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  1. Turner Studio BACKYARD WORKS   Beautiful backyard cabins/homes here suitable for use in the most sophisticated setting. Should also mention that "Backyard Sheds" has been changed to "Backyard Works" as they have expanded their product line to include the big three items: Small livable cabins, Wood sheds, & Home office studio buildings. They have a new website up and running right now featuring their product line. The picture on the right is of the "Turner Studio" and i am using it as a placeholder until they (Backyard Works) can update their website with a picture or video of their latest "cabin building project" (10-17-11). And just think their small homes are built using the very energy efficient SIPs panels. Wowser!

    ►Earn rental income, or add room for family/guests – a Backyard Laneway Home or Coach House is Built to Fit. The Backyard Works product range includes Backyard Sheds, Backyard Studios/Offices and Backyard Homes. Any one of our Backyard Works products can be Built to Fit anything you have in mind – cabins, cottages and garages . . . There's no limit when it's Built to Fit + Built to Last by Backyard Works. We look forward to discussing your NEW Backyard Works Shed, Studio or Home. Backyard Works is Vancouver's leading builder of sheds, studios/offices and backyard homes servicing the lower mainland of British Columbia since 2008. We include a robust Standard Features Package with every Backyard Works building so it's Built to Fit + Built to Last. Our original designs can be fully customized to match the appearance of your home or your dreams. If you don't see the style or features you're looking for, just give us a call, we'll build a fully customized Built to Fit + Built to Last, Backyard Works solution to your specifications, where you want it and how you want it – Guaranteed. BackYard Works is Vancouver's leading tiny cabin builder servicing the lower mainland of British Columbia. Since the introduction of new legislation in many municipalities it's now possible to add a small home to your backyard or laneway. With standard features or a more premium Built to Fit model, the Backyard Works difference is in our "small buildings" approach resulting in a surprisingly affordable per-square-foot cost. Call (604) 764-2935 today to learn more about our Backyard Homes. All our Backyard Homes are constructed utilizing a Structural Insulating Panel (SIP) System.◄
  2. 20X20X20 Eagle Ridge Garage CONESTOGA BUILDERS   I am anxious to put this listing up because it is in my opinion a very good design giving the buyer/owner more for their money. I like small two story homes because i think it provides an efficient use of space: Ground space and air space. This design allows someone to have either a downstairs home office or maybe a workshop or just plain open space like in a garage. You double the size of the living space by adding just four walls. The picture on the right is of their 20X20X20 "Eagle Ridge" model shown with 2 door garage (actually probably one large door), but actually this home can be modified to exclude the garage doors (which is what i would do) and in their place put either a regular 36in entry door or no door in front, maybe just one (1/2 door - 8ft) garage door, if you insist.

    ►This two-story Cape Cod charmer may be used as a cottage, garage with apartment, workshop, home office or storage building. Our Eagle Ridge model is a two-story multi-purpose building that makes a great garage, workshop. cabin, guest house or storage building. The first floor ceiling height is a full 8ft, so no feeling cramped! There are numerous options available including: A choice of sidings, a variety of roof color choices, windows, entrance doors, garage doors, metal roof, wider stairs, exterior stairs, dormers, partitions, lean-to, porch or deck. And the best news: Our prices are 40% to 60% below contractor pricing! Conestoga Builders offers several choices in two-story and single-story buildings, with appropriate modifications, suitable as accessory living quarters. The garage doors can be eliminated or substituted with an entrance door. These unfinished models can be custom-built to your specifications.◄
  3. Jorge Fontan's Fiberglass House PREFAB FIBERGLASS HOUSE   This is the latest project by Jorge Fontan and i am hoping he will produce a model that is under 1000 SF. This particular model appears to me to be quite large, probably too big for this website, and i don't know how many square feet it is, but the picture looks like it might be pretty good size. I think this is a design concept and has not been yet produced into an actual house. Anyway, Jorge sent me an email asking me to put this up for him and i told him, OK.

    ►This Prefabricated modular house has 4 basic components. A Core where all the utilities connect and the bathrooms are located there as well. There are radiating wings in 7ft, 14ft, and 21ft modules - these can get connected in different configurations allowing for endless possibilities in design for different houses. These components would get modular wall panels, windows and doors to be inserted to allow design variability and modularity.◄
  4. The Tank House MAX PRITCHARD ARCHITECT   Max has a bunch of beautiful creations here. This is the man who designed the house which spans a creek bed called the "Bridge House". But he has a lot of other homes that are equally beautiful. Picture on the right is of "The Tank House".

