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  1. AmeribuiltSteel Structures AMERIBUILT STEEL STRUCTURES   Here is another good example of a metal building company venturing into the housing market with these outstanding home designs. The homes they make are true prefab structures, shipped out by truck to the buyers delivery address. They have plenty of pictures of their creations. I think that these metal homes are all steel frame and steel exterior sheathing and you have to finish off the interior with your favorite material like drywall (plasterboard, wallboard or gypsum board), or wood panel, etc. They have a 2 car garage with shop starting at $9,998.00 + $299 shipping to the lower 48 states. Sample picture on the right is of model J04, a small cabin which i like a lot.

    ►We are part of a established International Company that designs and manufactures custom steel buildings in the United States, Australia, New Zealand, Scotland, & the UK. We feature steel sheds, steel garages, steel barns, steel mini-storage, steel churches, steel industrial and steel agricultural buildings. Many of our steel buildings are easily converted to cost effective energy efficient "Green Homes". With our Multibuild™ software we can custom design and quote you a building price within minutes. You don't have to settle for an "In Stock" building. All our buildings are custom designed to your requirements. You have the choice of 12 colors for roofing, siding and trim. (30 year paint warranty). We have many sizes and types of garage doors and windows available. You can choose from several types of insulation, from R10 up. We can provide roof cupolas and weather vanes for that country look. Our buildings are designed for the do-it-yourselfer. We include an assembly manual, stamped engineered plans and a bill of materials. All galvanized steel frame. Pre-cut and drilled. Bolts and screws together, no welding. We engineer and meet hurricane standards 140 mph. Simple footing and slab foundation plans included. Interior space can be divided, as customer requires. Straight columns. We engineer roof rafters without truss webs hanging into usable space. Call or e-mail Ameri-Built Steel Structures. We will discuss the use of the proposed building. We then decide on the style of building that most appeals to you and provides what you need. We then discuss size, local building requirements, color, and delivery. We work up a custom quote for you stating all that is included and the delivered price. Upon your approval the quote is sent to our engineer and the plans are drawn and stamped for your state. The plans are returned to you to take to your local building department for approval. After approval the building is ordered and fabricated. During this time the concrete work can be completed by you or your local contractor. The building will arrive complete in 3-4 weeks. Buyer or local contractor completes erection. We supply complete plans and easy assembly manual. Our buildings bolt and screw together, NO WELDING.◄
  2. A completed WorldHaus home WORLDHAUS   Billed as "Affordable, Eco-friendly Modular Kit Houses". I do not know if this is something available in the US or not, probably not because it probably does not meet or exceed our current building code system. But, anyway this is a nice little home and could possibly by used in areas of the US where the building code would allow this type of home, like maybe some parts of Texas or other states with a more liberal code system. There are videos on this website which show how this little home is built, so you can get a general idea of it's construction.

    ►WorldHaus manufactures and builds customized, weatherproof homes for families in the developing world at a price they can afford, employing a modular building system that allows families to build to any size and configuration they desire. With a WorldHaus home, a family also can include amenities like clean burning stoves, toilets, and solar electricity systems. WorldHaus' base model – a one-room, 20 square meter (220 square foot) home – can be built in about 10 days at a starting cost of approximately $1,500. With our local construction model, we can cut the cost of a quality house in half. We are working with microfinance institutions and regional rural banks to make our homes available for monthly installments of $20, well within the reach of rural middle class families making between $3 and $10 a day. We are also in the process of setting up partnerships with state governments, NGOs, and landlords to make the homes available to families making less than $2 a day through subsidies and rental housing programs.◄
  3. Prefab small cabin BIRD BOYZ BUILDERS   This business located in Spokane Washington has a small cabin building department and the picture on the right is a sample of one of their tiny cabins which i think (but not sure) is the: "12ft x 16ft gable style mini-cabin kit with attic trusses for extra storage or sleeping area and 4ft covered deck on the end. T1-11 siding, board and batt gables, comp roofing, two 3ft x 3ft and one 4ft x 4ft windows and 3ft main door, redwood decking. The unfinished mini cabin kit price for all of this is only $3500".

