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  1. Gambrel Cottage GRAVES BARNS & BUILDINGS LIMITED   These people sell really nice looking buildings. They have a stock inventory of cabins & sheds plus they can build your custom project. They have sheds, garages, & cottages. They do not use the term "Shed" very often, they call them "Barns". This business is located in "New Brunswick" Canada, right next to the state of Maine. Picture on the right is of their "Gambrel Cottage".

    ►Graves Barns & Buildings Limited is a family owned and operated company that has been constructing quality buildings throughout the Maritimes for over 35 years. We have literally thousands of satisfied customers! Contact us by e-mail, telephone or visit one of our two convenient locations to arrange for a free site visit and estimate. The scenic area of Boundary Creek, New brunswick just west of Moncton is the home of our Storage Barn manufacturing Shop and Corporate office. In Lower Sackville, our proudly Nova Scotian Staff is always available to assist you with the design, purchase and, construction of your new building. We sell a quality line of storage sheds, garages, cottages, and custom built projects. Select from our unique styles and many different sizes. Enhance your home or property with a Graves Storage Barn or Garage today! All of our buildings are constructed with top quality materials. Look at our product pages for complete details on the materials used to construct our buildings. We are committed to your satisfaction and we guarantee that you will not be disappointed. Our Storage Barns are delivered fully assembled or built on site (limited areas) and are completely customizable! Our Garages and Custom Buildings are stick built, on site, to your specification. Provide us with a set of plans or have one of our representatives design a building for you! We have 2 sales locations offer services throughout Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island.◄
  2. Allwood Bella Cabin Kit ALLWOOD KIT CABIN BELLA  Here is another nice looking little cabin for you. Inside Combined Floor Area: 244 SF including the Loft. Wall thickness: 2-3/4in (70mm) - dual T&G windblock pattern. Ridge Height: 12ft 8in - Back wall height: 8in Doors: Exterior (2): 62-1/8in x 76-1/8in - Interior (1): 32-1/2in x 76-1/8in. Windows | front: 36in x 36in | back: 54-1/8in x 36in | left: 27-5/8in x 46-7/8in | right: 21-3/4in x 68in. 1 new from $17,800.00. ►Allwood Bella is a popular cottage styled kit cabin made from high quality Nordic wood. Functional floor plan (ofg?) 324 SF (237 SF downstairs + 86 SF Loft)
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    makes Bella ideal to be used as and elegant lake house, guest house, beach or garden cottage or even a stand-alone retail building. Assembly of this solid wood cabin takes about 16 hours for two adults. Do it yourself simple step-by-step directions come with the kit. Only minimal tools are needed. We can also install the cabin for you. Please contact us for Free Estimate. Included in the kit: Durable, dense grain and slow grown Nordic Spruce wall planks, roof and floor boards. Pre-hung and glazed doors and windows. Pre-assembled gables. All nails, screws, fixings, handles and door locks. Easy to follow instructions. What is not included: Foundation materials under timbers such as cinder blocks, for example. Estimated cost for those is approx. $650 - $1,000 depending on the type of roof and the type of site. Roof Area: 596 SF Roof pitch: 25.4 degrees. Large roof area is ideal for solar panels. * THIS CABIN IS NOT A STOCK MODEL SINCE MOST CUSTOMERS WANT OPTIONAL PARTS. ALLOW 45 - 60 DAYS AFTER ORDER FOR DELIVERY DATE. PAYMENT SCHEDULE 10% DOWN + BALANCE PRIOR DELIVERY IS AVAILABLE. DETAILS AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST.*◄
  3. Cabin No. 25 named SIDEKICK HOMES   This company does not actually build homes or cabins on your land, they sub-let the work out to a builder close to where you live who follows their guidelines and plans, etc. Picture on the right is of their Model #25 called "One Tree" a 484 SF backyard cabin used to house an additional person on your property.

    ►Sidekick Homes is a service firm that partners with local builders in various locations to construct our home designs. All of our Sidekick Builders have extensive experience as residential contractors, and are certified in both Green construction and Universal Design. Once you decide to move forward with building a Sidekick you will contract with our Builder Partner directly. We will monitor the progress and your satisfaction during and after completion of your new Sidekick Home. Our Sidekick models pricing ranges from $50,000 to $150,000 for the structure itself, plus the cost of foundation/basement, utilities, and site work. Sidekicks are Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) - in other words a second living unit complete with kitchen and bath. Other names for a Sidekick Home (or an ADU) include Secondary homes or living units (California) Granny Flat, Carriage House, In-law suite, Guesthouse, Casita (Southwest US), Cabanas (Florida), and more. Most communities require that such a living unit be accessory to the primary single family home. It may be included as part of the primary structure, attached to or detached from the home.◄
  4. Custom Cottage SOCAL COTTAGES   This looks to be the real deal. No prefab mobilehomes here. They deliver and install custom cottages and homes in California. They will also deliver a complete custom cottage and homes to Nevada, Washington, Oregon, and Arizona. California Cottages specializes in two areas, Modular Homes and Modular Secondary Cottages servicing California and Nevada. They build True-Modular (UBC) NOT Manufactured/Mobile (HUD) homes.

