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  1. Burl's Castle RARE PLANT RESEARCH   This listing here is not really something i would normally include on this website, but i am hoping that many of you would find this kind of interesting. This link goes to my first cousin's website. This guy is highly creative and has an IQ probably 200 times mine. He would probably disagree and say his IQ is 500 times mine. But, anyway in spite of our great difference in abilities and intelligence, i think it would be nice to showcase his very beautiful home and property. If you are a person who has an interest in rare plants, Burl, my cousin is the man to see. He has an incredible background in plant research and has traveled all over the world looking for rare species of plants, truly wonderful and has made a business out of his hobby. Even though we no longer communicate or have a relationship, this is still something to write about. The castle he built i think was built using "river rock" hauled in by dump truck. This home and garden are located in Oregon City, Oregon. And now Burl has another website called "Villa Cellars" which is located at:

    ►Burl Mostul founded Rare Plant Research, a specialty nursery, in 1987. In the early years the nursery focused on plant research, collector plants and varieties new to science. About ten years ago the nursery shifted focus to garden plants and now Burl travels the world looking for new plants as well as developing new hybrids for Northwest gardeners. Rare Plant Research is open to the public only one or two weekends a year and has become an event attracting 1,000 or more people. In 2008 was he and his wife built a stone chateau modeled after a 12th century Romanesque church, surrounded by ponds and gardens featuring many rare and unusual tropical and temperate plants. The most recent addition is a bromeliad garden filled with boulders, olive trees and landscape bromeliads.◄
  2. Trek-In Hicker's Cabins / MoodBuilders + Kristel Hermans Architectuur ARCHDAILY   This website linked to here offers many beautiful unique small building designs. Picture on the right is of "Trek-In Hicker's Cabins / MoodBuilders + Kristel Hermans Architectuur". Take a look at the Vacation House, the Guest House, Writers' Cottage as just some samples of well designed small cabins.

    ►ArchDaily was founded in March 2008, as the online source of continuous information for a growing community of thousands of architects searching for the latest architectural news: Projects, products, events, interviews and competitions among others. Our mission is to improve the quality of life of the next 3 billion people that will move into cities in the next 40 years, by providing inspiration, knowledge and tools to the architects who will have the challenge to design for them. Our editorial staff works with the most prestigious and influential architectural practices around the world in order to deliver specific and valuable content to a premium readership of architects, designers, consumers and influencers. ArchDaily has quickly established itself as one of the leading architectural websites in the world due to our editorial staff's meticulous understanding of what the audience is really looking for: The best architecture around the world, as soon as possible.◄
  3. Homeplace Keystone 14ftX24ft Garage WALMART CABIN   Please be advised that i - me, the owner of this website call this a "Walmart Cabin". Actually, it's a 14ft x 24ft Garage made by a company called "Homeplace" and this is their "Keystone" model Garage. But you buy this building through Walmart.
    It's proper name is: Homeplace Keystone Garage-14ft x 24ft. As of this date (7-28-11): The price is $10,052.99. The price includes free delivery of this complete prefab building (I'm guessing free for the lower contiguous 48 US states) which can be modified into a very nice little guest house or personal cabin. Also, i want to mention that Walmart also sells other wood frame sheds or buildings (Priced between $5000 to $7000) that look to me could be converted into nice little cabins by finishing the interior, etc. You will need to paint the exterior of this building as it does not arrive from the factory painted, plus you will need to add your own roofing material, like shingles or something else. Picture on the right is of a completely finished model which is not what you will be buying. My experience buying things from Walmart has always been good, they have an excellent return policy and stand behind their products. So it may not be such a bad idea to buy from them, but please call them to check on the delivery situation. The information i include here is just off their website, not from a live current source.