    ►Contact us today for more info about our mini-cabin kits! We can also take your plan and fabricate a mini-cabin kit to fit your needs. We are currently working on adding to our mini-cabin portfolio. We can meet with you and design a cabin kit to meet your needs and budget. We also are working on some designs in the 500-800 SF range with kit prices starting in the low $10,000 range. If you are interested in a mini-cabin feel free to contact us now and we can work on meeting your needs for that perfect mini-cabin that you have always dreamed of.◄
  4. Camping Cabin Kit OREGON TIMBERWERKS   Nice website with lots of good pictures of their cabins. Oregon TimberWerks is located on the Kronke Family Farm & Ranch in Oregon's beautiful Willamette Valley, southwest of Eugene, Oregon. The Kronke Family Farm & Ranch is active with many endeavors: They build and sell these Prefab Cabin Kits, cut & sell lumber, sell Hazelnuts, sell Christmas trees, & other farm products.

    ►Our Cabin Kits provide a cozy place out of the elements to enjoy the great outdoors. Easily assembled from pre-fabricated panels, your camping or hunting cabin can be ready to use in just 2 or 3 days. The large loft with ladder is a great place to sleep or store your belongings. ADULT DIAPERS Our cabin kits are ideal for easy assembly and transport to remote locations or your backyard. No section is larger than four feet wide or 12 feet long. Everything is either pre-assembled in sections or pre-cut for hassle free construction. Staining and painting is also available. The basic cabin kit (with the addition of roofing material) comes with everything required to construct a weather tight shelter. The addition of the insulation and interior finish kits complete the cabin. Adding electrical wiring is simple with our standard construction design. Our mini cabin kits are heavily constructed with solid wood and plywood. The floors are constructed of pressure treated lumber and exterior plywood. The walls are covered with tapered lap siding over plywood sheathing and a vapor barrier. The porch is 2x6 Douglas Fir decking. The standard kits come with a large window on each side wall, a window on the front wall, and an awning window in the loft. Custom window size changes are easily accommodated. We currently have a 10ft x16ft and a 12ft x 16ft camping cabin kit available. Customization and other sizes are available. Please contact us with your ideas. Outhouses are also available. Additional cabin photos in the Photo Gallery.◄
  5. The Peak Series THE PYRAMID HOUSE   I love this cabin. I think they call it the pyramid house and it is part of a series called the "Peak Series". Notice the siding which consists of some kind of slats allowing people to climb all over the exterior. To locate this cabin on their blog, go to the right side, look under INFO for "Projectlist". On Projectlist, scroll down to "2010/06 Peak Series - A series of pre-fabricated summer houses with great movement possibilities, anywhere on Earth."

    ►This is a series of pre-fabricated summer houses that allows a great portion of social life on a relatively small space. While being a comfortable vacation home for a family it can also easily accommodate a large amount of guests thanks to a sleeping mezzanine floor. The house is pyramidal in its shape with a wood facade with a gap between each board allowing climbing. The house is divided into three floors; in the middle is the sleeping mezzanine located, sandwiched between an open social first floor with a kitchen and a living room, and the upper floor with the master bedroom with bathroom. Each guest bed can be reached through a hatch that connects with the outside, thus giving each guest its private entrance, a fire escape and a nice view from each bed. The upper floor has also hatches from the bedroom and the bathroom. The house will be for sale later this summer at Sommarnöjen, an exclusive Swedish summer house manufacturer that sells pre-fabricated houses from the leading contemporary architects in Sweden. The house can firstly be ordered in two different sizes; 45m2 and 90m2 but can also be adaptable upon request, perhaps as a vessel or a larger scale, such as a summer camp.◄
  6. The HELIOTROPE ARCHITECTS   This architectural firm can design a small home or cabin for you. They are based in Seattle, Washington and have a nice website which includes some nice pictures of their creations. Picture on the right is of their 1050 SF "Doe Bay" cabin.