    ►California Cottages is a builder and family owned business that specializes in the construction and installation of Backyard Homes and Modular Cottages installed on your property. Backyard Homes (Modular Cottages), sometimes referred to as Granny Flats, In Law units, Secondary dwellings, Guest House Cottages, ect. are typically detached structures installed on an existing residential property. As a builder for Backyard Homes and Modular Cottages we offer full kitchens, bathroom(s), bedroom(s), living room, in door laundry facilities, and private entries. All the quality features you would expect in any home. Also as a builder for Backyard Homes / Modular Cottages may include rear decks, day porches, air conditioning, attractive roof pitches that are architecturally pleasing and compatible with your existing house. A Backyard Home / Modular Cottage is a substantial addition to any property, adding real world value and a valuable source of additional housing. Whether we are your builder for a backyard home / cottage for a senior family member, a guest house, pool house or maybe an additional income source, you will find that a Modular Cottage is a very wise investment. As a builder with decades of experience, you will find unequal quality with construction simplicity and efficiencies that cannot be matched by traditional construction methods (See our "What we do" page) Backyard Homes / Modular Cottages have many uses that people today are interested in. Click below on any use and see what people are using our structures for.◄
  5. SLAB TOWN CUSTOMS   Another small prefab business located in Arkansas. This one is getting a lot of publicity lately on the Huffington Post which is where i found it. Not a lot of info on the website, but a fair amount of pictures of their products. They build these small portable cabins plus what they call "Park Models" and they also build sheds.

    ►Two years ago, Debra and her family lived in a nearly 2000 square foot home on an acre and a half of land. Then her husband lost his job and they began to work 4 jobs between them to pay the mortgage, until one day they remembered they had a choice. Before having their son, Debra and her husband Gary had spent 9 years living in very tiny homes in South America. Living small hadn't felt like a sacrifice, but a way to stay focused on what is important. They decided they wanted to get back to that. They stopped working so hard, sold or gave away all of their extra stuff and began looking for the perfect tiny home. Debra had always liked the Mississippi shotgun style homes, and one day, while browsing craigslist, they noticed an ad for a local Arkansas company custom building tiny homes for a price that could mean an end to house payments. Six weeks and $15,000 later they had their own fully paid-off dwelling. Today, Debra, her husband and 13-year-old son live in a 320-square foot home that is not a sacrifice, but exactly what they need.◄
  6. Simple Solar Cabin SIMPLE SOLAR HOMESTEADING   I think a lot of you folks will like this site a lot which incorporates a lot of alternative energy technology into it's cabin building program (i call it "program"). Lots of sales talk and useful information here for you. But it's good and a lot of people seem to like it.

    ►This is my little solar cabin in the woods. It is 14x14 with a full loft upstairs and about 400 square feet. It cost under $2000 to build and is powered by a 570 watt solar and wind power system. Scroll down to learn more about the cabin and get plans to build your own solar cabin! Hardware Store The cabin is 14x14 and approximately 400 square feet with a full loft. It includes a kitchen, dining area, bathroom and living area downstairs and a large bedroom and office upstairs. I built this cabin by myself from new materials for under $2000 (not including windows, doors, and porch). I live in this cabin year round. My electricity comes from the solar panels you see on the roof and a small wind turbine. This power runs all my lights, water pump, tv, computer etc. My heat is primarily from direct solar gain through the south facing windows and I use propane for a backup furnace, fridge, stove, and on demand water heater. My propane bill for last year was less than $200. I use a cell phone and have wifi internet. My water is from a free flowing artesian well I drilled myself and I also collect rainwater for gardening. My septic system is a solar composting toilet that I designed and is about two thirds more efficient than standard designs. I grow a garden, fruit trees and raise chickens and rabbits. I also designed a solar methane generator that uses free manure and plant material to produce enough methane to run my converted generator for about 3 hours a day and runs my power tools. Because I have no house payments or monthly utility bills I can live very inexpensively. I own a small business and now I can work when I want as I want. I only work 9 months a year and spend winters on other projects. My goal is to live simply and do as little damage to the earth as possible! This cabin would be perfect as a starter home, vacation cabin, guest house, or bunk house. It is big enough to sleep six comfortably.◄
  7. Cub Model 8ftx12ft EASY BUILD CABINS   This Canadian company has a nice inventory of pre-built cabins which are delivered to your site for easy completion by either the home owner or a hired contractor.

    ►Easy Build Cabins provide ECO friendly Cabins with Exceptional Design and Beauty. Easy Build Cabins Built from 100% Environmentally Friendly Recovered Wood from the forests of BC Canada. Perfect for a Lakeside, River, Ranch, Resort, Recreational or Country Side Property. All our Cabins are built from "recovered wood". We do not use fresh cut timber in any of our building components. We only use dead standing lodge pole pine in the construction of our unique one of a kind Easy Build Cabin Kits. This post and beam design, combined with modular panels, allows the use of character pine wood throughout the entire structure which gives this product its own uniqueness - no two cabins have logs which look the same, giving each its own distinctive look. With over 80% of the BC Pine forest now being affected by Beetle Kill at Easy Build Cabins we want to make sure we are using this value added product to its fullest potential in our building components. All the Pine trees that we use have died in the forest through natural means or ►Global Warming◄ though all the logs still retain their structural integrity. By using the blue stain mountain pine beetle wood we are providing eco sustainable value added products from Mother Nature at a fraction of the price of traditional log homes. Eco-Friendly Cabin Designs That Blend With Nature: Hunting & Fishing Camps - Cottage - Workshops - Retail Shops -Alpine Chalet – Vacation Home - Studio - Concession – Guest Cottage – Resort Cabins. Unique, rustic post and beam construction with high quality workmanship found in all of our cabin kits. We have built over 150 post & beam structures over the last 15 years making dreams a reality for our customers with recreational properties all around the world. All our cabins are built to last in the harshest of elements. You have 3 Cabin kit choices with Easy Build Cabins Post & Beam Log Frame Kit only. Our ►Build-it-yourself◄ Cabin kits are quick and easy to construct. All components of the cabin kits are engineered and designed to fit perfectly at the job site. Wall panels are 2 x 6 construction and insulated with structurally sound polyurethane foam with an insulating value of R-23 or higher if required. All complete cabin kit packages contains all of the components necessary to build a completed structure. Cabin models include a log frame, floor beams, prefabricated floor, wall and roof panels, roofing materials, doors, windows, hardware and a decorative wild wood log railing package.◄
  8. Sing Portable Tiny House SING TINY HOUSE & FURNITURE   Most all of Peter Sings products seem to be based on his invention of the honeycomb building material. "The invention of the Sing Honeycomb process is based on very simple idea: It takes less wood fiber to provide the same strength and with a better insulation value – than solid wood. Take 100% of the wood fiber out of the solid wood and put back 10% of that wood fiber back integrated into vertically structured foam and arranged in geometrical shapes. The honeycomb core material is made of thin wood veneer surrounding an insulated and sound deadening foam base material. The implanted vertical grain veneer is made of high strength wood fiber (Veneer which is the main ingredient to compose plywood). It is the strongest lightweight low-cost material ever created with natural materials in the world."