    ►The work of Max Pritchard speaks eloquently of its unassuming creator: Deft, grounded and genuine. It is appropriate in a time when the profession is going through a period of self-examination of its role and relevance in South Australia that we recognize a person who has quietly built a reputation and following as an architect of people and place, unaffected by the transient trends and fashions swirling around him. Max Pritchard's work has been consistently recognized by his peers, having received many RAIA Merit and Commendation awards, and by interstate and overseas architecture critics and commentators.◄
  5. Completed House of Straw A HOUSE OF STRAW   This is a very well done website chronicling one woman's Straw House building project. It is a compact home, but made using straw in the walls as insulation.

    ►This load-bearing straw bale house was built by me, Carolyn Roberts, consultant Jon Ruez, and many friends on evenings and weekends, using natural (straw bale walls, earthen plasters, earthen floor) and recycled materials wherever possible. We passed 23 county inspections. It's an incredibly sturdy, beautiful and well-insulated house that will last for many years and only cost $50,000 to build (land not included). The straw walls offer insulation from the summer heat, while the earthen plasters and floor give thermal mass to maintain an even interior temperature. A well-insulated ceiling helps, too. The south-facing sunroom heats my home in the winter. I can collect 500 gallons of rainwater in a 1/2 inch rain. A hand-made solar water heater with a small tankless heater as backup provides all my hot water. My electric bills average $35 per month year-round (no gas service here). Many people thought I was crazy, but this is by far the wisest thing I have ever done, though possibly the most difficult.◄
  6. Delta-Shelter OSKA ARCHITECTS   This is the same group of people who gave you the "Rolling Huts". I think these people are great designers, visit their website for some outstanding designs. Picture on the right is of their "Delta Shelter". Click on the "Projects" link.

    ►Olson Sundberg Kundig Allen Architects began its creative existence with architect Jim Olson, whose work in the late 1960s explored the relationship between dwellings and the landscape they inhabit in the Northwest. Olson started the firm based on some simple ideas: That buildings can serve as a bridge between nature, culture and people, and that inspiring surroundings have a positive effect on people's lives. Rick Sundberg joined the firm in 1975, and its commitment to urbanism and civic life became evident as they began designing and developing modern urban buildings in and around Seattle's national historic districts Pike Place Market and Pioneer Square. In 1996, Tom Kundig and Scott Allen joined Olson and Sundberg as owners, taking the firm to another level of creative exploration and helping it grow into an office with an international reputation. Alan Maskin and Kirsten Murray joined the owners group in 2008, continuing the evolution of the firm and furthering its commitment to the experience around architecture, articulated in exhibit design, interiors, and connections to urban and rural landscapes. The firm now numbers over 85 employees. Olson Sundberg Kundig Allen's work, including museums, academic buildings, exhibit design, interior design, places of worship and residences, often for art collectors, is now worldwide. The office combines the capacity of a large firm with the intensity of a small one. The firms commitment to vigorous, critical design review sessions has infused its designers with a shared sense of commitment to every project.◄
  7. 16x16ft House YAHOO GROUPS LITTLE HOUSES   This Yahoo Group appears to be a good source of ideas for many different small homes in different shapes and styles. It also seems to be an active group with about 3025 members.

    ►This group is an open forum for discussing building and dwelling in living spaces, smaller than the typical "McMansions" being built today whether you will be building your home yourself or buying, starting from scratch or remodeling, downsizing, or planning a starter house for future expansions, this is the best place to share your housing related thoughts. LittleHouses are not just reduced floor areas. They may also require rethinking how some basic aspects of a home work. Little autonomous houses, may even collect their own rain water, generate their own electricity, process their own wastes, and heat themselves with sunshine, or trash. This is also a forum for the discussion of alternative energies, alternative construction, independent lifestyles, climate responsive design RV design, and other living space related topics. Join us, and ask questions, give advice, get in on a technical debate, or just lay back and read. This is an open forum, and as such invites civil information exchange. That is how we all learn.◄
  8. Twelve Cube TWELVE CUBED HOMES   Very nice units if you like small.