    ►Heliotrope designs smart, contemporary works of architecture that transcend style and trend. Process driven and rigorously attentive to detail, we strive for clear, elegant solutions rooted in a thorough understanding of the social, cultural and physical qualities unique to each project. Powered by fruitful collaborations with clients, consultants and colleagues, the work reflects a passion for people and the various, complex places they inhabit. A winner of five prestigious AIA design awards, Heliotrope is focused on work in the residential, commercial and public sectors. In our studio, the design process is fueled by directed but adventurous creative thinking. We provide a haven for the type of creative thought that leads to inspiring design. Our studio is a place for learning and growth, where each designer is a generalist, capable and excited to tackle all aspects of a project.◄
  7. Portland Tiny House GENERATION DESIGN STUDIO   (18 April 17) After checking the link to this business i see that their domain name is up for sale which probably means they are no longer in operation or they have changed their name. I cannot find them on the internet, but i leave this listing up here as a historical record. This is a design firm based in Portland Oregon (maybe). They do not have much to say on their website, no address or phone number. You know, this type of situation is probably a custom designed and built tiny house (Not a track home!). If you like the design you can probably pay them the proper geetas (money) and they will build one for you. Hopefully. Update: This business seems to be based in Port Angeles.

    ►A new cooperative of designers with extensive experience in retail, office and residential design.◄
  8. Habitaflex HABITAFLEX   I think you will really like this well designed and ingenious housing product. It's a folding, transportable, multi-purpose prefab small cabin or home. This product is shippable all over the world with offices in the US and Canada.

    ►Habitaflex, a subsidiary of Maisons Laprise Inc manufacturer of energy efficient prefabricated homes since 1989, is proud to present a new home concept unique in the world: A folding and transportable home! New looks, dimensions, colors and options are available to satisfy a wide range of applications. An entirely factory-built and practical solution to temporary and permanent accommodation, this home can be unfolded, transported and relocated. Its rapid and easy installation can get this home up and running in a few hours only! Thanks to its clever opening mechanism, Habitaflex deploys virtually effortlessly and, in no time, reveals a complete and comfortable home comprising: A kitchen, living room, bathroom as well as 1, 2 or 3 bedrooms. Its plumbing and heating systems are fully integrated in the wall cavities so you can be operational and stay in your new home the very same day of your installation! Habitaflex is factory-built with techniques and components meticulously chosen making this home more economical than homes built-on-site whilst minimizing the occurrence of overbudget expenses often associated with building accommodation in hard-to-access sites and in remote areas. And Habitaflex can be refolded and shifted to another site in case of unforeseen situations or simply due to relocation. Habitaflex has been designed with security and compactness in mind to meet the shipping containers dimensions and facilitate its transportation. Whether you are dealing with a hard-to-access site or a far-away area, transportation can be achieved by land, air or sea to bring homes where the are most needed.◄
  9. Shelter-Kit SHELTER-KIT   I remember this company from a long time ago. I was particularly interested in their little cabin called "Unit One".

    ►Shelter-Kit has been designing and producing kit buildings for assembly by owners with no prior building experience since 1970. Our product line includes our Green Home Kit, the Unit One cabins, the modular, expandable Lofthouse, the Barn/Garage kit and our 1 1/2 or 2-story Barn-House kit. We will work with you on designing your building, we will help you obtain a building permit, we will arrange shipping anywhere, and we will be available to answer your questions before, during, and after construction. We consider every order to be a special, custom order and we will work with you accordingly. Our cabin, home, barn and garage kits include all the materials to build a complete, weather tight shell, including the frame, siding, sheathing, hardware, roofing and sub floors. Our kits are precut and predrilled, making them easy to assemble, in 3 to 15 days for most models. All materials are selected for quality and ease of assembly and fit, with the weight of each piece limited to what two individuals can handle. All of the terms in the instructions are easily understandable by amateurs. Each building comes with a detailed Construction Manual. The manual includes drawings and step-by-step instructions, specifically created for each customer's kit. Each of our kits can be customized to meet your individual requirements. We offer many options for building size, windows and doors, stairs, dormers, ceiling heights, cathedral ceilings, etc. We will be glad to work with you to meet your specific requirements. We ship our kits to all 50 states, Canada and internationally. Canadian sales are duty free. We encourage you to contact us to discuss your project.◄
  10. Cusato Cottages CUSATO COTTAGES   Very nice website with examples of their small house with plans available from Lowe's. I thought these were finished homes like maybe manufactured mobile homes they delivered to your site. But no - it is this: Purchase your Lowe's Katrina Cottage Materials Package, arrange your delivery schedule and start construction.