    ►Sing Tiny houses are built with Sing Honeycomb panels which are lightweight, insulated, and durable. Sing Honeycomb panels can be used to make a small house, mini park model, guest house, well house, insulated storage shed, cabin, shelter, home office, garage, artist work shop, summer house, music room, portable office, bar, workshop, pump house, studio, disaster relief structure, utility shed, playhouse, food storage, hobby room, espresso stand or add an axle to make an RV.◄
  9. Octagon Cabin TROPICAL PAVILION   This business based in the country of Indonesia (Bali) sent me a link to their website and it is quite impressive.

    ►We specialize in manufacturing custom high quality prefabricated knock-down wooden houses and outdoor gazebos and pavilions. Our skilled craftsmen use a combination of machine tools and hand made techniques to produce precision luxury homes and outdoor structures. Our current product range includes traditional Balinese style gazebos to modern pavilions and wooden houses. Only the highest quality kiln dried timber is used in the manufacture of all our products. We are specialists in manufacturing custom wooden houses and pavilions. Our skilled carpenters and structural engineers are able to manufacture structures based on precise architectural designs provided by our clients. To supply companies, exporters, contractors, developers and architects only the highest quality Indonesian prefabricated gazebos, pavilions and wooden houses. All our wooden structures are manufactured in our factory in Bali, Indonesia. We keep a large stock of high grade quality timber at all times. All our wood is termite treated and kiln dried. Every stage of production is monitored and strictly controlled ensuring a high quality end result. We are confident in the quality and workmanship of all our wooden structures and all our products come with a warranty. They are then transported to our freight forwarders warehouse where they are fumigated and loaded carefully into a suitable container size for shipment.◄
  10. The Cabin THE CABIN   You'll probably like this little cabin building project. Lots of nice pictures and low cost also. I wished someone could buy plans for this design.

    ►Built a 600 SF cabin on my 70 acres in northern Ontario Canada. We inherited the property from my wife's grandparents - it's a large pie shaped lot with around 400 feet of waterfront. We've been saving and wanting to do this for a long time now. I'm proud to say I was able to avoid debt in building it. A friend of mine did the design work and helped with the labor along with my wife and me. Interior isn't done yet, we're running a plywood floor and open stud walls. The loft's floor is all tongue and groove red pine. The frame cabin is built out of local unstamped lumber - most of which was rough hewn and beautiful to work with. There are no building codes up in this area of Ontario due to the lack of an organized township. Total cost to date (down to the last screw) is $14,875 - that's with the interior all finished as well.◄
  11. Green Cabin MODHABITAT   This company uses the framing system from MHS building System shown below to build their very cool small homes.

    ►Modhabitat offers a superior green lifestyle thru integration of design principle and renewable technologies. Modhabitat’s structure is fully recyclable, relocate able with a minimal residual human footprint. Modhabitat’s are living structures. Modhabitat offers a superior green lifestyle thru integration of design principle and renewable technologies. Modhabitat’s living solutions are easily adaptable for any architectural application & are precisely built & assembled on site. Complete Turn Key Interior and Exterior concept Development from application and implementation through fabrication to installation. Modhabitat designs are the result of careful thought and creative solutions in response to the demand for a higher standard in home building. There is a delicate balance between design and function, strength and flexibility; modhabitat is superior in both concept and execution.◄
  12. Prefab MHS Cabin MHS BUILDING SYSTEM   I like this building system a lot. They call their product "MHS Prefab-Structural Aluminum Framing Technology". It consists of aluminum framework using interlocking connectors with a bolting system. I think this company supplies the basic components for builders using their system to make modular buildings. They produce extruded aluminum frame members to which are added the finish material, i think that is the basic idea. But it produces some great results in my unprofessional opinion.