    ►We do small in a big way. Welcome to the future. A twelve-cubed or ten-cubed micro house can be placed on your existing home lot and used as a guest house, a rental, or even a studio. With two exciting models to chose from, the 10 cubed Pure, and the 12-cubed Cappuccino unit, will change the way you think about the way you live, and the affordability of high-tech housing. Featuring a dishwasher, microwave & modern oven combo, bathroom, closet, and plenty of natural light, one of our sustainable cubes has everything you need to make your life, modern, simple, and convenient. Best of all, you can treat yourself to a 12x12 handsomely-finished Cappucinno Cube for an average price of CDN $24,500. The average Canadian 1 bedroom apartment produces 5 tons of Carbon Dioxide a year. The average European 1 bedroom apartment produces 2.7 tons of Carbon Dioxide a year. A Cube produces 0.8 tons of Carbon Dioxide per year. When we sat down with a blank sheet of paper to design the Cube, we decided what we wanted to achieve when we started out building the cube. To produce the least amount of waste possible, and house two people in as small a space as would be practical and comfortable. One of the main reasons that we picked the 12x12 size is that most material comes in 8 foot or 12 foot lengths. Plywood is in 4x8 sizing. We produced in total one small pickup load of waste in the construction of our pilot unit, and we made some mistakes! We estimate that we can reduce this by 50% in subsequent units. The Cube is stylish, comfortable, and makes a definite statement - you care.◄
  9. Green Tree Shelters GREEN TREE SHELTERS   Want a really quick and lovely little cabin fast? Buy one of these Green Tree Shelter kits to get yourself in business quick. Update: (26 Sept 2012) Their website no longer exists. This link takes you to a Facebook page which has not been updated for quite awhile. Too bad. They have beautiful designs.

    ►Our designers at Green Tree shelters, creators of LivingSpace have years of experience designing and producing modular structures for commercial food service, medical, construction and festival applications. We designed LivingSpace with a minimum number of easy to assemble pieces that require no special tools or special knowledge to assemble. We want you to start enjoying your LivingSpace the day you assemble it - not three weekends later!! We promise you that when you start assembly of LivingSpace on Saturday morning - you will be relaxing in your LivingSpace Saturday evening!◄
  10. Deltec Homes DELTEC HOMES   Deltec builds what look like to me very beautiful homes. They specialize in circular shaped (round) homes.

    ►So whether you're looking for a hurricane resistant home for the beach, an energy efficient home for the mountains, a luxurious and unique home for the city, a retirement home for that perfect site or just a simple round house for a private getaway, flexible design, great views, a stress-free building process or all of the above, a Deltec home will exceed your expectations. That's what makes our round homes high performance. Our prefabricated kit allows you to easily build the high performance home of your dreams. Our Deltec family values guide us everyday. We create innovative, high-performance round homes and net-zero energy homes with passion, excellence and respect for the natural world. Through the passion of our people and the excellence of our product, we will be the recognized leader in round homes and net-zero energy homes within North America. We hold ourselves and our products to the highest standards, never compromising in material quality, customer service, or craftsmanship. We actively explore and integrate both new ideas and proven technologies to create superior value for our customers. We are dedicated to being honest and fair in all our interactions with others. We believe what we do matters and take a great sense of pride in every home we create. We are committed to creating a positive and sustainable effect on our natural world.◄
  11. The Dwell Home THE DWELL HOME   This site specializes in the concept of prefabrication of homes for lower cost and quality of finished structure. I think this is the right house pictured.

    "Modern, interesting, architect-designed housing should be affordable and available—even to first year teachers who are still paying for law school, explains Ingrid Tung (a former corporate attorney turned teacher) who with her husband Nathan Wieler is building the Dwell Home in Pittsboro, North Carolina. Construction is expected to be completed by early 2004."

  12. Segoe UI Home Initiative Segoe UI HOME INITIATIVE   This is truly a neat home. It is simple and quick to set-up. It is very well designed in my opinion. They are based in Chicago, Illinois. I suspect it would be difficult for an individual to buy this on his own but you could try. This is "A new way to mass produce low cost homes for families around the world."