    ►Cusato Cottages, LLC was founded by Marianne Cusato to provide designs for dignified affordable housing, both on the Gulf Coast and throughout the United States. Design makes a difference. kitchen & Dining MARIANNE CUSATO is an expert in the field of architectural design. Her work focuses on the elements of good design in homes and communities, and how design impacts the quality of our lives and the sustainability of the earth's resources. Ranked the No. 4 most influential person in the home building industry in Builder Magazine's annual "Power on 50" list, Cusato and her design principles are changing the landscape of the housing industry. In 2006, the Smithsonian Institute's Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum honored Cusato with the first annual "People's Design Award". Cusato leads a team of designers that have partnered with Lowe's in a licensing agreement to sell the plans and material packages for the Lowe's Katrina Cottage Series. She is the author of two books, "Get Your House Right, Architectural Elements to Use and Avoid", with Ben Pentreath, Richard Sammons and Leon Krier and "The Value of Design: And its Impact on our Lives and Communities" with James Hardie Building Products. Born and raised in Anchorage, Alaska, Cusato is a degree in Architecture from the University of Notre Dame and is currently based in New York's Greenwich Village. All plans for the Lowe's Cottages cost $700 and are available online at Lowe's Katrina Cottages are permanent, site built homes. You will need a contractor to build your Lowe's Katrina Cottage. They are not prefab homes. For help locating a contractor in your area visit or Prices to build the cottages can roughly be estimated at +/-$110 a square foot. This price will vary depending on region and the materials you select. You will need to work with your local contractor to determine the exact price to build a cottage in your area.◄

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  11. 99k House THE 99K HOUSE   This is my favorite design for a small cabin. This is also the website for the 99K House competition which was held in Houston, Texas.

    Five finalists were selected from 182 entrants proposing a sustainable, affordable house that addresses the needs of a low-income family in the Gulf Coast region. The five finalists will each receive a $5,000 award and the competition will move forward to Stage II and the registration is closed.

    To purchase the 99K House Book please contact:
    AIA Houston • 315 Capitol, Suite 120 • Houston, TX 77002
    Phone: 713-520-0155 • Fax: 713-520-5134 •
    Rice Design Alliance • Rice University, MS 51 • 6100 Main Street • Houston, TX 77005
    Phone: (713) 348-4876 • •

  12. Perfect Cabins PERFECT CABINS   This UK business sells what appear to be very beautiful well made small miniature cabins and cottages. Actually, they have quite a large inventory of small dwellings or cabins. Many pictures of all their different models.

    » Perfect Cabins is a small family business specializing in garden buildings and hard landscaping. Please browse the website for more information or use the contact form on the Contact Details page. Do you need more space at home - can't afford to move or extend? Have a garden room of up to 30m² installed in your garden in just days! The Perfect Range of pretty cottages is exclusive to Perfect Cabins suitable for a wide range of activities - garden offices, teen dens, home gyms, treatment rooms, beauty salons and artists studios. Custom designed bespoke building are our specialty. If you cannot find exactly the size and style you are looking for you can now use our customized service. Just provide us with the dimensions and the style and shape required, and we will provide you with drawings and a full quotation. «
  13. Clayton ihouse CLAYTON IHOUSE   This is a beautiful new concept. Unique layout great for added privacy or isolation from noise.

    "The i-house offers affordable luxury in a green, energy efficient package. The i-house is now available for those who are committed to modern living. If you wish to begin the process of acquiring the i-house and become a Charter 100 owner please register using this page. Your personal i-house building specialist, who will listen to your needs, communicate developments and assist you in delivering your efficient and environmentally responsible home, will contact you. Take the first step to living responsibly for the next generation - sign up today."
  14. 12x14 Cottage MONTANA MOBILE CABINS   These cabins are different in my opinion. A unique look, that's what they have. They deliver their finished product, first 50 miles included in the price.