    • Material: Wood, steel.
    • Used as a garage, guest house, garden building, outdoor storage, workshop or pool house.
    • Enhances your outdoor living experience whether it's children's play needs.
    • Elegant structure combines style with function.
    • Strong 7ft walls with insect and rot resistant Smart Side panel siding.
    • Solid steel double house doors (6ft x 6ft opening) with lock set and key included.
    • 2in x 4in Roof rafters (16in on center) with 1/2in OSB sheeting. (MY opinion: 3/4in OSB Sheeting much better!)
    • Steep A-frame style roof for maximum storage capacity and boxed in 10in gable overhangs.
    • Flexible window and door placement allow for multiple designs.
    • 4 Aluminum slider windows with screens, shutters and flower boxes included.
    • Comes unfinished ready to paint and shingle.
    • Dimensions: 135in H x 288in W x 168in D.

  4. River House CABIN FEVER   This business has some very good designs available for sale. They say they make private branded cabins. That picture on the right looks familiar to me. I think another company i have listed in this website somewhere sells this model cabin as a "Private Brand".

    ►At Cabin Fever we do one thing and we do it well. We build Prefab buildings. We have talked about our high quality materials and our efficient process. Here is where we explain the process of making this happen. We call this section how to as in "how to make this work for you". Our building packages contain everything that's needed to build your Cabin:

    Pre-assembled wall panels, doors and windows, the roof system, siding, trim and the interior parts. Everything is precision cut and precisely labeled. We build to order; every project is a little different. We fully assemble the cabin in our shop. When it's complete, we disassemble, label and package every part; we then ship it to you. Our prefab cabins and cottages can be assembled by an owner with building experience. However, many of our clients choose to hire a professional builder. Our cabins are real buildings, in most cases, building permits are required. Cabin Fever is committed to maximizing every opportunity to make greener, smarter, and environmentally responsible products. Our LEED-certified architect approaches every project with sustainability firmly in mind. Our prefab cabins and cottages are "system built" structures, manufactured to precise specifications in a controlled factory environment. This approach yields many opportunities to exercise sustainable and environmentally responsible business practices. For example, since we build from many standardized components used in several of our building models and sizes, we are able to be extremely precise with material procurement and preparation. This results in minimal material wastage and landfill contribution at both the factory and the project site. At our factory, we use a local work-force whose average commuting distance is less than 5 miles, further reducing our overall carbon footprint.◄
  5. Tiny House Blog TINY HOUSE BLOG   This blog is about "Living Simply in Small Places". It is a very popular blog and has many followers. You will not be disappointed visiting this blog. Lots of great material for your perusal. Keep in mind that Tiny House Blog includes many different types of shelter, not just small wood built homes. They include small livable car trailers and odd shaped homes made from different materials. Picture at the right is of the "Backyard Guesthouse".

    ►My name is Kent Griswold and I have developed this blog because of my love of small spaces. I have always dreamed of having a cabin and have done research over the years. Tiny houses have also Netflix become an interest to me in the last few years and I have combined my interest in both of these to publish this blog. The Tiny House Blog was established in May of 2007. The goal of the tiny house blog is to discover the different options available for a person looking to down size into a tiny house or cabin. I will be looking at different type of construction, from logs, to yurts to modern and the unusual. I will also do book reviews, look at alternate energy for heat and electricity. I also want to hear your story so please contact me with your pictures and your own experiences in living simply and small. I want to encourage feedback and ideas to make this an informative blog. Stories of people who are living this dream. Pictures of tiny houses and cabins, etc. My goal is to publish daily if possible. I've heard a lot of good things about living healthier in the new, downsized arrangement and less worries even with basic family health plans depending which state. Thank you for sharing in this experience with me. If you'd like to share your tiny house project on Tiny House Blog please send an email with your photos and a short write up.◄
  6. Modesthouse Mini ModelMODESTHOUSE   The picture on the right is of their "mini" model. This is a company that designs using lots of glass for the exterior. I like their mini model a lot. They also have a larger model, their standard model probably.