    ►Building an Segoe UI Home can be in done in one day with about 8 -12 people with minimal training. The only power tool needed is a cordless, battery operated screw gun. Prefabrication is done in the warehouse prior to parts being delivered to the home site. An Segoe UI Home is constructed of highly insulated steel panels that fit together like Lego's. The home is pre-fabricated in a nearby Segoe UI Home factory so that no on-site sawing or cutting is required. An Segoe UI Home provides the family with a living/kitchen room, a bedroom, a bathroom with toilet and shower, and a large, multipurpose sink in the kitchen area. Low maintenance, high strength components. Highly fire resistant, waterproof, & termite proof. Use local labor for manufacturing the components. Can be built in one day.◄
  13. Cowboy Cabin FORM & FOREST   This company has it all together. Well organized site with a great prefab product. Specializing in flatpack prefab cabins they build prefabricated panelized walls and components based on architectural plans in their indoor manufacturing facility and deliver them to your job site. These components are shipped flat along with siding, doors, windows, and roofing materials. They have chosen this method of construction because it makes ADULT DIAPERS the most sense for delivering a cabin to properties that are often remote and have under-developed access roads and driveways.

    ►If you have ever dreamed of getting away to a contemporary piece of design your moment has arrived. We have worked hard to bring stunning design together with prefab manufacturing techniques that allow you to build a cabin and enjoy it sooner. We offer an exciting new way to build a cabin. We believe that thoughtful design leads to better experiences for people. We love architecture and we love industrial design which leads us to the belief that not every building should start with an empty lot and a blank page. The traditional site based approach to design and building presupposes every project is entirely original. The reality is that every home and every cabin share a lot of common elements. Embracing this reality leads to savings in time and money while extending the opportunity of owning good design to a larger audience. Form & Forest offers a range of cabins that have been designed for how you live at the cabin, both inside and out. Generous indoor and outdoor living spaces group the eating, entertaining and relaxing together while offering seclusion for sleeping and quiet reading. The generous decks and large windows are designed into the plans with the full expectation that you will be building your cabin in a pretty fantastic landscape. A Landscape whose vistas, trees and rocks should be appreciated and embraced. If you have a piece of vacation property to build a cabin on, Form & Forest will enable you to experience it in the utmost.◄
  14. New House MODULAR DWELLINGS   This simple yet beautiful very small dwelling is available for purchase by the general public.

    ►With its clean lines and glowing surface, the Modular Dwelling embodies California's new Prefab architectural movement. These custom built dwellings blend minimalist styling, industrial materials and a modernist's attention to detail to create a usable environment that is unique. Designed to be easy to transport, quick to assemble and aesthetically pleasing, the Modular Dwelling mixes the design philosophies of Charles Eames and Richard Neutra to create a living environment that is the ideal blend of form and function.◄
  15. Mountainberry Prow Front Cabin PENNYPINCHER BARN COMPANY   These people do it all. Some very nice designs in compact homes here.

    UBER GIFT CARDS ►Pennypincher Barn Company specializes in providing good quality small house kits, small cabin kits, small houses, tiny houses, and barn kits that are affordable, versatile and durable. Our kits can be used as timber frame houses, little homes, 4H horse barns, barn homes, rv garages, kennels, chalets, cabins, arenas, utility buildings, storage barns, carports, studios, workshops, home based offices, small animal barns, wineries, hobby or craft rooms, and much, much more. If you are interested in any kind of small house kit, barn kit, horse barn kit, cabin kit, alaska cabin kit, barn home kit, tiny house kit, RV garage or carport, shed or multiuse building, we encourage you to call and discuss your needs with one of our sales professionals. Our professional design engineered cabin plans, small house plans, tiny house plans and barn plans set our kits above the rest. We're confident that after you compare the value, quality, service, and durability of our home, and cabin kits to any other professional kit company you'll agree that Pennypincher's provides a great product for the best price in town.◄

  16. FlatPak House FLATPAK HOUSE   A prefabricated house system that configures to individual needs and site, using wood, glass and concrete. Includes photographs and example plans. Nice website, lots of pictures but you will need to take the time to study this in order to understand their system. They call it a system of prefabricated components designed to yield unique solutions to your unique needs and site. They use terms like "menu of components" to complete your unique home designed with the help of the FlatPak designer person.
  17. Canvas Cabin Bungalow SWEETWATER BUNGALOWS   Looking for a really low cost cabin? Well, you might consider this plan, Stan.