    ►Innovative, durable, high performance and low maintenance building envelope solutions using aluminum post and beam framing, structural insulated panels and other green building finishes. The Modular Housing System's key characteristics of simplicity and flexibility mean this system is adaptable to any geographic, climatic or societal requirements with no waste or additional design constraints. MHS is Patented Truer Modular Aluminum Building Systems, Original Design and brand new Construction Methodology with the life time durability and safety. We are introducing the products through our Licensed Fabricators, MHS production sites in USA and representative offices in virtually every corner of the world. With our international network of fabrication companies, system partners and agents, as well as our outstanding service on-site. Our engineering offices worldwide can guarantee to provide you with the best prefabricated housing solution and brand new MHS Green building System. Whatever the project, small prefab, custom home series or mass modular housing, we offer a complete solutions, including all manufacturing plants design, MHS components and technical training featuring an exceptionally high standard of sustainable construction system and components. Take advantage of our unique system, expertise architectural and structural design team for your modular green building solutions◄
  13. Model KS30 SUMMER FUN   This business located in the country of Sweden produces some very lovely small cabins or homes. You will have to use Google translating services if you cannot speak the swedish language. They sell numerous small cabins on this site. Picture on the right is of their model KS30. Lots of great creative ideas here.

    ►Your dream country home. Summer Fun up the beautiful holiday for city dwellers who enjoy life in the country. With a single contact, fixed price and warranty. Here you will find the best architects, designers and building permits lawyers. We are working with city dwellers who have high expectations of quality, service and delivery, even under time pressure. ADULT DIAPERS It is perhaps because we ourselves sometimes long for the country living. Summerhouse is our passion. Our houses are simple and soothing forms grow old with dignity. We decorate with natural materials that give an intimate feel. And so that houses built to withstand everything from raging winter storms to the crux of summer visitors. Year after year. Our longing for the country for us is often a bit further away, to the coasts and archipelagos. Usually we run the whole project from planning permission to sketch and turnkey house. And joins bridge, wells and sewage with a veranda, wine cooler and outdoor shower. Our huskollektion contains timeless Summer Fun with room for the larger family. Compact, complete andrahus for family and friends. Functional sauna houses, guest houses and private offices. And building permit free friggebodar of the highest quality. All our houses adapted to your family's needs and your lantställes conditions. We are also completely individual architect-designed houses - but in new ways, where we take a holistic approach of design, building permits, production and economy. A house from the Summer Fun is an investment that adds value to your country home. And that lasts for the next generation.◄
  14. Versadome Beach Cottage VERSADOME   Pretty classy outfit here. A modular building system which the inventor uses for many different kinds of structures. Not really a dome system like a geodesic dome, that's why i put it here.

    ►Versadome is a versatile building systerm based on three structural shells. Arches and domes are the basic elements of the weight bearing structure. The system is designed to create fast deployable structures with easy and affordable transportation, assembly and expansion. The structure can be disassembled and reassembled when relocating is necessary. The shells can be combined with locally available building materials, as well as custom designed parts. The adaptability and flexibility offer limitless possibilities for a wide range of multi-purpose usages. Eventually, there will be a large selection of well-designed building systems for every budget as is already the case with furniture and other industrial products today.◄
  15. Allwood Kit Cabin Eagle Point ALLWOOD KIT CABIN EAGLE POINT   I am going to try and list a small group of prefab small homes/cabins (under 1000 SF) hoping people will buy them and i can receive a little commission from the sales of these dwellings. These are not "Mobile Homes" but actual wood homes you can place on your property. With the smaller cabins one person used cinder blocks as the foundation. Be forewarned: One reviewer is quite pleased with her little cabin but mentioned that it took awhile for delivery of the un-assembled cabin. The cabin featured here has an inside Floor Area: 837 SF (712 SF downstairs + Stairs & Loft 125 SF). A wall thickness: 2-3/4in (70mm). - Dual T&G pattern. Ridge height: 15ft-11in high ceiling. Floor area 235 SF. Floor, Roof/Ceiling boards thickness: 23/32in. 1 new from $46,900.00.

    ►Eagle Point is a truly unique kit cabin model. In addition to recreational use, it can also be a stand-alone retail space or office. Or a hybrid home/business. Eagle Point design looks good in urban areas where most traditional cabins might look out of place. This spacious cabin can be easily customized to function as primary residence. 2-3/4in thick walls with dual T&G wind block and the optional insulation kits (please inquire) keep the utility costs affordable. You can also add windows and extended roof. For other items and options please see the attached spec sheet. Installation of Eagle Point takes approx. 2 days for two adults. We can also install the cabin for you. Please contact us for Free Estimate. Included in the kit: Durable, dense grain and slow grown Nordic Spruce wall planks, roof and floor boards. Pre-hung and glazed doors and windows. Pre-assembled gables. All nails, screws, fixings, handles and door locks. Easy to follow instructions. What is not included: Roofing materials. Foundation materials under timbers such as cinder blocks, for example. Estimated cost for those is aprox. $650 - $1,200 depending on the type of roof and the type of site. * THIS CABIN IS NOT A STOCK MODEL SINCE MOST CUSTOMERS WANT OPTIONAL PARTS. ALLOW 45 - 60 DAYS AFTER ORDER FOR DELIVERY DATE. PAYMENT SCHEDULE 10% DOWN + BALANCE PRIOR DELIVERY IS AVAILABLE. DETAILS AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST.*◄
  16. Smart Shax Hut SMART SHAX   Based in Australia this concept has garnered much interest. If you are interested in building one of these huts, these people might be willing to sell you a set of plans. Contact them below.