    ►Modesthouse brings architecture home with an elegant balance of tradition and technology. With its refined structural system and generous use of glass, Modesthouse simply defines space and creates an intimate connection with the surrounding landscape. Modesthouse utilizes a system of pre-manufactured parts such as structural insulated panels (SIPS) for the roof, walls and floor, and FSC certified timber for primary framing to offer an affordable and practical high-end alternative to custom homes. Pre-fabricated building components are assembled on site, saving time and materials. Designed by New York architect Jeffrey McKean to integrate sensitively with the environment, Modesthouse combines sustainable building practices, green energy systems, and the choice of materials and finishes, to create a thoughtful solution in this age of responsibility.◄
  7. Cheap CabinCHEAP CABINS   Nice Australian company with some very good looking small home designs. They are based in Australia somewhere.

    ►Cheap cabins providing high value returns on purchase prices are increasingly being used as caravan park cabins and other forms of rental accommodation, plus as granny flats, studios, teenage retreats, workshop admin buildings, and mining worker accommodation in Australia. These cabins also make excellent retirement homes, beach shacks, holiday cabins, farm worker accommodation, and permanent homes for couples or small families. The Government will even give you up to $21,000 first homeowners grant for a combined home and land package which makes buying an already affordable cabin even cheaper for first home buyers, and supports low cost housing in Australia!◄
  8. M-HouseM-HOUSE   This is a prefab hyper-designed mobilehome type structure. Company based in London, England. This is a famous house, it's been discussed and displayed in both the print and electronic media like television and of course the internet.

    ►m-house (pronounced "mouse") is over 1000 SF of beautifully designed and detailed contemporary house or office. It is entirely manufactured under controlled factory conditions, which guarantees both quality of build and delivery time.
    m-house arrives in two pieces, each 3m (10ft approx.) wide, which are then joined together on site, which takes about a day. It comes completely fitted-out and ready for you to move into immediately, and delivery is 12 weeks after order. It's already become an iconic object. It is one of Kevin McCloud's "perfect houses" (click on the link above to see the article); the house which preceded it was Lutyens' Castle Drogo in Devon. Not bad for a caravan. Design commentator Stephen Bayley thinks it's "so much cooler than an Airstream", and Jonathan Glancey in the Guardian said it's "inspired" (in his article on buildings of the year). In fact it came about as a result of a long lunch with Cedric Price (the man who influenced Archigram), so in fact it isn't inspired; it's informed. It's gained world recognition as an innovative housing type; m-house can be specified to meet full UK building regulations. There's been a lot written about it. Google m-house and read what they say. Pricing information is on the INFO page.◄
  9. Paper Log HouseSHIGERU BAN ARCHITECTS   I have updated the links here. These people are outstanding in their creativity and production of new ideas. They have a well organized website with lots of pictures of their projects. This is a special project by Shigeru Ban, a Japanese pioneer in Paper Tube Structures (PTS), he investigated the cardboard makeup and found that not only could cardboard be recycled, but also was a good material to use for building small cabins or paper log houses. Unfortunately, this website does not give the reader very much detailed information on the process involved in building with paper. However, it might be possible for someone interested in this technique to email the man who invented this method and maybe he will respond with instructions. I hope.

    ►In June 1995, a great number of people were still forced to live in shabby tents in parks nearby after an earthquake destroyed their houses six months earlier in Kobe, Japan. Ban's solution was a cheap and simple structure that could be build by anyone. The foundation is made of sand-filled beer cases, the walls of paper tubes and the ceiling and roof of tent material. The roof and the ceiling were kept separate in summer to allow air to circulate and closed in winter to retain warm air. They are easy to recycle after use, easy to transport, easy to store and the paper tubes can be made on site. The good thing about using paper tubes is that they are readily available in various thicknesses and diameters. The weight they can support depends on these two things: (thickness and diameter). Theoretically, I can make buildings a few stories high, but I haven't yet been given the opportunity to try this, says ban.◄
  10. Karmod Prefab Modular Living CabinsKARMOD CABINS   This business is located in Istanbul Turkey. They manufacture many different sizes and configurations of their basic product, which is a modular fiberglass shell consisting of polyester plastic. Interesting note about this company is that it was formed in response to the horrible earthquakes in the region. Their products are made to be very weather and earthquake resistant. According to their website they ship to at least 44 other countries around the world.