    "Our mobile cabin business began as we wanted to fill a niche for people who owned small acreage and wanted a rustic getaway on their property. It has grown into a dedicated team of professionals, creating superior quality cabins that fit a variety of needs and lifestyles. Our goal is to create a home away from home that will be enjoyed for generations. We create "one of a kind" cabins, made with hand peeled logs, full front porches, rustic wood ceilings and exposed finished wood floors. Our extensive background in design, handcrafting and finishing assures that every detail of every cabin we build is the highest quality. Montana Mobile Cabins provides you with a complete log cabin. Each cabin we build is uniquely designed for each customer, with the customer actually becoming part of the design process. Don't be taken in by the low price of some log cabin kits. Judge, compare, see for yourself by reading the chart below."
  15. Gypsy Coach GYPSY WAGON   These units are custom built for you in Lafayette, Colorado.

    ►This gypsy wagon, like the sheepherder wagons of the American west, has been crafted to take you back in time and give you the experience of a bygone era. The wagon can be used as a portable guest house, a special work space or a romantic retreat. You could even rent it out for extra income to the rapidly growing group of people who are looking for "Adventure Lodging". Professionally built, this gypsy wagon is a one-of-a-kind handcrafted piece. The gypsy wagon has been built on a new trailer chassis that has dual axles with electric brakes and is licensed for the road. The outside dimensions are: 16 feet long (plus a two foot overhang above the door) by 8 feet wide and it has a clearance of 13 feet. The empty weight is 5900 lbs. In keeping with the turn of the century feel of the exterior, the brake lights have been designed to be removable. The siding is tongue and groove pine and is accented by rich dark red trim. Victorian brackets at the corners of the roof lines highlight the two levels of the wagon. There are six windows plus a ten-pane entry door that flood the interior with natural light and provide great views. Please contact me, Bill Young, at 303-661-0331 or to arrange a showing. Update limited time sale price: Was $23,600 . . . NOW $18,750. Or contact me to arrange construction of your own custom piece.◄
  16. Topsider Home TOPSIDER HOMES   This appears to be a quality business based in Clemmons, North Carolina. They have a rather unique design - a kind of octagon stucture, quite beautiful. They sell pedestal homes, stilt homes, guest houses, hurricane proof homes, and post & beam homes. Their prefab homes can also be installed on a conventional foundation. Also, you can buy a home as small as maybe 475 sq.ft. "High quality custom-designed prefabricated post & beam panelized homes, shipped worldwide since 1968. Protect your family and your investment with a Topsider Home."

    "Topsider Homes have withstood many of the most devastating hurricanes, including direct hits from Andrew in the Bahamas and Florida, Hugo in the USVI, and Ivan, Katrina and Rita along the Gulf Coast. Each Topsider Home is custom designed and engineered to withstand high winds and to meet or exceed building codes in all coastal and hurricane-prone areas. And while no home is totally hurricane proof or storm proof, Topsider's record of storm safety and survival over the decades is extremely impressive. Each Topsider Home is built using large laminated and solid timbers that are bolted together and held in place with massive steel collars and couplings. This construction method or building system is essentially the same approach used in building the incomparably strong and enduring old New England post & beam barns. And, it is the same basic technology thought to be the very first wood construction method."
  17. The Pod UK THE POD   Is this not one of the best designed little structures that you have ever seen? Based in the UK, built and designed by Newfoundland Lodges Ltd. Called the "Continental Camping Hut".