    ►Smartshax is founded on the principle of providing excellent housing designs for clients who care about the environment but have a sense of style and demand value for their dollar. Our business is operated by an experienced team who balance the client requirements with council requirements, responsible environmental design and innovative systems for alternative energy. Our clients range from Mums & Dads looking for that "seachange" to CEO's of large corporations and Smartshax holds building Licences in NSW, Victoria and South Australia. Build it Yourself or Buy Fully Built Environmental Weekenders. The Concept: Lightweight, environmental huts originally designed by architect Ken Latona ideally suited to the Australian coastal climate. "Basic amenity plus maximum connection to where you are." Particularly suitable for remote, isolated or difficult blocks. The opportunity to build any where "off the grid". Build a Smartshax yourself or contract Upton Building Pty. Ltd to construct your Smartshax. Smartshax sustainable building flatpacks now available. Check out the flyer in the Fact Sheets. Generate your own power, compost your own waste, store your own water. Environmentally self sufficient. Click on the Gallery tab to view great photos. Click on Fact Sheet tab to download brochures. News! Bed and breakfast smart shax-Shack 14 now open in chewton, victoria, check it out at: Smart Shax offer a more connected life. In the words of one Smartshax client, "sounds good: practical, affordable and good design". There is a real movement back to simplicity both in design and living and only really taking what we need in terms of resources used. If your after a connection with the environment a place to chill out and relax, then these shacks are the perfect solution. These huts can be built anywhere on the globe. Please contact us.◄
  17. Mini Cabin AURORA QUALITY BUILDINGS   This business located in the state of Washington builds some really nice small (tiny) cabins according to the pictures i see. Probably this is an example of the fact that the small cabin or cottage building business is growing. I cannot believe the prices of these small sheds, i think some of the Home Depots sheds can cost as much and maybe more than $5000.00, about what my parents paid for a used 2 or 3 bedroom home in Oregon during the 1950's. I guess the value of our money has decreased considerably.

    ►Aurora Quality Buildings, Inc. was established locally in 1989 with a commitment to excellence in quality construction, customer service and dollar value. We have grown from a small company working out of a pick-up truck to a medium-sized company with annual sales of $1.5 million with 3 sales lots and many valuable employees. We are your west coast specialists for custom storage sheds, mini cabins and out buildings. These are hand built to our customers' specifications. You can choose from one of our packages or design your own. One thing is certain, you will get a lifetime of enjoyment from your Aurora Quality Building. To see our sheds, is to believe in our sheds! Thanks for taking the time to visit our website.◄   —Ward Holmes, President
  18. Grain Bin Apartment MOTHER EARTH NEWS   I have been aware for a long time of people using grain bins as converted homes. I think it's a good idea - the biggest problem is the transportation to site of use if required. They usually have to be transported on a flat bed truck and they can take up a lot of road space. Picture on the right is of this one bedroom loft apartment built inside a 1940's grain bin. It was renovated into this upscale unit after it was purchased and relocated to the grounds of the Gruene Homestead Inn in New Braunfels, Texas. But, anyway there are companies around that still sell grain bins new. One such company is here. The picture of the grain bins displayed are the best suitable for converting into a home in my unknowledgeable opinion. They are called "Sukup stiffened farm bins". So, you start with a good quality built bin and move on to the next big important part which is a good foundation to sit it on. In my experience working with galvanized tanks - it is very important to provide "aireation" and water drainage under the tank or in this case bin. It is bad to install one of these tanks on a concrete slab. The best method is to use a 2x6 or 2x8 frame filled with pea gravel or ½ rock. Maybe a wood deck like structure would work good also. Galvanized metal will last a long time if treated right, but it does not do so well when set directly on the ground or on concrete.

    ►On thousands of farms across the continent, round metal grain bins (called “grain silos” in some regions) are standing empty or being torn down and sold for scrap because they're no longer in use. Architects and builders have started to use these durable, inexpensive structures to construct grain bin homes, storage buildings, offices and barns. After the bin is in place, it requires virtually no maintenance. There are all sorts of interesting ways to use individual bins or group them together to make an attractive, comfortable home. We encourage readers to explore unique uses for metal grain bins — especially used bins — and we talked with several people who live in these structures to learn more about why they like their grain bin houses.◄
  19. Burlington House NORTHERN TIMBERS CONSTRUCTION   Picture on the right is one of their cool creations called the "Burlington House". Tiny, but very efficient.

    ►Northern Timbers is a building company based in Ripton, Vermont, and has developed a niche in building small, energy efficient homes with a tendency toward modern design. Owners and builders Alex Carver and Christopher North devote personal attention to each stage of the job from planning to completion, working closely with homeowners and architects to achieve custom homes that reflect the unique tastes of the owner yet remain within the reach of modest budgets. We balance innovative design, efficiency and cost to create custom homes that meet the challenges of our Vermont climate as well as the personal tastes of our clients. Our projects have earned recognition for energy efficiency and their modern aesthetics. One of our homes achieved LEED Gold certification, while we built two homes that were awarded American Institute of Architecture awards for Excellence in Architecture.◄
  20. The 35K Steel House STEELMASTER BUILDINGS   This is an example of a "Fast - Easy - Very Strong - Low Cost" home that some people might like if you would prefer a steel building. They might be able to make a custom size for you - ask them.