    ►You place your Karmod cabin you bought wherever you need it, at your place of work, a shopping center, somewhere around your house and you see that it bears a smart, elegant decoration object. Karmod modular cabins, they are products of an outstanding technology designed by our Turkish Engineers and Architects offering indoor spaces to those who need in order to meet specific needs of the people in the best way, in modern urban life. KARMOD produces fiberglass living cabins, compatible to environment with their aesthetic design containing basic facilities of usage, multi-function and adding beauty to the environment, safe, comfortable, with modular structure respectful to the nature, in different dimensions and alternative plans, suitable to the any purpose and insulated.◄
  11. Bavarian CottageBAVARIAN COTTAGES   They build these beautiful cabin kits from wood.

    ►Bavarian Leisure Cottages in British Columbia, Canada offers the finest in custom built cottages, cabins, saunas, gazebos and sheds
    . . . And much more. Whether you are looking for a simple kit for a kid's playhouse or a beautiful small cabin for that remote piece of property, we have it all. We put together durable, long-lasting and beautiful kits that are regularly shipped to locations throughout North America. Easy to put together, long lasting and guaranteed to look great! Why build your own yard building from scratch when you can easily construct the finest cottage, cabin, shed or gazebo from one of our complete kits? Let us do the hard work and provide you with a proven design guaranteed to provide you with lasting beauty and functionality.◄
  12. Turbulence HouseTURBULENCE HOUSE   This is a famous little house floating around the internet or has been on a number of blogs. This is a guest house and is small in size. The creator is an architect named Steven Holl. He has other smaller structures designed by him. So if you looking for an architect with unique ideas - he is your man.To view more information on his website; click on houses and then click on turbulence house.

    ►As its name implies, Turbulence House aims to shake things up. Instead of following the standard method of on-site wood- or steel-frame construction, this little guesthouse on a windy mesa in New Mexico tests the future, exploring new technologies that harness computer and manufacturing processes.◄
  13. Small Home OregonSMALL HOME OREGON   This is a very good and interesting website. They specialize in: Small Homes, Garden Cottages, & Tear Drop Trailers. They have some really good pictures of their home building process.

    360container logo Click Above
    ►These houses are small and simple. They have everything you need and nothing you don't. If you're looking for a small home, guest house, vacation house, studio, or workshop, these houses are made for you. These small homes are infinitely adaptable. Join them together to add a couple of bedrooms, put the doors and windows wherever you want, off grid or on. Because of their size and simplicity, they are inherently easy on the environment, result in small or no utility bills, and cost a fraction of more conventional housing. These houses aren't built in a mobile home factory. They are built one at a time to your specifications, the same as any other stick-built house except under controlled conditions so the wood is dry. Each house is built with the highest quality and craftsmanship. House-moving professionals then transport your new house to your property where they finish your house to local code standards. Small Home Oregon ensures that you'll have a quality house in weeks instead of months at a fraction the cost.◄
  14. Cavco Park HomesCAVCO PARK HOMES & CABINS   This company is located in Phoenix Arizona. By the looks of their website, they are a fairly large operation. They offer a lot of nice products which include small to medium size prefab cabins and a line they call "park models". I guess that means units that can be set in a mobile home park. They sell to KOA, if that means anything, which it probably does. They do not sell direct to the public. An individual consumer must purchase through one of their retailers. See their website for details.