    ►It does look great, but what is it? Well it's a rather well built, insulated wooden hut that provides basic accommodation much in the way of a tent. They are of a modest size with good headroom, an interior floor area some eight feet wide by nine feet long and a forward projecting porch to provide some shelter if the doors are open. In most cases there will be a raised area of timber decking extending the "living area" and providing somewhere to sun-bathe, prepare food or when the weather is bad, lose the wet gear before going inside. The POD is designed to be comfortable - the roofing material is designed to cut down the noise of heavy rain. The window and lockable French doors are double glazed to reduce condensation and provide sound insulation. The wood used in the construction is a naturally "warm" material but to provide extra winter warmth we have installed sheep's wool insulation inside the walls while a special foil layer under the roof helps keep summer temperatures in check. There is a small, high level window in the back wall this not only provide light, but will help keep the living space well ventilated and aid "through draft" on hot summer days.◄
  18. Bunk House MONTANA CABIN EXCHANGE   Purveyors of small Cabins and Guest Houses, Portable Businesses, and Mobile Cabins & Sheds. Picture on the right is of their "Bunk House" model. They are unique in that they offer small buildings which can be used for business ventures like maybe an ice cream parlor, rental cottage or espresso/coffee shop. Very nice little units delivered to your site.

    ►Montana Cabin Exchange is a family owned and operated business located in Bozeman, Montana. None of our cabins are made from kits. All of our cabins are custom built on our site and transported to your site upon completion. Specializing in the custom small building for a specific need or application, Montana Cabin Exchange will help design and develop the ultimate dream cabin or backyard getaway for our customers. Montana Cabin Exchange is a wholly owned subsidiary of Marvin Erickson Construction. Specializing in the custom small building for a specific need or application, Montana Cabin Exchange will help design and develop the ultimate dream cabin or backyard getaway for our customers. Our current models are built up to 11ftx24ft in size and can be delivered to your site or be equipped with a trailer and axle as an option. An over-sized permit will be required for delivery of larger cabins. Building permits and covenant compliance are the responsibility of the customer. We will be happy to provide you with specifications for the purpose of obtaining those permits.◄
  19. Sweet Flag Cabin CABIN KIT HOMES   This business has some nice looking small cabins for sale as kits. They also sell plans for their cabins. Lots of stuff on this website. Picture on the right is of their "Sweet Flag" model.

    ►PHOENIX, AZ (AP)—Finding the right niche in the market can make all the difference in the world, especially in home building and real estate development. With US headquarters in Greer, Arizona, George Wardner and his company have busily carved out a specialty "niche" market . . . Rugged, tastefully designed log and cedar homes and vacation cabins. A new line of cedar cabin designs . . . Called: "Cabin Kits" . . . Are complete exterior shell packages sold and delivered nationwide from their own mill operations and suppliers in British Columbia and across Canada. Cabin Kits are perfect for year around living or as weekend, holiday or vacation hideaways. And because they are easy to build, Cabin Kits are time-efficient and cost-effective for the professional builder or contractor as well as the do-it-yourself marketplace.◄
  20. small rainier cottage RAINIER COTTAGES   I placed this item in here because even though it has a canvas covering like a wall or cabin tent, it lacks the portability of a canvas tent. I think these are very beautiful.

    "Our new Rainier Cottage is handcrafted with beautiful canvas walls on a durable Douglas Fir Frame that can be set up as a permanent or semi-permanent structure. They are sturdy enough to be left up year-round in most climates. It would be easy to set up a simple cottage, or cozy it up with the modern necessities like electricity, heat and the comforts of home. The beauty of a Rainier Cottage is that it enables you to spend quality time in a natural surrounding at a low price."
  21. Katrina Cottage KATRINA COTTAGES   This interesting site features prefabricated homes.

    "Katrina Cottages:
    A Family of Small-Scale, High-Quality Homes. is sponsored by the New Urban Guild Foundation and includes Katrina Cottage plans available from the New Urban Guild's plan collection. It also includes the Guild's perspective on the larger Katrina Cottages movement. This site invites submission of materials from any participant in the movement, because we intend to help and promote everyone producing authentic Katrina Cottages, not just the members of the New Urban Guild."
  22. Help Home HELP   Helping Every Last Person. Interesting well done website. (21 Apr 17) I had to change their URL because it looks like they are no longer in business.

