or a few days if necessary. Good luck! I look forward to hearing from you.◄
  26. The Utah Red Rocks sd111 Vacation Home STILLWATER DWELLINGS   This business is creating beautiful smallish homes and they get work from all over the US, not just local jobs. Picture on the right is of their 950 SF "Utah Red Rocks sd111" vacation home.

    ►We founded Stillwater Dwellings on one primary principle: Quality, prefabricated homes do not need to be expensive. When we looked at what was available in the market, we found only two ends of the spectrum being served: Cheap, entry level, mobile homes or very expensive, incredibly modern homes. We realized that no one was building a real home, for real people, at a price that most of us could afford. Thus, we designed our homes to have the highest level of design and style, built with high level of sustainable building practices and materials, at the best value/price in the market . . .

    Our homes start below $200/SF depending on floor plan and style package, while many of our competitor's homes end up closer to $300+/SF. Our prices includes all architecture, structural engineering, and state permit fees. No Markup. By managing all of the other activities such as site work, foundation, transportation, etc. for you, but allowing you to pay directly for these services, Stillwater helps you avoid the typical 15% general contractor markup. There are lower Construction financing Costs, because your home is built in a factory and can be built at the same time your site work is being done, your construction schedule is cut to just a fraction of the normal duration. This drastically reduces your construction loan interest fees. With a Stillwater home, you get a solid, upfront price on the home, not a "guesstimate" or budget that usually only goes up.◄
    Stillwater Dwellings was founded by 2 architects, and 1 builder/developer on these fundamental principles:

    • Quality, contemporary, prefabricated homes do not need to be expensive
    • Building a new home should be fun and predictable, not stressful and unknown
    • Eco-friendly building is not a luxury, it is our responsibility
    • Construction costs can (and should) be predictable. Careful, thorough planning and intelligent building processes make this possible
    • A prefab home should be elegant and truly livable, not broadcast to the world that it was built in a factory
    • A Stillwater prefab home is a smart, predictable alternative to a custom, site-built home

  27. Little Green BuildingsLITTLE GREEN BUILDINGS   Nice pictures of their products. Prefab buildings designed for easy assembly by you, the purchaser. Very nice website with good pictures.

    "Easy to build using Structural Insulated Panels called SIPs. No need to side, insulate or sheetrock ~ just paint or stain. Little Green Buildings has been created for people who need a small, earth-friendly, non-toxic, affordable and easily assembled building. You don't have to be a carpenter or hire a contractor to assemble a Little Green Building Kit. Only the larger 2-story buildings require some basic carpentry skills".

  28. Yoder Portable Cabin YODER BUILDING COMPANY   This is a very nice professional website. "The high quality building you can afford." Cheap housing/living for you! - They even have a "Rent-To-Own" program.

    "If you're looking for old fashioned quality and uncompromising service, you've come to the right place! Yoder Building Company is committed to building portable, wooden storage buildings of the highest quality at a price everyone can afford. Yoders is founded on traditional values and old fashioned quality. Each one of our portable buildings is individually constructed by professional craftsman to meet the highest standards of quality in the industry. Our storage buildings range in size from 8ftx8ft to 14ftx40ft, with many different styles, colors, and options available. They are ideal for storage, workshops, garages, offices, hunting cabins, playhouses, and more. From the quality of materials, to the workmanship, to the customer service that Yoders provides, you will find a Yoder building to be second to none. If you think that the best quality means a high price, check out our pricing. We think you will be pleasantly surprised."
  29. 500 SF West Coast Loft SMALLWORKS STUDIOS AND LANEWAY HOUSING   This appears to be a very active business. Lots of good pictures on their website highlighting their projects. Picture on the right is called "West Coast Loft" a 500 SF cabin. This is my favorite design. "Evoking the simple style of West Coast Modernism, this model suits Mid-Century modern architecture or bungalow homes throughout Vancouver. Well-suited for a couple, this model boasts a generous lounge area on the upper floor including access to a balcony. An open connection between levels provides ample light from long upper windows into the living spaces throughout the home. This model includes built in bench seating and storage in the dining area, an open galley-style kitchen with an opportunity for bar seating, and several options for floor layouts in the bedroom/living area. Additional options ideal to this flat-roof style include green roofs and solar energy."

    ►Smallworks specializes in the design and building of small homes and laneway houses. Because this is our primary focus we are able to provide expertise and innovation in the building of your small home. We work closely with our customers in developing the perfect small home for their needs. Our support extends into the following areas: Pre-sale site inspection, Custom design, Permit application, In house millwork, Prefab and flat pack material delivery, On site construction management. Smallworks is operated by one of its original founders, Jake Fry. A group of 18 employees make up its pre-production, millwork shop and building teams. Smallworks has been building small homes and studios in backyards for over 5 years in the Vancouver area. We are located in the Southlands historic celtic shipyard area where we have our production facility, a dedicated millwork shop and a pre production office. Smallworks also has a home renovation division.◄
  30. Modulo Cut Away View MODULO   There is not much of a description for this modular home. The website is quite something else though. Major flash site; so if you are on dial-up internet service - it might be hard to view this website. I think this design company is based in the Netherlands. Some of the language is european. Also, visit or click on the link called "Design" and after the little thumbnails load at the top of the screen - click on the last one named "Modulo". Just click on the bouncing vertical bars to stop the music located at the lower left bottom of the page.
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