    ►Cavco is one of the largest producers of Manufactured Housing, Park Model and Cabin Vacation Homes in the United States. Based in Phoenix, Arizona, Cavco has built a reputation for quality and value since it opened for business in 1965. Cavco Park Homes and Cabins is a primary supplier to campground and RV Park owners/developers for rental homes, resale models and fractional sale operations. Through many years in a leadership position, Cavco Park Homes and Cabins intimately understands the needs of our core customers.Our homes generally range in size from about 500 to 3,300 square feet and typically include two to five bedrooms, a living room, dining room, kitchen and two or more full bathrooms. Most of our homes are comprised of two or more modules that are joined together at the home site, but we also produce single-section homes. Our park model homes and campground cabins are less than 400 square feet in size and are purchased primarily as second homes, vacation homes or for retirement living. Our Cavco Lofts come in Cabin and Park Model offerings and our Cavco Cabins come in standard cabin models including bare bones style, wheelchair friendly plans & multiple sleeping area models.With this broad selection in price, style and function our customers are assured of finding the best quality and value available in today's marketplace.◄
  15. Tiny Texas HousesTINY TEXAS HOUSES   This is a very beautiful website with plenty of pictures featuring their products. These rustic looking small houses do not incorporate the use of wheels to make them tow able. They are simple homes designed to be placed on your property of choice on some kind of foundation . . .

    ►Designed in the classic style of past centuries, when our living space was treasured and quality was important. Rediscover energy efficiency with a smaller footprint where you can live with what you love and relinquish the rest. Our goal is to help you create a one-of-a-kind country home place using 95% recycled wood, vintage materials, doors, windows and antique hardware. We hope that by harvesting these salvaged treasures your home will recapture the spirit of nature. Let your experience with us inspire new ways of thinking. Whether you live in your Tiny Texas House full-time or make it your weekend hide-away, your home will be an architectural centerpiece for the preservation of our planet.◄
  16. Rocio RomeroLV SERIES  The LV series is a modern line of homes designed and manufactured by Rocio Romero.If you like squares and cubes then you will certainly like this prefab building system. They provide you with factory built kit components for the exterior shell which is then built on site by a general contractor. Beautiful finished product.

    "The LV Home Series - modern kit homes by Rocio Romero that are affordable, easily built, and highly customizable. We provide you with a kit comprised of parts that makes up the exterior shell of the LV home and can be delivered anywhere in the United States. The LV employs traditional construction materials and techniques; therefore, any General Contractor can build your LV home."
  17. Vermont CabinJAMAICA COTTAGE SHOP   Picture on the right is a 16x20 prefab cabin purchased from Jamaica Cottage in Vermont and it is completely livable. There are quite a few photos on the website of their products.

    ►Company started in 1995 by Domenic Mangano. Located in Jamaica, Vermont — we are premier builders of fine post and beam garden buildings including tool sheds, cottages & wood sheds. Built by Vermont tradesman each structure is crafted with a personality of its own creating a distinctive and aesthetically pleasing sight that will enhance any landscape. We offer complete design to finish solutions for clients searching for a special sanctuary. In 2004 Jamaica Cottage Shop, Inc. purchased a manufacturing facility two miles north of the beginnings in Jamaica. Our current 70,000 square foot factory allows all work to be built indoors. We expanded the product line and developed the cottage sheds to include the current pre-cut post and beam kits. Today, Jamaica Cottage Shop produces the finest wood sheds and cottages anywhere, and we ship our creations all over the United States and Canada.◄
  18. Bungalow in a BoxBUNGALOW IN A BOX   These are very nice looking prefab units built in Maine. Probably deliver throughout the contiguous United States and Canada, but call first to make sure.

    "Weathertight panel-frame structures. Our component kits make durable cottage-camps, garages, home offices and studios. Our unique framing technique joins low-maintenance, natural materials to create beautiful structures that last. Prefabricated interlocking, exterior-finish panels assemble quickly with minimal on-site waste. A "Bungalow In A Box" goes up on your foundation with a finished exterior appearance in one or two days."
  19. 8x12 Country Cabin USA PORTABLE BUILDINGS   They sell a number of small prefab cabins available with Treated Siding or Painted Siding.