    ►SteelMaster buildings feature sleek lines and graceful curves, but the durability, strength and adaptability that make it a popular and economical choice for home design. We offer a wide variety of steel housing options from simplistic steel shells for homes to complex homes that require Architects and Contractor coordination. If you are interested in a SteelMaster steel building for your housing project, please contact our team of Design Specialists to discuss the details of your project. For less than $35K, a SteelMaster Buildings customer built a custom energy efficient, environment ally friendly affordable home that is featured in the April/May edition of Mother Earth News magazine. It took less than two months for the Hakanson's to complete the shell of their farm house, which encompasses a 40-foot-by-40-foot open square with an 18-foot peak. The absence of posts and beams creates an open floor plan, which is Bill's favorite feature. "We have no posts interfering with our interior space, except for the ones we installed," says Bill. "I like the sound of rain on the metal roof. I like the efficiency of design and style. I like the cost efficiency." At the slab level, Bill and Lynne's SteelMaster S Model building is designed with drip lips, a feature that sparked an idea in Bill to help save even more money and reuse natural resources by capturing rain in a cistern and using it for non-potable purposes. "Once our metal building was up, I was amazed at how much rainwater could be captured!" says Bill. "One square foot of rain, 1-inch deep, provides .625 gallons of water. That might not sound like much by itself, but it translates to 40,000 gallons of water per year that falls on our building. I estimate that using the cistern saved us about $1,500 versus drilling a deep well." In total, the farm house cost less than $35,000 to build, a price that the Hakanson's say they can happily live with. "This is a pay-as-you-go project, and we've kept costs to a minimum," says Bill in the Mother Earth News article. "We explored all options before spending. We will have no debt related to the farmstead, and expect to generate some income from our labors through the sale of our excess crops, shiitake mushrooms, and honey." Bill says to top it all off, the farm house is a great conversation piece as well, and their friends seem to really like the unique design "Most people say they think it is "really cool"," says Bill. We have built it and decorated it to be modern/industrial. I like the look of it—it is like a work of art sitting at the end of our 10 acre field.◄
  21. Lajitas Adobe House THE RANCH AT LAJITAS   For those of you interested in building a small adobe cabin or house - this might be a good resource for you. At least it will give you a general idea as to what's involved in the process. Lots of good pictures here to demonstrate the necessary steps in creating your own livable adobe house.

    ►In March, 2000, construction began on this adobe house. The house is located between the towns of Terlingua and Lajitas, Texas, near the Mexican border and Big Bend National Park. The house sits on 240 acres of Chihuahuan Desert and is approximately 2 miles due north of the new Lajitas International Airport, and is 10 minutes from the Lajitas Resort and Golf Course. The mountains in the background (north) are the folded layers of the Terlingua Monocline, with Tres Cuevas Mountain on the left. This was the location of the old Lone Star Mine in the early 20th century. Over the mountains to the right is the old Mariposa Mine. This house was built by the local Mexicans with the help of Jesusita Martinez and Simone Swan (Presidio, TX) and local adoberos from the Lajitas area. The style follows Moroccan architecture and utilizes unsupported domed and vaulted ceilings. The walls are 1.5ft thick adobe brick and the floor is limestone rock. The house is currently off the grid and has a solar and wind power electrical system. Groundwater is available at 1000ft, but the house is currently on rain catchment, which is very adequate. The resort town of Lajitas and the ghost town of Terlingua are both approximately 5 miles west and east. Big Bend National Park is 30 miles to the east and the Chisos Mountains can be seen from the south end of the property. The Big Bend area is probably the most remote, scenic, and rugged area of Texas. This is where people go to really get away and get close to nature. The terrain consists of beautiful igneous mountains, volcanic ash hills, igneous dikes, limestone mountain ranges, weathered and eroded canyons, and the rugged Chihuahuan Desert. There is no place in the world like the Big Bend area of Texas. Winters are very mild and wonderful, typically 70-80°F. Summers are great also, but temperatures can reach over 100°F on a daily basis mid-summer. Evenings and nights are always beautiful.◄
  22. The Little Rox THE LITTLE ROX   I had this item in storage for a long time and forgot to put it up. This little cabin is located near or around Austin Texas. It is a rental unit available for full time living if so desired. The link to the website takes you to a spot where you will see the actual building of this cabin. Good pictures. ►Welcome to The Bed Rox - A Central Texas Vacation Home Bed and Breakfast where you get the whole house sleeping two to six guests and only 1.3 miles from the water. We are Pet Friendly, Kid Friendly and Smoke Free. We are located just outside of Austin, Texas and surrounded by the beautiful Hill Country of Lake Travis you've heard so much about. Come escape the hustle and bustle of the city and surround yourself with the beauty, privacy, and tranquility we have to offer. Located just 15 minutes outside of Austin, we are convenient to all the Highland Lakes and all the fun and history Austin and the surrounding cities have to offer. Check our "Around Town" link to find out more. Be sure and check back often for updates.◄

    ►When you stay at The Bed Rox, you have the WHOLE HOUSE to yourself not just a room. We sleep 4 - 6 people comfortably. Your stay also includes cable tv (with HBO), beautiful fireplace, high-speed internet access, phone, fax, washer/dryer, surround sound system with VCR, CD and DVD player. Movie and music library also available. Our rates start at $135 for The Little Rox, $175 for the Villa Le Franc, and $225.00 for The Bed Rox per night, with three night minimum on Holidays and a two night minimum on weekends, for two people for the Whole House and an additional charge of $20 per person for each additional guest. One night stays are additional. We require a two week cancellation notice and a three week cancellation notice during the holidays. Check-in is 3:00pm and check-out is 12:00 noon. We are smoke-free. This rate includes a continental breakfast. Click on the "around town" link for the specials that are available right now. Stay as long as you like. Daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly rental available. We are Pet Friendly. Pet's under 30 LBS are $20 per night and Pets over 30 LBS are $30 per night. Call Toll Free: 1 (866) 249-8325. We accept Mastercard and Visa.◄
  23. Picture similar to Pilikai Model HAWAIIAN KIT HOMES   I like this idea and i think it is correct thinking on the part of the blogger to talk about the suitability of building designs. "The most comfortable houses in Hawaii are designed to keep the living space cool and bug free. Long overhanging roofs that cover large lanais are popular in local houses because they keep the sun from shinning directly into the windows and heating up the house. They also allow all the windows Cigarettes My Man to be open all the time, even in driving rain without water splashing into the house. Large, open interior spaces maximize air flow. The popular pier and beam construction in Hawaii raises the house above the damp ground and can add protection from bugs. Most Hawaii style house kits use these design elements to keep the house cool, bug free, and minimize the need for air conditioning. Another benefit of using a local Hawaii style house kit is that the materials are kept on the island so if a building part is broken or missing during construction, you don't have to wait for a shipment from the mainland. Local construction crews have experience building the popular versions of the houses and the county permit process is often smoother since the blue prints are well known by those on the zoning committees."