    ►Sweetwater Bungalows are an affordable, versatile and attractive solution to increasing your living space needs with a wide range of uses. Richly atmospheric, intimate in scale and unsurpsassed in their ability to unite indoor and outdoor living, they offer virtually limitless space options in an affordable manner. With Sweetwater Bungalows innovative design and framework, they are unique to the market of prefabricated and semi-permanent shelters. These wonderful tensile structures combine the stability and protection of a wood frame with the lightness and beauty of fabric walls. Natural, ambient light bathes the interior of the Bungalow during the day, and by night, each structure glows with romantic tranquility. Together with framed in windows and a door, a cozy Bungalow is created. Weather-tight, durable and economical (from $25.00 SF, not including the platform), Sweetwater Bungalows bring you closer to nature and the great outdoors. Sweetwater Bungalows have enjoyed enthusiastic responses from satisfied customers all across the country. To ensure a high quality product, Sweetwater Bunaglows constantly strives to evaluate and implement desirable improvements to its tent cabins wherever practicable, and at all times to maintain an interactive relationship with customers whose input is of immeasurable value.◄
  18. Matilda Cabin MECANO   This is a rather large Australian company using steel for building many of their products. They sell sheds, kit homes, granny cabins w/o the granny of coarse.

    ►Welcome to Mecano. We manufacture our own products. Choosing a steel frame kit home, steel frame shed or carport from Mecano makes assembly easy and affordable. A Mecano Kit Home or Shed pieces together simply - All holes are pre-punched, and the pieces just slot together. Our Industrial Sheds use the bolt up system that we pioneered into the Australian market back in 1989. Our new Novelty shed and Deluxe Garage ranges provide customers with more stylish options for their sheds. Our Class 10 Cabins are more affordable than our Class 1 Cabins because they do not have the same level of council restrictions. Class 10 Cabins can not be legally lived in, however they can be used for a studio, games room, gym, bar and billiard room or anything else you fancy! For a legally livable cabin please see our Class 1 Cabin page.◄
  19. Resolution: 4 Architecture RESOLUTION: 4 ARCHITECTURE   They have developed their own modular system "The Modern Modular". They also have their own prefab section. This is a business or company that seems highly productive. They have examples of all kinds of things they have designed and built, i guess. I do not like flash websites. Other than all the flash presentation, they have a lot of stuff.

    ►Founded in 1990 by Joseph Tanney and Robert Luntz, Resolution: 4 Architecture is a firm dedicated to addressing 21st century conditions through intelligent architecture and design. The firm consciously takes on a perspective facilitating the conditions required to develop sustainable methods, strategies and solutions for the current and long-range conflicts and changes facing our dynamic communities. They seek to investigate, re-investigate, work with the palpable, illuminate the obscure and understand the composite interface of architecture, its user and its context.◄
  20. Cabin on Wheels MARTIN HOUSE-TO-GO   This is a new find similar to the other company producing tiny homes on wheels.

    "Fully equipped cabin-on-wheels can go where you go. Designed to travel on any road, anywhere. Where will you go? Have an extension cord and garden hose? That's all you need. Designed for ease of use. Everything you need at your fingertips. Simple. These versatile cabins are built to the highest standards to withstand rigorous travel, harsh climates, and constant use with little maintenance. Designed for a lifetime of outdoors sports, adventurous travel, your own Walden Pond cabin, or any creative idea you can you think of. Freedom in the Lodge-on-Wheels. How much time would you spend in a take-it-with-you portable cabin?"
  21. Forester 14x20 Cabin WEST PEAK WOOD PRODUCTS   They have at least 12 models showing on their website. Nice looking little units. Picture on the right is of their 14x20 Forester Cabin.

    ►Welcome to! Our site is currently under construction, but please come back soon to see our selection of beautiful tiny cabins. We carry a complete line of affordable, beautiful Lodgepole Pine Cabins and Cottages. Do-it-yourself cabins include instructions for easy assembly. Take a look at our new beautiful line of Studios, Cabins and Cottages, Entertainment Centers, Garden Sheds, and Garages and Shops! Find out more about West Peak Wood Products, a family owned and operated company.◄
  22. SIPS Cabin GREEN COTTAGE KITS   Picture on the right is of their "The Sinda Cabin". A sip or "structural insulated panel" prefab built cabin.

    ►Copeland Casati founded Green Modern Kits in 2006. Although a modern enthusiast, she grew up (and her parents still reside) in a home built in 1801. A Virginia native, she appreciates old farmhouses, Victorian brownstones, colonial and happy, yes, exuberantly happy cottage architecture. With the success of Green Modern Kits, she began receiving overwhelming requests to provide a solution for traditional enthusiasts... hence, Green Cottage Kits. Because modern IS timeless. And here, traditional. The housing crisis and concern over our earth propelled her to gather green building architects to help other people achieve home ownership; to invest in structures they can not just afford, but adore.◄
  23. Rolling Huts ROLLING HUTS   Very unique concept and very usable also. These units were designed by Olson Sundberg Kundig Allen Architects. These huts are actually being used in Washington State as rental units.