    "USA Portable Buildings is a family owned business located in Kentucky. We build the highest quality storage buildings, furniture, gazebos, swing sets and adventure size log cabins available anywhere. Almost all of our products are crafted by Amish and Mennonite craftsmen using the methods that have made the Amish well known for quality. While most of our products are delivered fully built, we can build on site in selected areas and can build larger size buildings."
  20. Camping CabinVALLEY VIEW INDUSTRIES   Located in British Columbia Canada. Valley View Industries manufactures cedar gazebo kits, cedar log gazebos, cedar tea houses, cedar cabins, cedar hot tub enclosures, cedar pergolas, cedar fencing, cedar sheds, cedar railings, cedar arbors, cedar garden furniture and other custom made cedar products. Picture is of their Camping Cabin.

    ►Valley View Industries is now known locally and internationally for its premium western cedar products. Cedar is the preferred wood where aesthetic appeal, durability and weather resistance is important. We pride ourselves on our heavy duty construction, our originality, quality and craftsmanship of our products. The natural beauty of the cedar can be enhanced with a variety of different finishes or left in its natural state. We also take special orders (on any of our products) structurally engineered to support your specifications.◄
  21. Little House on the TrailerLITTLE HOUSE ON THE TRAILER   Another neat little house on wheels. Based in Petaluma, California. They configure as: Home Art Spaces, Dwellings, Movable Offices, Caregiver Cottage, Kit Workshop.

    Heirloom quality buildings made to order.

    • Heirloom quality custom buildings on wheels.
    • Residential and Commercial.
    • From Sheds to 400 square foot Buildings.
    • Built to order and rolled to your site.
    • No on site construction.
    • Flexibility of relocation or resale.

  22. Modern ShedMODERN SHED   Useful as dwellings, home offices, studios. These sheds are not something you would want to use for storing your gardening tools. Can be finished as a guest house or some other nice useful building to be lived in.

    "Available in 5 styles. All parts are prefinished and paneled. A Modern Shed is the most affordable addition one can add to a home. Modern Shed is simply about storage, fun, space, architecture and your back yard. It gives you the chance to have an office away from home, a small art studio, or free up room in the garage. Stop paying off site storage and increase the value of your home and quality of life."
  23. Rich's Portable Cabins RPC PORTABLE CABINS   This company is named Rich's Portable Cabins and they are located in North Powder, Oregon. Their portable cabins can be shipped all over the US.

    "Hand crafted in the beautiful mountains of North Eastern Oregon. RPC's approach to cabin building is unlike the "high production cookie cutter companies" that offer quantity by sacrificing quality. We are the opposite - in that quality is more important than the number of park models put out in a year. These miniature cabins are not on an assembly line moving along at a predetermined rate as a "ready or not here I come" product! Forcefulness which causes people to rush through their job thereby forsaking quality, but instead the cabins are stationary until done - how ever long the process of building the park model cabin takes is what it takes. The only down side to this approach is the inability to accurately predict labor costs. This is the reason I use skilled labor and pay them a family wage with benefits."
  24. Outback Cabin CompanyOUTBACK CABIN COMPANY   From British Columbia Canada preassembled & portable cabins, tents & shelters. I like the frame they have designed for use in the tent they sell. Appears to be quite sturdy in design.

    "With the increasing trend towards traveling closer to home, and purchasing local vacation property, OutBack's cabins, tents & shelters have been thoroughly designed with the end use in mind - a retreat from the hectic side of life, or protection for your property from the elements. OutBack's cabins, tents, or shelters arrive at your site completely finished inside and out, ready to hook up to your services in a minimal amount of time so that you can pursue the activities you enjoy. The cabins and tents are so complete, they may even be used as a cozy starter home, which later may be resold, moved to the lake, or rented for additional income. Perfect for a place to live while you build your dream home. They may also be purchased at various construction phases for completion to your personal style and requirements."
  25. Tortoise Shell HomeTORTOISE SHELL HOME   Check out this new business specializing in a tiny mobile cabin.