    HPM Building Supply has a small cool looking 712 SF cabin kit. ►Eighty-nine years of continuous reinvestment in facilities, technology and expertise, allows us to be your most dependable source of the basic building blocks of development in Hawaii. We represent over 2,200 lines of pro-grade lumber, building materials and tools. Plus, we ourselves manufacturer to your custom specifications wood trusses, metal roofing, and pre-hung doors. For those looking to build a new home, we also offer 16 proven house plans, building materials conveniently packaged to save you money, and the know-how to help save you time and headaches. And with five locations and the largest trucking fleets around, we've always been just around the corner from your Big Island projects. But now with our expanded Oahu sales office, we can also easily service your projects on Oahu, Maui and Kauai. Give us a call. As owner-employees we are committed to providing you with exceptional service that will add value to you and your projects.◄
  24. The Pearl Cabin SOLALEYA   Solaleya is the US exclusive distributor of Domespace homes. Built throughout the world since 1989, these amazing structures have proven many of their unique advantages. They seem to have two basic models: "The Pearl - Our optimized passive solar model" and "Domespace - Our rotating model". Picture on the right is of "The Pearl" home.

    ►Our HABITATS have an undeniable influence on our WELL BEING and ENVIRONMENT. Our eco-friendly designs and housing solutions offer a delicate blend of aesthetics, functionality and energy efficiency. We propose ideal green living spaces for people to blossom while preserving our environment for generations to come. All of our structures are exceptionally balanced and energy efficient compared to traditional housing solutions therefore offering an ideal living space and preserving our environment for generations to come. Our designs are guided by nature's spontaneous proportions (The Golden Ratio: Phi 1.618) to enhance structural strength and promote a sense of well being. Following strict ergonomic guidelines with your individual needs and desires in mind, our custom interiors are designed and adapted to meet your aspirations. Our structures are made from natural and renewable materials (FSC certified wood, Recycled Steel, Engineered Compressed Straw, Cork beads) . . . We create health promoting habitats in harmony with our environment (no harmful chemicals, little ground disruption, balanced humidity).◄
  25. Red Roof Cabin AFFORDABLE CABINS & SHEDS   In spite of the fact that this business has a limited service area, i think this is a good combination to offer small livable cabins along with their shed building enterprise. They have a price list displayed on their website for the different size cabins they build. Affordable Cabins and Sheds serves Tennessee, Georgia, Alabama, North Carolina and Kentucky. They service in and around Atlanta, Chattanooga, Cleveland, Clarksville, Henderson, Louisville, Oak Ridge, Marietta, Knoxville, Nashville, Bowling Green, Louisville, Atlanta, Huntsville, Birmingham, Sevierville, Pigeon Forge, and Gadsden areas.

    ►Affordable Cabins and Sheds is family owned and operated by Marty Fox. We have acquired over 20 years of industry experience and are licensed and insured. Our company has always put the customer first, we keep open communication so there is no misunderstandings. We build beautiful cabins on your lot. At Affordable Cabins and Sheds, we place incredible importance on quality and affordability. When you choose to work with our company you'll receive experience, reliability and friendly customer service. We look forward to doing business with you. Let us show you why our dedication to each job surpasses the competition. We invite you to peruse a selection of sheds we offer. Affordable Cabins and Sheds has a size and style that will fit your lifestyle and needs. If you find a model you would like, please call us today to place your order. All sheds are assembled on your property - visit the services page for more information.◄
  26. Adirondack Cabin SHAWNEE STRUCTURES   Their buildings look very nice on their website and they offer delivery for a fee. Serving Pennsylvania, Maryland, and West Virginia.

    ►Order one of our buildings today, or choose one already in stock. Usually we can schedule delivery for stock buildings in less than a week (slightly longer in spring rush). Visit our sales lot even during non-office hours. Our stock buildings usually have a card inside the door with size, color, options, and stock number. See our Stock Page for a list of all buildings in stock. We usually update this page weekly. A 20% deposit is required on buildings. Deposit can be made by mailing a check or with MasterCard or Visa over the phone. Balance of building is to be paid by bank check or certified check when building is delivered. Delivery charge: $3.50 a mile for buildings up to 12ft wide. $5.00 a mile for 14ft wide buildings. $7.00 a mile for double wide garages. Horse barns and cabins over 28ft prices may vary. Call office for quote. Out-of-state permits are $50.00 each. Most states require on oversize load permit for anything over 8ft wide.◄
  27. Wildflower Cabin TINY GREEN CABINS   Oh! This is a cool deal. You're going to like this. Very good prices for your own portable home.