    ►The 8 foot by 12 foot HELP Home is a mix between a small house, a ship's cabin, and a travel trailer. It has a fold-up front porch and is fully equipped with a living space containing a folding dining table and chairs, a sofa that converts to a full-size bed, and a drop-down twin-size bunk bed. A kitchenette with sink, stove, refrigerator, and storage as well as a private bathroom with a pass-thru shower and toilet complete the interior.◄
  23. Loft Cube THE LOFTCUBE PROJECT   "the Loftcube is ready: The Loftcube is now ready and available for purchase".

    This appears by the pictures of the unit to be a very modern and neat concept designed primarily for living on flat rooftops of large tall buildings. The living units are placed on top of a selected mostly flat rooftop (like a very tall office building) by a helicopter. Is someone thinking or what.
  24. TomaHouse TOMA HOUSE   Prefabricated high-tech buildings. Multipurpose cabins. Portable do-it-yourself chalet. This company sells some very nice small home office buildings, cabins and other types. I cannot tell if they sell in the US or not. Website says they ship and install worldwide. They seem to sell mostly in many other countries. I include this here because it is such a neat concept. Very classy and well done. The website though is difficult for me to view because of so much "flash" presentation. Too bad more use of old fashioned still pictures were not used.

    ►10 Reasons to buy a TomaHouse: Beauty and Design in a innovative prefab style. The THBC is the most beautiful and complete kit house available today. The house, its components and accessories were all designed and manufactured by an array of renowned architects, designers and decorators.

    1. Versatility. Possibility to change the purpose, the style, the size of the house at any time by simply exchanging wall panels and modules. Sales office becomes hotel, a guest house or private residence, your poolside cabana turns into workshop etc. Expand and reduce the size of the house to be consistent with its aesthetics: For instance, make two small TomaHouses out of a large one.
    2. Value. The value of the TH is independent of the fluctuation of land values Land value can decrease for various reasons: for example, a go-kart track is built next to your property; a waste disposal in the area, crime invades the area, political or economical change in the country, insecurity about landownership in the case of "leased land" . . . Pack up the house and leave without losing your investment. On the contrary, timber and aluminium prices are going up each year . . .
    3. Time. It takes 48 hours to erect the standard house and there is a precise schedule for each module added on. No matter how good your architect and project manager is, overseeing building construction normally requires a lot of your time. No more waiting for late suppliers, late workers, late and wrong deliveries.
    4. Fixed Setup Cost. You won't have to deal with the final bill exceeding the estimate. There is a flat rate to hire the TH setup team anywhere in the world, priced per house.
    5. Longevity and Quality. You won't have to deal with bad construction, poor materials and mismatched finishes. Every part of the kit can be easily inspected. The assembly parts are engineered to the highest standards. All materials used are of sound quality and have been chosen to resist most threats of nature. A TH is ideal for high risk areas. Expect the next flood or army of termites with a smile!
    6. Mobility. No part of the TomaHouse weighs more than 30kg, no cranes required. It can be taken to the most remote hilltops and through narrow pathways . . . And if you don't like the view any more move it somewhere else . . .
    7. Mix and Match Design. Every piece of a TH is beautifully designed and crafted. Top designers and decorators have created a range of furniture, lamps, wall panel"s curtains and accessories that all match beautifully.
    8. Plug and Play Technology. Predesigned, preinstalled, and preassembled: Power kits, solar and generators, water heaters and AC, shutters, blinds and awnings are all plug and play and especially designed for TomaHouse. No professionals are required for installation, just order from TH and click into place.
    9. Easy Renovation. To renovate a TH just take out floor, wall and ceiling panels and replace in a day. Ideal for hotels and offices: No hammering, no noise, no smell, no dirt . . . No trouble.
    10. Adaptable to the Environment. The TH adapts to landscapes and blends into the countryside by changing roof shapes and outside wall panels. When relocating the TH from Cannes to Canada order "TH insulation kit 3", for Ibiza's windy springtime "TH Insulation kit 1" will do the job. Even structural enhancement kits for the heavy snow weights of the Alps or typhoons areas in Asia are available.◄
  25. Michelle Kaufmann MICHELLE KAUFMAN DESIGNS   Home of the "Glidehouse" modular house by Michelle Kaufman Designs.