    "Whether you're a hiker, mountain biker or cross-country skier, the Rolling Huts, located in Washington's Methow Valley, are the perfect accommodation. Designed as a modern alternative to camping by Tom Kundig of "Olson Sundberg Kundig Allen Architects" in Seattle, the six huts are grouped as a herd, each with views of the mountains. Each hut comes equipped with a small refrigerator, microwave, fireplace and Wi-Fi. A sleeping platform is perfect for two, and the modular furniture in the living area can be reconfigured to sleep two more. Each hut has an adjacent portable toilet, and full bathrooms and showers are housed in the centrally located barn a short distance away."
  24. Pop Up House HOUSE PORT   The makers call this the "Pop-Up House". It is a compact prefab low cost design. "The RTA (ready-to-assemble) construction means the Pop-Up House can be built quickly and easily. To help you and/or your contractor become familiar with the House Port building process, visit specific pages on our website."

    ►House Port, Inc. is a company whose completely new approach to home design, opens up an array of possibilities for individuals interested in a custom, modern home on any budget. The concept came about initially as a personal project of sculptor and House Port, Inc. CEO, Hally Thacher. Thacher sought to design a concept home that was sustainable, customizable and easy to construct. With a commitment to living green, Thacher's efforts resulted in the creation of the first Pop-Up House (located today in Joshua Tree, California) and the establishment of House Port, Inc. in 2004 after its completion. Most recently, Thacher constructed a new Pop-Up House in a matter of five weeks in Petaluma, California. For home buyers and developers seeking a new concept in home design that is sustainable, customizable and affordable, House Port offers a new way of living, creating an open, stylish and personal environment that can be set up practically anywhere. The Pop-Up House is the alternative to business-as-usual, traditional stick built housing. Although it has the advantages of being a permanent build on a solid foundation, it is easy, quick and less expensive to build because the prefabricated wall and roof systems help to eliminate expensive labor. Also, by shipping the components flat packed from locations as local as possible to the construction site, fuel costs are kept to a minimum. And there's less waste.◄
  25. 9tubohouse 9TUBOHOUSE   This website is all in Japanese, but you can click around and get a general idea of the small house.

    ►Some of the Google translation: If you are considering a purchase of houses, who wish to meet us at. The house has nine square meters, we are currently recruiting staff. Please contact us using the form below to apply please feel free. Bon appetit staff we will contact you soon. Toll-free reception is possible only in Tokyo. We have chosen and let. Please note. TOKYO - If you have not, until 03-5456-5833. Please contact us.◄
  26. iTHouse IT HOUSE   This situation is confusing to me because they have several different websites with an inventory of different projects. This particular website features their iT house. But, check out their other projects on taalmankoch.

    ►Off-grid IT HOUSE. Pioneertown, California / Completed 2007. The itHouse is a design system developed by Taalman Koch that utilizes a series of components prefabricated off-site in order to better control the construction waste, labor, and quality of the finished product. Conceived as a small house with glass walls and open floor plan, the itHouse maximizes the relationship of the occupant to the surrounding landscape while minimizing the impact to delicate site conditions. Energy efficiency is achieved in the itHouse through passive heating and cooling, utilizing site orientation and cross ventilation, radiant floor heating, hi-efficacy appliances & equipment and the use of solar photovoltaic & thermal panels. To further enhance the experience of living in a glass house a graphic design is mapped to discreet areas of the glass walls, thereby creating framed views, sun-shading screen patterns and privacy zones. Artists Sarah Morris and Liam Gillick custom designed the outfit for the off-grid itHouse.◄
  27. Bay Cottage CUTTING EDGE HOMES   Well they have a couple or more models under 1000 SF. Some of their stuff is actually pretty neat looking. But you will have to click around and spend some time on their website to find the cool stuff. Picture on the right is of their Bay Cottage - 1 br / 1 ba - 492 SF.