    ►Tiny Green Cabins are earth friendly cabins ranging is size from 48 square feet (Mini-Sota model) to 252 square feet (Denali Model) The Wildflower cabin is 120 square feet and built with green certified materials, reclaimed products as well as recycled materials. The insulation used is Soft Touch Cotton insulation made from recycled blue jeans. Even the floors are insulated! Maybe it is time to start thinking about adding a Tiny Green Cabin to your back yard as a guest room, back yard retreat, artist studio, or back yard office and saving your daily commute and reduce your carbon footprint. Small is Green! Small buildings mean less materials, less energy to heat & cool and more green space. Install a home office studio in your back yard, work from home and eliminate your commute, then you could get rid of your car (or drive it less often). The money you could save in a year would pay for your studio! An added benefit is that Tiny Green Cabins are transportable, and you can take them wherever life takes you. Because Tiny Green Cabins are transportable they also are not subject to property tax (check your local codes). Tiny Green Cabins are built with the same craftsmanship and quality found in the finest homes; they will last for generations. Since they will last a lifetime, the savings in property taxes for a Tiny Green Cabin will pay for a large portion of the purchase price over time.◄
  28. ATWC ALL TERRAIN WEATHER CABINS   I hope they are still in business. These cabins are built with a shipping container used as the core i do believe.

    ►Manufactured in the USA. Our cabins, camps and small homes have "steel core" interiors. Not to be confused with steel studs, but solid steel interior support! You can literally place these tiny homes anywhere - off the grid in the back country, near the lake, or deep in the woods for survivalist, or even in the back yard!


    21st Century Homes' All Terrain Weather Cabins (ATWC) challenge everything we know about functionality and building techniques. They embrace innovation in design and construction, by using a blueprint that consistently produces high quality without sacrificing aesthetics and style. The ATWC is constructed in a customized factory. ATWC's can be shipped and transported anywhere because they are compliant with shipping standards with respect to dimension and structural characteristics. Once trucked to your site, this unit is positioned onto its foundation. This operation can be performed in less than eight hours (provided weather is favorable). All this ensures dramatic reductions in home building - a ATWC is a journey as much as a place. From its arrival on the back of a truck to its unfolding as a complete home hours later, the ATWC represents an amazing transformation in a remarkably short space of time. The ridged steel superstructure-frame not only ensures unsurpassed strength and exact dimensions but a structure that can withstand almost everything that man and nature can throw at it!◄
  29. The Tiny House THE SCRAP HOUSE   This is an example of what a person can do by disciplined effort. What's the real cost of this project when you factor in the cost of running around using a vehicle to collect free building material? What about the time involved? Does it matter? No, it doesn't matter. Just have fun building this nice little dwelling.

    ►When Cape Hatteras Secondary School of Coastal Studies seniors Ted Fort, Kyle Havard, Hyatt Busbey, and Charlie Lee set out to design "the smallest livable floor plan" in their Drafting II and III classes this past semester, they had no intentions of actually building the house. But that's exactly what they ended up doing. There is something of a "tiny house" movement gaining momentum across the country, and the students design parallels that of many other houses that are popping up nationwide. According to Fort, On Food Stamps? they didn't build the house to make any kind of social, political, or environmental statement, they just thought they were up to the challenge. "We didn't think it would be that hard to build," Fort said. And what's more—they thought they could build it for free. A self-proclaimed Craigslist and dumpster-diving fanatic, Fort needed a place to channel his passion for scavenging, and he and the others believed they could use those resources to complete the house. And so, spurred on by a combination of boredom, curiosity, and a spirit of adventure, they got to work building their house. Under the supervision and guidance of their Drafting teacher, Bill Evans, the guys spent the last few months of their senior year bringing their plans to life. They used their drafting period and an independent study to work on the house, which amounted to about three hours a day, and they used only materials that were either found or donated. It's actually pretty amazing what they were able to find—wood, cedar shingles, carpet, a sink, a full-size shower, a toilet, and more. Even most of the nails that they used to construct the house were removed from the wood they found and reused. According to Fort, about 80 percent of the materials came from the dump, and the other 20 percent were donated to them. To date, their total expenses amount to $2.85—for a plumbing fitting they were unable to find.◄
  30. Maple Homes-Raven MAPLE HOMES   This Canadian company offers some very beautiful designs. May i direct your attention to their ►Recreational Collection◄. Some really great designs in small homes.

    ►The Recreational Collection offer unique getaways, cottages, cabins and second homes from 500 to 1800 SF. Many of these efficient plans feature vaulted ceilings and plenty of windows to bring the outside in. Add a beautiful cedar deck to expand your living area for relaxation and barbecuing. Make memories in your rustic retreat.◄

    ►We offer a complete home package. This means that we supply the initial design, full construction blueprints and all the components required to build the structure of your home. This includes exterior and interior doors, windows, siding, floor system, roofing materials and precision crafted walls, all delivered to your site. Maple Homes offers the largest selection of complete cabins and cottage packages available in the marketplace today. We have over 35 years of design, delivery and experience in the construction of cedar, post and beam and conventional homes. In fact, there are thousands of our homes, cabins, and cottages built all over North America and overseas. Our 35 years of experience has been essential in allowing us to develop the right construction specifications backed up by the know how of being able to produce an exceptional home using a proven system at a highly competitive price. Our mission is to make it easy for our customers to choose, purchase and build a quality cabin at an affordable price. We carry this out by providing an unparalleled selection of design, a full range of quality building materials and a complete package delivered anywhere in the world. The majority of our operations are based in British Columbia, Canada with a widespread sales network throughout the US and Canada. This network is supported by a complete manufacturing facility including a specialty sawmill, siding profiling equipment and a full warehouse complex. We have shipped worldwide from Japan and Korea to the UK. North American deliveries are shipped by truck with offshore deliveries by container.◄
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