    "Our projects use the highest quality materials, finishes, and advanced technology construction systems. Each building is prefabricated in a controlled environment, then erected on a site-built foundation. This increases quality, generates less waste, and saves time, resulting in homes that are stronger and more level than traditional site-built homes".
  26. My Abod MY ABOD   This company is located in West Des Moines, Iowa. It looks as if the Abod building system is being used mostly in South Africa right now. Check out this very simple yet effective housing system. Hopefully this prefab small cabin will be available to the general public. They are based in the US; so that should make accessibility fairly simple.

    "Introducing Abod. The Future of Low-cost, High-quality Housing. Since 1966, BSB Design's talented architects and planners have developed innovative design breakthroughs for millions of Americans. And now that vision reaches out to South Africa and beyond. Through its subsidiary, Advanced Design Innovation LLC, BSB Design is leading the fight to provide low cost housing worldwide."
  27. Summerwood Cabins SUMMERWOOD   They sell different models including some small cabins.

    "From garden sheds, gazebos and pool cabanas, to cabins, garages, playhouses and home studios, we offer an endless choice of design solutions to help you get more from your outdoor life. And all with an attention to detail and service you thought was forgotten. Summerwood's flexibility and customization mean prefab prices with original design. Our kits are delivered to your door throughout North America and beyond, in a convenient ready-to assemble format - with delivery included in the price. And for the DIY'ers we offer a wide range of building plans starting at just $49.00."
  28. Modernist Modular Homes MODERNIST MODULAR HOMES   This is a nice website and the business is located in Palm Springs, California. They work on projects across the entire US. It appears to me to be a modular home building company that specializes in "Steel & Glass" construction. They have a small cabin i like - you can view it by clicking:   HERE. They also offer design services if you need them.

    ►Modernism embodies a free flow of space, not compartmentalized or restricted into function-related rooms. Rather its the seamless transition and abandonment of boundaries both indoors and out. A calming refuge from a hectic world. The perfect backdrop for the shifting patterns of your life. Modular construction provides real bonuses. The main difference is modular surpasses site built construction in both quality and construction time. Time on site is money. While cost is largely dependent on market conditions, modular is increasingly economical and time efficient. We are currently involved with Modernist modular projects from Florida to California. Each project is designed to be "site specific", according to the clients needs, the challenges of the building site and local/state building codes. We've selected well established modular manufacturers in key locations throughout the United States to produce our designs. Every project provides unique challenges.◄
  29. Gregg Fleishman CLUSTER-STRUCTURES   I am hoping in time that Greg will develop his concept into at least a small cabin or shed. I put him in here because we can check back on him occasionally to see the progress he makes towards a small livable structure. Update: i think he has done just that - check his website for new shelter designs. Actually, right now he has developed many new beautiful designs.

    ►Gregg Fleishman is an architect, designer, artist and inventor whose work is largely informed by geometry and functionality. A Los Angeles native born in 1947, Fleishman has been a resident of Culver City for forty seven years and is a pioneer and key creative figure of the city. Before occupying this location for the past thirteen years, his studio was located on nearby La Cienega Boulevard, in the recently developed gallery corridor populated by several young and established LA galleries. Largely influenced by his early work experience in the construction industry, Fleishman's mission is to continue developing ways to make building easier.◄
  30. Small Minimal Mansion MINIMAL MANSION   Here's a different twist on the portable cabin genre. Using the timber frame technique to build a lower cost portable cabin.

    Welcome to

    "This is a site to document the building of a small house loosely based on the designs of Jay Shafer's Tumbleweed Tiny Houses. A little over a year ago I learned about Jay's houses. I thought they were great. Small, efficient, and mobile. Everything a poor non-profit employee was looking for. I loved Jay's designs but didn't have the money to buy the lock and key version. The other issue was that I was getting married soon and didn't think that 117 square feet would be quite enough for two people. So my fiancé and I went about designing our own version. We bought Jay's books and got a 3D house modeling program. After many versions and sizes we decided on 8ft x 30ft. It will be much larger than Jay's houses on wheels but still small enough to be "small, efficient, and mobile". The next step was to find a trailer frame."
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