    "Want to leave a smaller footprint, but still have the comfort and safety of a well-built home which travels with you? Tortoise Shell Homes are cozy (starting at 130 sqft), mobile (mounted on a tow trailer) and built tough, like a larger house. Whether you use it as a vacation cabin, guest cottage, artist retreat, field office, or starter "grow home", your eco-friendly tortoise shell home blends into the landscape without sacrificing comfort and security."
  26. Sustain MinihomeSUSTAIN MINIHOME   This business is located in Toronto Canada. They sell mini home plans and kits.

    ►The miniHome is an ideal solution for many situations - we also have institutional and corporate clients who need relocatable worker housing and guest cabins for resort communities. While the miniHome would be perfect as a granny flat or secondary dwelling on urban lots - most Canadian municipal zoning would prevent such a use. The miniHome is designed primarily for private land owners in Rural areas, in Canada and especially in the US, which is more permissive of trailers as a form of primary and/or secondary dwellings. If you are in North America, we can arrange shipping for you. You may get a better quote from others, but we have had some very bad experiences with what we thought were reputable companies, so we'd rather ship with our friends and be confident of a happy outcome, than ship with strangers that keep us guessing, and surprise us with 'extras'.◄
  27. aerieLoft PictureAERIELOFT   Very beautiful little structure from Toronto Ontario Canada. This is for sale to the general public. It probably can be installed almost anywhere, even on top of a building. Could be used mostly for camping, reading & sleeping quarters.

    "The Aerie is a beautiful sail-like structure that, at the end of the day, is essentially one fancy-arse tent. Made head to toe of Eastern white cedar (a lot of which is FSC-certified), this 10-by-11-foot self-contained room with sweeping 17-foot ceilings even has a second-floor loft big enough to fit a queen-sized bed. Its' designer, Martin Liefhebber, says it's really a lean-to with mosquito screens. It just so happens to come with a few extra comforts, like a composting toilet, a clean-burning EPA-certified wood stove, a simple rainwater catchment system and an outdoor passive solar shower (just like the kind you get for camping). Not to mention the solar panels to power efficient lights and maybe a small appliance. You could even winterize the thing by adding windows. The price tag is still being set, but it'll be somewhere around $20,000. (Try getting a cabin that cheap!) You can see it up close and even place an order at the Green Living Show ("
  28. OutaspaceOUTA SPACE TRANSPORTABLE CABINS  The reason i am including this in here is because i like the design of these small portable shelters. They are located in New Zealand which makes them probably available only in that country, but they are worth looking at anyway. Interesting business idea.

    "A transportable "space" delivered to your place! Do you need more space for an office or spare bedroom, or are your hobbies just taking over the house? We have the solution for you. Attractive rustic cabins suitable for multiple uses. Fully insulated, wired and ready for you to move in and use as you need. Low maintenance exterior cladding and interior wallboard - carpet offered as an optional extra. High stud gives spacious feel. We deliver to your site, and offer very competitive rates and various payment options. We will rent short or long term (minimum rental 6 months). Or you can buy outright. Great potential for providing extra income, and or restore sanity to an over-crowed house! Our cabins are only one size—3.6m x 2.4m—as this keeps our costs down and enables us to delivery them easily without the need for cranes or large trucks. This also means it they are easy to deliver to most sites accessible by a car with a tandem trailer."
  29. Modabode e-bodeMODABODE   This is another "Steel & Glass" modular home designer but located in Australia.

    "MODABODE has designed the e-BODE, a stunning new housing product for the 21st century. An e-BODE is modernist, stylish and flexible. It will delight a generation of design-orientated consumers seeking a luminous modern living space with architectural integrity. An e-BODE consists of prefabricated, modular units that are constructed in a factory to ensure a finish of the highest quality. An e-BODE is ordered with ease and manufactured in a few weeks. The modules arrive at your site on a flat-bed truck, ready to be positioned on the foundations. An e-BODE will be a calm refuge from a hectic world and the perfect backdrop for the shifting patterns of your family life. MODABODE is a small architecture and design practice based in the Manly area of Australia and managed by UK-registered architects Paul Lucas and Sarah Bickford."
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