    ►Cutting Edge Homes Inc. is a regional buildings systems company based in California. We have grown with the industry in California over the last five years and are known as one of the leading innovators in prefab building on the west coast. On Food Stamps? Our principals have over one hundred years of building and development experience, and include licensed contractors, real estate brokers, appraisers, and experienced developers. We approach each project with our clients or development partners with one critical question: What is the best building system for this project? We have observed many projects that are built either with the fad building system of the day or whatever the pet (and most profitable) system of the first salesperson to meet a client. We take an entirely different approach. There are many building systems that could be used on a particular project, but often one makes the most sense. We evaluate all of the options that a client has: HUD code manufactured; IBC modular; wood, foam, concrete, or steel framed panels; or stick-framed construction. Using a cost-benefit analysis, we develop a concept of the project, identify the needs and preferences of the stakeholders, and evaluate the local market factors. One system will rise to the top and we recommend it as the best system. This approach yields higher end values to our clients and results in more fitting and attractive finished projects. We do not take production deposits for items that we can not immediately put on order. We develop our projects methodically, only taking in money for what we are working on, and guaranteeing that funds will not be commingled between projects. Our staff are each screened thoroughly and come to us as development partners, through our contractors or suppliers, or through close personal referrals.◄
  28. 14x14 Cottage Project MICHAEL FITZHUGH   What you have to do is go to Projects then Residential and you will get to see his "Cottage Project". A very cool 14ft x 14ft Cabin. Michael Fitzhugh is a licensed Architect in both California and Michigan and is NCARB certified. He has a Master's degree in Architecture.

    ►Pre-fab Cottage is a modern, modular pre-fabricated structure based on a 14 foot square module. The cottages are built using structural insulated panels for floor, walls and roof, creating an extremely energy efficient building envelope. The 14ft x 14ft cottage base module can be assembled in several combinations and is adaptable to many different site conditions aided by its unique precast concrete foundation system. The project featured here is a newly completed residence utilizing four of the modules and a connector hallway. Built in a shop in Traverse City, Michigan the cottage was transported in sections to its site 60 miles to the South in Manistee County. Once transported the cottage modules were then assembled in five hours.◄
  29. Jeriko House JERIKO HOUSE   Now pay attention to this because they incorporate a different method to produce the end product. I think they break the prefab component down a little further than the usual process which allows for on-site building.

    ►Jeriko House is a Louisiana based company providing the finest in pre-fabricated modular-component housing. Utilizing the most innovative system in the home building industry, Jeriko is able to deliver homes with great functionality, performance, and versatility combined with cutting edge design; both timeless and timely. We at Jeriko House regard our building system as a platform, akin to the platforms of computers, that allows us to collaborate with suppliers, designers, and builders in radically new ways, providing expanding opportunities for home buyers to customize a home to their benefit and new opportunities for those in the home building and products industries to innovate. We are committed to realizing the full potential of this new technology, for every segment of the housing market and many other building markets as well. We aim to do for housing what the personal computer did for information technology. And we are determined to do this in an environmentally and socially responsible manner, incorporating the best and latest in sustainable technology and establishing high standards for work safety and home healthfulness. At Jeriko House, our goal is to bring the craft of home building fully into the 21st Century. We welcome you to explore our site and hope you will share our vision. If you are a supplier of home building materials, equipment, and furnishings and feel your products can add value to ours, we are eager to collaborate and encourage you to contact us. The Jeriko House building system offers all the benefits of pre-fab and modular architecture with none of their limitations. It does this by reducing its "modules" to the scale of the very basic elements of a structure, frame, walls, windows, and all the fixtures that attach to them. This is what architects traditionally refer to as a "kit-of-parts" building system -and one of the most sophisticated ever devised. A Jeriko House is a "site built" home (and qualifies as such by lenders) that still enjoys the full benefits of industrial fabrication with no limits on possible variation in design. Its individual parts may be factory-made and standardized in their interconnection, but they have an infinite variety of ways they can be put together. Thus you get the fit, finish, strength and sophistication of the best a factory can produce with unlimited freedom of design and personalization.◄
  30. PieceHomes PIECEHOMES   This is kinda like a prefab building system based on the idea behind legos, i guess. I like this though. Be sure and visit their Facebook page - lots of good info there.

    ►Davis Studio A+D is pleased to offer pieceHomes: a line of green, modern, modular homes. Built in factories across the US we can provide homes in most areas of the country. pieceHomes are "built to order" and each house receives individual attention. pieceHomes® is a line of green, factory-built modular houses designed by Davis Studio Architecture + Design. pieceHomes provides modern, more affordable homes that are healthier for you and the environment. We have a line of standard home designs, we can work with individual clients to design custom projects, and we are available to work with developers to create sustainable communities.◄
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